20140106_112216So we are nearly a week into 2014 and I’ve pretty much munched my way through all the baking goodies, the candy and the too-rich-to-be-consumed-all-year-long drinks. I’ve packed on more poundage this past year than ever before but that’s because I’ve actually kicked my writing career into overdrive…meaning I did a LOT of sitting! Although I’ve tried doing tummy crunches while sitting at the computer, I get so involved in what I’m doing that I eventually forget about that and then when I remember again, the motivation is gone. I like to sit and munch while I work on my stories. Now that I’m determined…absolutely DETERMINED to stick with a more healthy lifestyle, I don’t know how I’m going to fill that void! Even so…I’m going to do this. I have never weighed this much in my life. Not even with my third pregnancy (when I gained the most) and was ready to pop did I weigh this much. My clothes are tight and I’m tired all the time. I’ve been wearing a lot of “gym clothes” without the benefits of their intended usage!

Yes, I have fallen into a very bad rut. And now that I’ve managed to devour all the holiday goodies I couldn’t bring myself to throw away, it is time to get serious on this issue of weight LOSS. Also, I want to work more on my interactions with spirit! I’ve been so busy writing (which to me is an interaction with spirit but on a different level) that I haven’t given time to anything else! Including my poor house. I figure part of my exercise regimen will be house cleaning. Of the strenuous kind. Not the halfhearted stuff I’ve done here and there up to this point. Those rugs are getting SCRUBBED. Those floors are going to SHINE. And all that dust build up is not going to be ignored any longer!

So, it’s out with the old way of life…lots of sitting, lots of eating, lots of turning a blind eye to my house, lots of procrastination…and on with the new: exercise, less eating and more healthy choices when I do, housework and spirit contact. The last part is kind of an odd ball isn’t it? But I do want more connection with my angels, my spirit guide, the universe (God), and whoever else wants to come through (of the positive and good kind of course!).

So, to make myself stick to this, I have stated my intentions to all of you. Now, since I don’t want to come across as a failure, I better stand behind my convictions and do it. From time to time I will check in with ya’ll and let you know my progress. From my weight struggles, to my housework to my spirit contact…I’ll share it all. And if any of you want to join in and share with me your own resolutions and how you are doing…PLEASE do so! WE CAN DO THIS! Right? All it takes is a plan and determination to follow through. Setting goals…that is KEY. Just doing something isn’t enough. We are humans and we humans need goals. We need to strive towards the completion of something. Otherwise, we are aimless. We lose focus when we are aimless. And then we lose our determination. Depressed, we fall back into the same rut we were hoping to get out of. That is not going to happen this time. No sirree.

So, I rounded up all the fattening stuff in my house and I put it away. My sensibility won’t let me throw perfectly good stuff away so I am putting it out of reach. To the shed, in sealed containers it goes. After my morning tea (no coffee for me because I can’t drink unsweetened coffee!), I exercise for at LEAST a half hour then do something around the house. After appointed tasks are complete, I’ll have a light snack. Some computer work and writing then lunch. Some stretches (important to do when working on the computer for hours and hours!) and a little more housework then back to writing (I’ve two books I am in the process of completing!). Sometime in the afternoon, when I have some peace and quiet (meaning no grandkids running under feet!)…I will do something with spirit. Meditation for starters! I’ll record my results then start preparations for a healthy dinner! After that, a little relaxation should be well earned. My husband likes to exercise in the evening so I’ll toss in an hour of that with him then head back to writing for a bit. That is going to be the gist of my day. Once I achieve my goal of 25 pounds LOST, I will adjust things just a little. Maybe add coffee back into my life…but with a lot less sugar! I’m hoping, though, that I develop new habits that are better for my body and my mind. Habits, after all, are much easier to follow!

So on day six of the year 2014, I begin my new way of life. I can feel the spirit world all aflutter because they know how much they are going to be part of this plan. Things should get mighty interesting around here. That’s all I’ve got to say about it.

What say you? Any New Year Resolutions you want to share with us? Want to join me in this quest to “make it happen”? State your plan and then check in with us periodically to let us know how you are doing. Let’s bolster each other up. And if you are hoping to make contact with spirit…I can’t wait to learn how you went about it and how it all went down. Honestly, I’ll share with you everything I do in that respect. I’ll try an experiment and then let you know the results. Maybe you will try it too and share yours. This could get really, really interesting.

So, until I check in with you…say a few days from now (no daily blogging for me, I already know I won’t be able to maintain that sort of schedule. If anything, I MUST be realistic with my goals), I wish you all luck with whatever you have going on that you WANT going on!

Peace be with you. Happy New Year!! 2014 is going to be a great one for us. I just know it.