The first few years in the military, my spiritual focus gave way to other matters.  However, during times of emotional upheaval, it would return in the form of a quest to discover WHY.  Often, when in this phase, I would have some pretty profound dreams. Because I wasn’t sure how the military would react to my beliefs (some of them considered to be on the occult side…i.e palm reading, reincarnation, etc), I kept my convictions on those topics to myself.  But, as time went on, I began to relax my caution a little.  And of course, that led to my first snag.

I was stationed in Italy at the time and going through one of my spiritual awakening phases.  I was having regular communications with my spirit guide (through automatic writing and channeling) and having some really cool dreams!  Curious about them, I began buying all sorts of books on dream interpretation (didn’t have the internet going at this time darn it!).  One day I stopped to chat with a couple girls in the administrative office and we got onto a discussion on dreams.  When I told them I had some dream interpretation books at home, one of the girls asked me to check them and see if I could figure out what her most recent dream might possibly mean.  So I went home at lunch and consulted my books on the issue.  When I returned to work, I stopped by her office to tell her what I learned.  My section chief (my boss’s boss) was present at the time.  He looked busy and didn’t seem to be paying attention to us so we finished our discussion and I headed back to my own duty section.  I walk in the door and there’s a phone call for me.  It’s my section chief.  He wants to see me in his office…now.

I turn around and head for his office.  I see the grim expression on his face and I knew it wasn’t going to be good.  He tells me with obvious disapproval that he overheard my discussion with the admin girls. He then goes on to tell me that dream interpretation is against the bible and I shouldn’t be doing it, especially not at work.  He pulls a bible out of his drawer and hands it to me with a strong suggestion that I read it.  I guess he figured my soul needed saving.  Since this sort of thing was something I had always expected, I didn’t argue with him.  I assured him I would not discuss those matters at work anymore.  He asked if I was going to continue to do so off duty.  I told him that I probably would.  He launched into a diatribe of all the reasons why I should not.  Since the bible says we shouldn’t do that sort of thing then I was obviously committing a sin.  He felt it his duty to help me see the “error of my ways”.  I asked him where in the bible it said that and his reply was to tap the book he had handed me.  “Read that.”  Discussion over.  As I turn to leave, he says, “Don’t ever let me hear you talking about that stuff while on duty.”

Now, the thing that gets me about this is what happened THE VERY NEXT DAY.  I go into work and he’s waiting for me outside his office building.  He waves me inside.  I figured he wanted to know if I’d started reading that bible yet.  But no, that is not why he wanted to speak to me.  It so happens he had a dream the night before which he thought was quite profound and he wanted to tell me about it.  He said he saw Jesus coming towards him out of the clouds and that everyone around him ran away out of fear.  He did not run, however, but dropped to his knees and waited.  He said he felt incredible joy and was sure that Jesus was going to take him away but then he woke up. He stressed how real the dream had seemed and it was obvious he was deeply affected by it.  I listened quietly, wondering the whole time what he was up to?  When he finished telling me about the dream, he looked at me expectantly and says, “What do you think it means?”  I thought, “Trick question.  He’s trying to trap me.”  So I simply shrug and say, “I don’t know and you just told me yesterday that I shouldn’t be trying to interpret dreams anymore.”  He waves his hand as if to cancel out all he’d said the day before.  “Yes,  but this dream was very profound.  I think Jesus is trying to tell me something.  I really would like to know what you think about it.”  So I look at him and I wonder what I’m supposed to do?  Finally I said, “What do you think it means?”  He says, “I think Jesus is trying to tell me that I am on the right track.  That someday I will be with him.”  So I nod.  “Well then, that is probably what it means.”  He smiles.  “Thank you.  And forget about what I said yesterday.”  An about face on the whole “dream interpretation is a sin” belief? How strange.  I walked out of there totally baffled.  To this day, I’m still trying to figure it out.  You know, he continued to tell me his dreams after that.  Life truly is stranger than fiction.

I have found that when I am focused on spiritual stuff, my dreams are pretty interesting.  Thought provoking.  There’s one dream in particular that I really want to share with you because the premise of it could apply to anyone.  I dreamed a close friend and I were sitting in a church (so obviously this was about God).  The church was arranged like an amphitheater with semi-circle rows of red-carpeted stairs facing the pulpit area which was as large as a stage.  The priest, dressed in a purple robe (purple is supposed to denote spirituality) stood in the center of the stage and beckoned for us to come receive communion.  I took this as symbology for accepting God (since that is pretty much what it symbolizes for the Catholics).  Everyone in the room formed a line along the wall farthest from where we were sitting.  My friend and I stood up and I headed for the end of the line.  It took forever to get to that priest.  I remember waiting and waiting for we inched along slowly.  The line circled around to the back of the stage which was crowded with stuff, large crates and whatnot, which we had to climb over.  By the time I reached the priest, I was sweating from the excursion and tired from the long wait.  I accepted my communion and went back to my seat.  My friend was sitting there waiting for me looking refreshed and relaxed.  I asked how she got there ahead of me.  She said, “I didn’t get in that long line like you did.   I just walked right up the center isle and received my communion.”

That dream really made me think.  The conclusion I came to was that it symbolizes how many of us function “as a rule” (and yes, there is always the exception!).  We often follow each other instead of making our own way.  We take the “road most traveled”.  We go through crap, we work hard to “find God” and yet it’s really a pretty simple process.  There’s no need to go through anything.  We can simply approach God on our own.  No bother.  No fuss.  No waiting.  No struggle.  No work.  The dream implies that we’ll all get to the same place eventually … whether we take the long, tough road or the short, easy one.  So which one are you taking? Unfortunately, I’m still on the tough one.

If anyone else has had a profound dream they would like to share, I’d love to hear it! Blessings to you and happy dreaming!