Spirit contact isn’t just about talking to dead people.  It’s also about communing with angels.  What’s so great about this is knowing we are never alone, without help or defenseless.  I cannot count the endless ways in which the angels have helped me.  In future posts I may share some angelic stories, but this post is about parking spots.  Maybe it seems like a simple thing, but I tell ya, when I really need a parking spot, it’s like the most important thing in my life at that particular moment!

Just yesterday I was running late for an appointment at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital and had to ask for their help on this very issue.  The VA center does not have adequate parking for the amount of visitors that frequent the place.  Unless you get there early in the morning, forget getting a parking spot until you’ve driven around and around and around.  Eventually you either give up and head for another parking area that’s about a 10 minute walk away or you just keep waiting until a spot becomes available. The problem with that is you better be RIGHT THERE or all the other cars waiting for a spot are going to try and grab it away from you!  I didn’t have time for all this drama so I asked the angels to arrange a parking spot for me while on my way there.  One thing to remember is to give them enough time to arrange it.  Asking them for a spot when you are already there is a little unfair.  So anyway, I get to the VA Center parking lot and spotted my spot right away.  Interestingly enough, two other cars were trolling along waiting for spots.  Obviously they didn’t see the one the angels arranged for me! (this has happened several times!) I pulled right on into my spot, thanked the angels for their help and made my appointment on time.

In all honesty, I tell you that EVERY time I have asked for their assistance in this way, they have helped me out.  I always thank them for their help because showing gratitude is the right thing to do.  Some people have told me that they’ve tried this method and it works once in a while but not every time.  If it doesn’t work, then you aren’t allowing it to work.  You must accept that they can and will help you or their hands are tied (or is that wings?)  We can only accept things we believe and if we ask for a parking spot but don’t believe it’s possible for them to arrange it, well that’s what you get.  I have never been let down.  I’ve let myself down forgetting to ask them!!

Although this isn’t about parking spots, I just wanted to add a quick note that I have asked for angel help when arguments are happening either between myself and another person or between others that I care about.  It’s just so wonderful when the problem is miraculously resolved and almost immediately too!  My problem is that my emotions get in the way sometimes and I won’t ask for their help because I’m being stubborn or I forget to ask because I’m too stirred up.  Another thing they are great helpers with is finding things.  If I lose something and a quick search comes up empty handed, I ask the angels to help me find it and they do!  It’s just so great having their assistance in my life and the thing is, they are here for each and every one of us. How awesome is that?

So, in many ways and means, we are not alone … ever!  Need a parking spot?  Need to find something?  Need some help in resolving arguments? Whatever it is, ask the angels.  They are always on call!!

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