Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn (right) and Padawan O...

I was in high school when Star Wars came out.  Might be showing my age here, but what the heck.  Age is a state of mind for the most part.  Although my body has undergone a few changes, my mind hasn’t aged.  The difference is that it’s a little more knowledgeable, a little wiser and a little less concerned about what people think! But anyway.  I got quite caught up in the whole “force” thing because I was learning about psychic ability, paranormal phenomena, and stuff like that around the same time.  Although Star Wars is a fictional story, it came from someone’s imagination (which I consider a link to God).  An imagination that was obviously open to possibilities of the spiritual kind.  I loved the concept of there being a “force”, something we could tap into and become well, not a Jedi warrior perhaps but something related to one at least!  Me and a friend of mine discussed this force concept at length and even conducted our own experiments.  Really.  We did.  (I have to pause here to enjoy a good laugh).  Okay, done with that, let’s move on.

What is interesting to me is that since Star Wars, I’ve continued my search to learn more about who and what we are and I’ve come across so many more wonderful books and movies discussing a similar concept.  They might not call it a “force” but really, they could just as easily do so.  The Celestine Prophecy was another one that suggests a force field of sorts being around us … aura, force, essence, spirit, soul … the name matters not.  Sometimes I’ll read a book or watch a movie and think, “Wow, the writer must have an awesome mind to come up with that.”  But you know…they tapped into something (I call it the “collective consciousness” which is our connection to God) using the imagination as access.  You could even say they tapped into a “force”.  God creates, you create, I create, everyone creates, creates (sorry, a song popped into my head and I had to go with it).  The very act of creation is bringing a truth into consciousness.  What the truth is, you must discover, but the fact is, everything in existence exists for a reason.

In Star Wars, there was a dark side of the force and then the side that wasn’t dark (the good side).  Interestingly enough, they never named it “the light side” or whatever.  It was just assumed that the dark side was the opposite of the good one.  But really, isn’t that true of anything?  Who wants to be kept “in the dark”?  Aren’t we all happy to “shed some light” on a subject?  Anyone who has watched the Ghost Whisperer knows that departed souls should go “into the light”!  It seems we automatically think of “light” as that being connected to God and anything “dark” (as in lack of light!) as not being connected to God.  The truth of the matter, though, is that God is part of all things.  Even the dark.  Nothing can exist without the original creator and for lack of a better word for such a thing of epic proportions, I call that original creator God.  Absolutely anything can be used for good or bad.  I mean really…look at Ghost Busters!  When they had to choose their adversary, the marshmellow man (or whatever the heck they called it) was thought of because, how evil can that be?  It’s the intent involved that makes something good or bad.  No exceptions.

Anyway, I just wanted to talk about the “force” for a moment.  Probably because I wish I had learned how to harness it already!! You see, I truly believe this term refers to what is within us … our spiritual connection and the abilities that go along with it.  We’ve had many spiritual teachers come to teach us more about ourselves since the beginning of time (or so it seems anyway).  Many, many teachers.  In fact, in one way or anther, we are all teachers.  Each and every single one of us teaches others something.  Good or bad (and honestly, I think we have to have exposure to both to appreciate the Good of things!).  We all have a “dark” side and a “good” one.  What’s so awesome is the fact that the “force” (God) is always with us.  We just don’t use that to our best advantage very much.  Wonder why that is?