I thought I’d try an experiment and invite a spiritual force looking for a voice to come through and write a blog post!  If I’m going to write about characters doing something like this (Be Still, My Love‘s lead character, Tess, is a medium), then I should be able to do it myself, right?  Well, let’s see.

First I start with a prayer.  I like saying the Lord’s prayer because it’s pretty powerful and is multi-layered with spiritual meaning (I always have my character Tess do the same thing).  I then let go of all negativity and allow only God’s loving energy to enter.  This can be done with imagery.  I take in a slow deep breath and imagine the air filling my lungs is pure and clean and full of God’s love.  When I breath out, I release any dark, negative energy that may be lurking within the body.  I imagine that dark energy mixing with the light and turning positive as it enters the air around me.  I don’t want any negative energy floating around.  Next I make it clear that I am inviting only a loving spirit to come through and give a message.  I want a spiritual being who has something positive and loving to offer us.  I then imagine a loving, bright light surrounding me.  This light is God’s protection from negative forces.  Nothing negative or harmful can penetrate this light.  Although I am imagining these things, I give them life with my thoughts and make them real.  This concept is hard for a lot of people to understand.  If it’s the imagination then it can’t be real, right?  Wrong!  Things of the imagination become real if you believe them to be so.  If you don’t give them any weight…belief…then they will remain a figment of your imagination (especially if they are passing thoughts.  The more you think about something, even if you don’t believe it, the stronger you make that thought).  Truly, when you BELIEVE in something, you breath LIFE into it!  So, here we go.

Is there a loving spirit who would like to come through and share a message with us today?

There is much concern by some to believe in things such as this.  The worry is that they will be tricked by “the devil” to believe something they shouldn’t.  The truth is, everyone is born with an instinctive sense of right and wrong.  However, as you grow in your environment, your beliefs are influenced by the people in your life and the things you experience.  The beliefs you have come to accept will quite often override any inner thoughts (the voice of your spirit) that are contrary to those beliefs.  This makes it hard for people to grow in knowledge.  Growth of the soul is through learning and if one accepts only a set parameter of rules (beliefs) and does not accept anything new that is contrary to those rules, then growth cannot happen.  This is not bad.  If you go through life accepting certain truths while rejecting others, this does not make you a bad person.  It just means that there is more growth to be done.  Growing and learning, discovering and exploring … these are the activities the soul should be engaged in.  Live and learn.  If one has fears and worries, there is much growth to be done.  Those who come to understand God and the workings of the soul will not experience fear and worry.  Those are negative energies brought on by misunderstanding.  But experiencing those things … that in itself is a learning process.  Everything you experience is teaching you something.  Some will grow from a particular experience and others will get stuck in it.  If there is an experience you can’t get passed, then there is more to be learned from it.  Explore the situation or problem from outside yourself.  Look at it as if a stranger.  Put your feelings and beliefs aside (remember, you are critiquing the situation as if a stranger and you can’t know what a stranger’s beliefs are).  Look at what is happening or has happened from someone who has no feelings.  Often, revelations, sudden understanding, can come to you in those moments when you judge not as “you” but as you being someone else (who is, of course, still YOU!).  Who better to help you come to an understanding than your own self?  Your soul comes through in those quiet moments to help you in your quest for answers.  Blessings to all, may your inner quest bring you much joy!

So, there it is!  That’s the message that came through today.  What do you think?  God speaks to us in many ways, through songs, stories, pictures, art, people … the entire world around you and everything that happens in it is all God in action, vision, sound, thought and experience.  Fear no evil, for the Lord is with you always!  I think this is why I like to write the stories I do.  Evil exists.  People do bad stuff.  Horrible things happen.  We write about those things and we show how to come through it.  At least, in my stories, the positive forces always win.  But, even in books where the negative forces win, you learn something!  I love the writing process.  You never know what is going to come through.  Everything created is influenced by God.  It cannot be otherwise for only God creates.  One cannot understand love unless you know what it is not to have it.  Learn your lesson quick and live in glory!

Blessings and Peace out!!