Is the number 13 unlucky?  No.  Of course not.  Well, yes, it is.  Although, in either case, not so much in the end.  Huh? you ask.  Well, the number 13 represents change and for something to change, something must first end.  Out with the old and in with the new…that sort of thing.  Unfortunately, the ending of something can be stressful, fretful, sad, devastating or annoying.  It can also be a cause for celebration.  So, if the number 13 represents change, and we view some changes as good and some changes as bad, then the number 13 is only lucky SOME of the time.  Right?  Well….no.  I say this because I truly believe that all things turn out right in the end.  If it isn’t right, well, it’s not the end!  That’s my motto and I have to remind myself of it often for I, too, get caught up in the drama of changes that don’t seem so good.

The stigma of “unlucky 13” is a tough one to overcome.  Because of the superstition behind this magical number, hotels, motels, campgrounds, elevators, etc. all avoid it.  I say this: If you BELIEVE that the number 13 is unlucky, well, it can appear to be so.  If you BELIEVE that the number 13 is lucky, well then it will appear to be so.  (KEY word in both instances: APPEAR)  Our beliefs have a lot to do with everything but putting beliefs aside, the vibratory power of the number 13 is all about change … death, rebirth, reincarnation.  Now, as for one’s beliefs, well they help to fuel the number’s vibration…make it stronger or weaker.  BUT, beliefs do not change the essential property of the number’s vibration.  So…what the heck is a vibration?  How does a number “vibrate” you might ask?  A tough question to answer.  But I’ll give it a shot.

Every single thing in existence … seen and unseen (dreams and thoughts can’t be seen – with the physical eyes anyway – but they exist just the same!) come into existence through the energy source of God.  Or the Supreme Intelligence…or whatever you want to call it.  As I view God as representing “all that is”, I call this energy SOURCE God.  Energy is motion.  Motion means movement and movement means vibration!  Now, everything has a vibratory level.  Low level vibration (slower speeds) are considered things in our world to be of solid mass.  Things which operate at faster speeds have less “mass” to them … they aren’t quite so solid (steam for instance!).  And if something is REALLY going fast…there is no solidarity to that thing at all (sound, for example, can be heard at slower speeds but the higher pitch the sound, the faster it’s vibration, the less we can hear it!).  Thoughts exist in high frequency (high speed, high vibration).  Thus, you can’t see them with your eyes even though you are aware of them.  If something has a name or is observed … it exists.  If it exists, it has an energy source attached to it.  If it has an energy source, it has a purpose for being.  So, when I say that something has a “vibratory meaning attached to it” that’s what I’m talking about.

Numbers exist, even if that existence is abstract.  Numbers also have developed “properties” (energy influences).  Huh, you ask?  (see, I TOLD you this was going to be hard to explain!)  Energy is influenced by many things.  In our world, believe it or not, energy is influenced by human emotion!! Don’t believe me?  Ever walk into a room and notice the energy is high or low?  People are either excited or subdued.  They are sharing energy that becomes more powerful the more it is shared.  Someone with a strong personality (strong energy) can come into a room full of people who have low energy and energize that room!  That’s how riots get out of hand.  Anger is a strong energy and it can overpower less excited energy such as passivity.  People can become incited with a strong energy source near them and this can escalate into a frenzy!  People involved in an emotional event that got out of control will often say, “I don’t know what came over me! I never act like that!!”  Energy is a powerful thing.

When numbers first started coming into being … everything in our world has a beginning … their energy began to take on the properties (emotions) that was attached to their creation.  I could go on forever with this, check out Numerology books if the subject interests you!! It’s fascinating reading.  Really.  But anyway.  I read somewhere that the ancients claim that “he who understands how to use the number 13 will be given power and dominion.”  Pretty powerful statement.  But why would they believe this?  A quickie numerological view of numbers 1 and 3 and their value added together 4 (numerology deals with the properties of numbers) might help explain their thinking on this issue.  The number one: represents creativity … the originating action of all numbers (the Father of numbers…God).  The number three: Embodies the holy trinity of body, mind, and spirit.  The number four:  Represents the individualist, originality, inventiveness and tolerance.  Take the properties of one, add the properties of three and you sort of see how four comes into being!  And if you consider all these aspects…the number 13 is pretty fascinating!

As I said, 13 represents change.  Change can cause upheaval but this is necessary for new ground to be broken!  This is a powerful number.  Your attitude, beliefs and emotion will fuel the properties of the number 13 to work for or against you.  Let’s face it.  If you view something as bad, it’s going to be bad no matter what anyone says about it.  That puts a negative spin on poor misunderstood number 13.  If you view something as positive, well things are all hunky-dory aren’t they?  Choose to find the positive in change and more of the same will come to you!

Since I strongly believe in the positive properties of this number, I use the 13 whenever possible.  My husband and I, for example, were married on the 13th!  We began a new life together – what a great change for us!!!  Interestingly enough, my book was finally published on the 13th!!  I was really excited about that.  Two of my granddaughters were born on the 13th!  A blessing to be sure.

So now that I’ve got your brain pounding with confusion, I’ll let the subject rest.  My job is done. (smile)  Sharing knowledge is wonderful and the world wide web sure helps, doesn’t it?  Of course, not all things shared are good but that’s up for another discussion!!  May you experience great new beginnings of many wonderful things as the new year moves along!  May some of them get initiated on good ole Friday the 13th !!