There’s a lot of controversy about spirit communication and ghost hunting.  Some say it’s evil to engage in such activities.  Others say it’s all a load of crap.  Lots of people fear it while many others embrace it.  As for me, I feared it AT FIRST.  And I still do at times.  After all, there are bad spirits just as much as there are good ones.  The ghosts we lived with for seven years fell into both categories (see Tales of a Haunted Farmhouse).  We had good spirits there, meaning they did us no harm and never meant to frighten us.  But there was a bad spirit there as well.  I know this because of the negative feelings it always generated when it was around.  And it bothered our poor little dog Tippy quite often (see Paranormal Activity and Ouija Boards).  When the bad one was around, Tippy would growl and snarl and charge at it.  Or, he’d run yelping with his tale between his legs.  When the good spirits were around, Tippy would watch it carefully and with great interest.  Sometimes he’d bark at it but only in a way dogs bark at strangers they don’t know.  How often I wished I could see what he saw.  But, I am also grateful I could not.  I think the bad one would have frightened me beyond reason.

The world is full of ghost stories and tales and superstitions.  Since the beginning of recorded time, there is evidence of spiritual belief.  Are the millions of us who believe all wrong on this issue?  What makes the non-believers right?  Are ghosts just a figment of over-active imaginations?  No.  I think not.  And if you disagree, well, that’s your prerogative.  However it doesn’t change the facts.  And the fact is, unexplained things do occur on a regular basis.  We are spiritual beings in physical bodies and when we operate outside the confines of the physical…our feelings, extra-sensory perceptions, intuition etc…we KNOW there is more around us than what we physically see.  As to that…sometimes we physically see things that are “not real”.  So how’s that?  Paranormal activity and supernatural occurrences are pretty darned fascinating and worth studying.  Really.

Once I was old enough to start studying the topic of ghosts, I wasn’t quite so afraid of them.  Most everyone fears the “unknown” and so getting educated helps ease those fears.  I think in matters of the supernatural, it is the possibility of being hurt by them or tainted with their evil that we most fear.  I now know that if we properly protect ourselves, they can’t hurt us and learning that has bolstered my courage considerably.  When I was young and uneducated about such things, I instinctively knew to seek God’s protection whenever I perceived a spirit to be around.  Though still afraid, I did believe God would protect me.  And he did!  After all, here I am, safe and sound and still living. I had a recurring dream while living in the haunted farm house (and still have it on occasion) that the cellar door comes off it’s hinges just as I go to shut it (I was always afraid of the cellar) and sends me flying across the room.  The door lands on top of me and I can feel the bad spirit on the other side of the panel pressing down on me.  I lay there paralyzed in fear and fighting for breath when someone starts shouting, “Ask God to protect you!”.  As soon as I do this, the pressure goes away and I wake up.  The dream has never varied.  It’s always the same.  A few nights ago, however, I had a similar dream but this time it varied.  As I was asking God to protect me, the spirit manifested into a dark shape of a woman.  She spoke to me in a deep, raspy voice, “That doesn’t work.  It doesn’t matter if you ask for help.  God can’t protect you from me.”  As she said this, I felt immense pressure and knew she was trying to overpower me.  The dream startled me awake and I lay there for awhile thinking about it.  Dreams, I truly believe, are often messages from spirit…either from our own soul trying to communicate or from someone in the spirit realm.  My conclusion on the message of this dream is that  God can only protect us if we ALLOW him to do so (I must add here that I dislike using a pronoun in place of God because I don’t think of “him” as a male person…but for ease of writing, I do it).  Everything operates within the confines of our beliefs…absolutely everything.  No exception.  As to the things that have happened in your life to which you might have responded with “I don’t believe it”, the truth of the matter is, you DID think about such a thing as being POSSIBLE.  You just didn’t think it PROBABLE.

I do believe that our souls separate from our physical body during “death” and continue to exist thereafter in spiritual form.  Why is it so impossible to believe that we may want to stick around and communicate with our loved ones after this is done?  And really, why would that be considered evil?  I dearly loved my grandparents.  They were two of the greatest people I know.  How can it be that communication with them is evil?  It is not possible for something done in LOVE to be evil.  But, I’m not writing a blog to try and convince the non-believers, especially as they probably aren’t even reading this anyway!  I’m writing this to explore my own meanderings and thoughts on the subject and maybe get some insight from anyone who would like to share their take on things.

I have NO DOUBT that I’ve had true spirit communication with both of my grandparents, my favorite uncle of all time (I dearly love ALL my uncles but Paul was special to me) and with many others (known and unknown) and it’s the hope of continued contact that I will not stop trying to do so!  The evidence is just too much to believe otherwise.  Through mediums, channeling, automatic writing, the Ouija and table tipping, I have talked to the “other side”.  It’s really fascinating to do so and I enjoy it.  As for “table tipping”, I have to say that it makes me laugh.  I always respond with amusement at this form of communication.  I take it seriously, but I have fun with it as well.  Who wouldn’t?  I’ve had the table zipping around the room, tipping this way and that, spinning around on one leg…a bizarre experience to be sure!  It’s a strange phenomena and an easy form of communication.  I feel as if I am physically interacting with my deceased family members.  They “hug” us (tip into our laps and hang there for a few) and they dance with us (spin around and bounce) and they talk to us through a series of tapping.  I miss my grandparents being with me physically.  But I take comfort in knowing they visit me and interact with me when I give them the opportunity.

Instead of ridiculing ghost hunting and spirit communication, everyone should just allow it to be.  I say this…let us have our fun!  For those who ridicule, belittle and condemn it…thank God they aren’t the ones passing judgment in the after life!!!  What do you think?  Really, I’d love to know!!  Blessings to everyone and Peace out!!