cover for my new book

Cover of my book "Be Still, My Love"

As I move closer to publishing my first book, which happens to be a ghost story, I am encountering some really odd happenings.  I can’t help but wonder if it’s the spirit world all in a dither for my pending publication?  More specifically, supportive family members, now presiding in spirit, letting me know that they are with me still and sharing in the excitement of this long-awaited dream!

A couple days ago, I was in the kitchen making myself a morning cup of coffee when one of the toy trains in the playroom suddenly came on.  In order for this train to activate, the smokestack must be pushed down.  Once this is done, it begins singing a silly “all aboard” song and starts chugalugging across the floor.  I walked over to the toy room doorway and looked in to see if maybe one of my cats had inadvertently activated it.  No cats.  The train finished its “track” and then went still.  I found it interesting but did nothing more than go take a sip of my coffee.  And then it came on again.  This time I went into the toy room, picked up the train and turned the switch to the “off” position.  This position allows the kids to play with it without the singing and they can push it around without it trying to move on its own.  I thought nothing more of the incident.  Then later in the day, I was standing in the kitchen talking to my son when all of a sudden the train came on again.  “No way!” I thought, “I KNOW I turned that thing off.”  So I go in the toy room, pick up the train and look at the switch.  It is in the “on” position.  How?  How was that possible when no one has been at the house all day except for me?

During that same day, while reading through my formatted manuscript to ensure all was done properly, the phone rang.  The caller ID said it was my husband.  I answered the phone and heard the car radio airing an advertisement.  Since my husband did not answer my repeated greetings,  I figured he’d dialed me by mistake.  Then my husband finally comes on the line.  “Hello?”  When I answer him, he says, “I didn’t hear you call me.”  I said, “You called me!”  And he wonders how he could have done that for he didn’t recall touching the phone.  So we laugh it off and hang up.  Not a minute later, the phone rings again.  I look at the caller ID.  It says that it is my husband’s sister.  Since I couldn’t even remember the last time she called us (and never on the house phone), I wondered if something were wrong and quickly answered the phone.  “Hello?”  All I get in response is what sounds like a television ad.  Looking back on it, I’m wishing I’d paid better attention to those ads!  But anyway, I stay on the phone until a voice comes on, “Hello?”  Once again I received a call from a caller that was not intentional.  What are the odds of that happening within the span of seconds and both calls having ads going on when I answer the phone?  To me, these odd occurrences, the things that make you go “hmmm”, are messages from spirit.  At the very least an attention getter, the equivalent to a spirit tap on the shoulder.  Not one to ignore these special messages, I’ve been pondering on them and the conclusion I’ve come to is that my family in spirit are as excited for me during this time as I am for me!!  Though they are not here in the physical world to share in my joy, they are still here with me and sharing my joy!  And I find that quite comforting.

Last week I attended church.  I don’t go often enough and I really should remedy that because I do so love the atmosphere there and the people.  It’s a Spiritualist church and it is where I feel the most comfortable of all the churches I’ve attended.  I’ve received some wonderful messages from loved ones during the part of the service where messages from “beyond” are passed on.  My message on this day (not everyone gets a message so it’s quite special when you do get one!) was from three of my uncles.  I knew right away who they must be.  My dear uncle Paul who always supported me in my writing, who encouraged me to keep on with my dream “no matter what”, my uncle Lafayette who contacted us soon after his passing to let us know he was well and happy and my great-uncle Norman who always loved my writing (knowing this, I wrote to him as often as I could manage).  They told me that a new phase of my life was about to begin (10-4 on that one!!) and they want me to make the best of it.  They also wanted to remind me to watch how I presented myself, that I needed to put myself out there and let everyone see me for who I am but to be at my best while doing it!

You see, I’ve written a book which centers around a haunted resort.  There’s a lot of stuff in that book about spirit contact and life after death.  Now that I’m about to share a story concerning such matters, I best conduct myself properly.  Who is going to take my writing seriously if I’m coming across as some weirdo freakazoid?  I am not out to make enemies but there are people who are not going to like a story like mine.  And really, that’s fine.  There are lots of stories out there that I don’t like either but I certainly don’t begrudge their existence.  We all must follow our life paths, after all.

Speaking of which, I have found that when we are indeed following our life path, we encounter more and more “hmmm” moments for they are a form of spirit messages telling us we are following the path we intended when entering into this particular life journey.  I’ve also found that the universe (God) helps us along in the realization of our dreams and hopes, especially when we are in harmony with our life purpose!

So I take these strange little happenings and the messages from spirit as encouragement.  I’m following the path in life I was meant to follow and the dream of being an author that came into being at the tender age of eight, is finally coming into fruition.  How exciting.  I can’t wait to see what happens next!  Are you following your dreams?  Do you get strange “hmmm” moments?  Truly, I wish you all the best as you travel down your own life path.

Blessings to all and peace out.