One of the most fascinating things I happened to stumble upon in my teen years was the discovery of Palmistry.  Sitting in homeroom class, bored and nothing to read, not a paper to be had in which to write a story, I glanced at the bookshelf next to me.  It was a selection of books the teacher had up for offer to bored students.  The first one to grab my attention was the one that simply said “Palmistry” on the spine.  I pulled it out and so began my lifelong indulgence in the art of reading palms.

At first I did it out of fun, reading my hand, my friends’, my family members’, and then when I started learning stuff from their hands that actually had merit (things I didn’t know about them until I saw it in their hands), I realized palmistry is something to be taken much more seriously.  It is the “real deal” and a very useful thing to know.

Every line in your palm has meaning and is there for a reason (even the area where you might have a scar has significance, and no the significance is not that you were cut or burned or whatever!).  The shape, size, color, texture….every single thing about your hand reveals something about you.  Although every part of your hand is important and gives great insight into your life, the thumb, in my opinion, is the most fascinating part to study.  At a glance, you can learn a LOT about a person just from the thumb (temperament!!) and that comes in pretty “handy” let me tell you!  Over the course of thirty years, I’ve literally read thousands of palms.  And I’ve never been wrong with the information I’ve garnished from them.  Never.  Not bragging here, just letting you know how very accurate this practice is.  Okay, I take that back. There is ONE area I haven’t been totally right on and that is the lines for determining children (how many and what sex they’ll be).  For some reason, I have a hard time with that.  I am scoring about 50/50 on that issue.  I wish I had time to learn Palmistry even more than I already do because it is such a useful thing to know.  I don’t just think its accurate or BELIEVE in it, I KNOW palmistry is accurate and reliable and helpful.

Your palm is the best place to go if you want to know something about yourself or about significant events that MAY happen (based on your beliefs and lifestyle and whatnot, the most PROBABLE future is there in your palm to see).  Nothing is written in stone and every choice you make changes the life course you are on.  If I see something alarming in someone’s palm, then I give a warning about it and then it’s up to the palm’s owner if they want to do something to avoid that alarming event.  Palmistry is not about doom and gloom.  It is a useful tool to help you become all that you want to be.  The better you know yourself, the better equipped you are to go after what you want.  When someone reads your palm, it should be a positive experience, not a frightening one.

A year after graduating high school, I ended up joining the Air Force and that put a halt to my palm reading activities.  At least to a certain extent.  I wasn’t sure if the military would approve of me engaging in that activity so I kept it to myself and shared it only with close friends.  Not that my attempts to keep such a thing under wraps mattered, because those whom I shared this secret with would get excited and tell their friends.  If I were at an event with lots of people (usually a party) and someone was there who knew I read palms, it wasn’t long before word got out and everyone was sticking their palms in front of me and begging for a reading.  I don’t blame them, really, because I’d do the same thing!

I would LOVE to have someone read my palms.  I’ve gone to a few so-called palm readers (a big palm sign hanging over their shop would lure me in) and this is what they’d do…glance at my palm (usually just one and you can’t get an accurate reading with just ONE hand, both of them must be read) and then they’d start talking, but they wouldn’t even be looking at my hands!  That, my friends, is a psychic reading.  A palm reading is just that…the examination and analysis of the palms and the lines on them.  Staring into my eyes while holding my hands is NOT a palm reading.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy getting psychic readings as well, but when I go in and pay someone for a palm reading, that is what I want.  Sadly, I have yet to find an authentic palm reader.  So why don’t I just read my own hand, you might ask?  Well, I do.  Constantly.  And why do I do it so often?  Well, because the lines change over time and that’s because we are constantly changing!  Major decisions impact our life course and that impacts the lines in our hands.  The problem is, it’s hard for me to read my own palms because I just can’t be subjective enough to give myself an accurate reading.  It’s the case of “seeing what you want to see and not seeing what you don’t want to see”.  Yeah, I fall victim to that sometimes.  Dang it.

One of the major reasons I became shy about my palm reading activity while in the military is because of what happened while going through technical training school (when you join the military, you complete basic training first, then typically go to technical training school directly after to learn your trade.  Once you graduate from that, the military sends you to your first duty assignment to begin your career).  A girl going through the school with me and assigned to the dorm room next to mine was a Satanist!  Now, when I first learned this (the rumor spread like wildfire), it scared me quite a bit.  I thought it was just my dumb luck to be living next door to evil.  I guess I worried she might bring bad things within my vicinity or who the heck knows.  Everyone was somewhat afraid of her.  But come on…a DEVIL worshiper?  I imagined her sacrificing animals and doing weird rituals and basically carrying out evil deeds.

One night she and I had to stay in the dorm and watch over it (I think there was a power failure or something).  Somehow I was the unfortunate one who got stuck pulling that duty with her.  I was scared to death!  I have to say, though, despite her choice of worship, she seemed rather nice.  She smiled at everyone, was very polite and there was something rather sad about her.

At some point during the night, I began to relax around her because she was just so pleasant.  I was thinking, of course, “devil in disguise!!”  Finally we began to talk and I got to know this girl and where she was coming from.  She had a difficult childhood (explains some of it right there!) and lots of personal issues which she was working hard to resolve. Somewhere along the way, she was introduced to devil worship.  Now, according to her, the devil is a misunderstood entity.  She said that God needs him to keep balance … you can’t have good if there is no bad.  That sort of philosophy.  I don’t remember all our conversation but I do remember this:  she did not kill animals or anything else, she considered that the devil was God’s assistant.  Now, I’m just telling you what she believed.  I was not convinced in any way by her argument.  Really, for the most part, I just felt sorry for her because I felt she was being led to believe something that just wasn’t true.  I remember thinking as we talked that she was seriously misdirected.  She really was a nice girl and she was very upset by how everyone was treating her.  She truly came across as a kind soul and that just didn’t go along with the devil-worship thing but there you have it.  Sometimes life is stranger than fiction!   She did not harbor any resentment towards anyone for how they were treating her and, really, I think her thoughts were along the lines that WE (the non-devil worshipers) all needed help and were operating under serious misconceptions.  She felt she had to accept the shunning she was getting from everyone (except from a lot of the guys who thought, for some reason, that she would be an “easy lay”.  Crude, I know, but that’s what they thought!) because, like the devil, she was misunderstood.  She was equating her present experience with that of Satin’s … he was misunderstood, shunned and feared…and so was she.  Again, she had issues and needed some guidance but the gist of it all is this…she was not an evil person out to do evil deeds.  She really did have a kind heart and I tried to get the word out on her behalf that she was not evil doing evil deeds.  It didn’t matter.  The military kicked her out.

Although palmistry has NOTHING to do with the devil or evilness, it is considered an occult practice and many people associate the occult with evil. The truth is, ANYTHING can be evil if it is treated and used that way.  Our intentions determine the quality of everything … good or bad.  There are some occult practices that are focused on “the dark side” (meaning without God) but not ALL of them are for cripes sakes!! Because of the misconceptions about the occult in this respect, I was worried that this would result in my removal from the military if I were to be caught reading palms.  I realize now that that wouldn’t have happened unless I was running around making people uncomfortable but I didn’t know that then.  I was careful about whom I shared this little secret of mine with because I knew that some people were very much against it. Truly, though, I fail to understand why anyone would consider this particular practice evil.  What exactly is evil about it?  Our palms are not evil.  The lines in our palms are not evil.  Interpreting the lines in the palm is not evil either.  Since God is the one who created our palms and then put the lines there, to then say we are not allowed to read those lines is equivalent to God writing a book which we are then forbidden to read!  Why write the book?  Why put those lines there?  To taunt us with knowledge we cannot use?

For the most part, palmistry is more of a personal biography than anything and what’s so wrong with discovering yourself?  The problem here is that people dead set against it will always be so and no amount of reason will change that.  So all I have to say is this, they can believe what they will, and I will believe what I will.  Isn’t free will grand?