I had these amazing, easy-to-achieve (or so I thought!) goals which I was DETERMINED to make happen back in January (when we are all revved up with New Year Resolutions) and guess what? Yeah, I sort of lost my oomph and my motivation has fizzled to a mild simmer. Those goals (some of them anyway) now sit on the back burner of my mind (bummer that) though I am attempting to turn up the heat again (Go, Deb!). It’s not like I stopped caring and lost the HOPE to make those things happen (lose weight and have more contact with spirit for starters!) but, LIFE GOT IN THE WAY! Has that happened to you? You are plugging along, doing the necessary things to reach your goals and suddenly this happens and that happens and other things happen, and so on and so on! I have a large family and a great group of friends and when things go on with them…well, it affects me too. I care about their lives and so I become involved with their problems. In fact, sometimes I’m taking on their problems and trying to fix them myself! The thing is, this can’t be done! No matter how hard we try and how well intentioned our thoughts, we were not put here to solve the problems of others! We were born to figure out how to solve our own! And often, by doing so…we help others do so as well!! Not because we are doing it for them but because they learn by seeing our lessons in action. Or because we give them the steps we followed to achieve the success (though there are many stairways to success…there is not just ONE way to achieve a goal and this we must all keep in mind. It isn’t a “my way or fail” process!) The fact is, though, that the people close to us often learn by SEEING us put our learned lessons into action. At least SOME of them do. Others keep their blinders on and we can’t MAKE them see. Though we do try, don’t we?

The fact is this: We are all responsible for our OWN lives…our own decisions, our own actions…and experiencing the consequences occurring as a result of those decisions and actions! We can’t and shouldn’t live someone’s life for them! We can, though, be supportive and encouraging … without taking over. A fact I am still trying to learn. Also, have you noticed when something unfortunate happens…suddenly there’s a SERIES of unfortunate events? (uggh!!) One thing I eventually put into practice (after first panicking and negatively reacting) is calming myself down (something I have to consciously make happen). I have to TELL myself to stop fussing and worrying over it and when I do that, all the chaos calms down! Truly. I tell the Universe (God, the Infinite Intelligence…whatever you believe) what my wish is … my best outcome for the situation, and then I LET IT GO. Meaning I trust it will work out. But I don’t do this at first. No. At first I am like the majority of the world…I panic, I get worried, I fret and sputter and worry some more! Then I have a talk with myself.

“Deb, you’ve been through WORSE, much, much worse and how did it all work out? Fine. It all worked out just great. Why is that? Because you presented your problem to the universe and trusted God to bring it all to a positive end. And it did! Every    single    time. Besides, it isn’t as bad as all that!”

If any of you are like me and some others I know…we can over dramatize anything. We are great at building mountains out of mole hills! So, when I finally realize what I’m doing…I turn it back into a mole hill then ask the universe to send the mole away! Works like a charm. Until the next time. And then here I go again…passing through the process once more. One of these days I’m going to skip all the fretting and worrying and dramatizing that I put myself through and get right to the part where it all works out!

So, here it is the month of April and I weigh about TEN pounds MORE than I did in January! I haven’t connected much with spirit either. Though I have to say in my defense on that one…I feel connected to spirit on a daily basis! Every time I sit down to work on a book, in fact, I truly feel like I “plug in” to the spirit consciousness and take on their dictation. Honestly, I don’t know where the story flow comes from but without any sort of plotting, the stories develop and then end up connecting to each other in the most amazing way! It puts me in awe of the whole process. It truly does. Any of you do something like that? Do you suddenly get an idea or inspiration and you don’t know where it came from but suddenly it’s in your head and you are bringing it into being? And then when you are done…you are just so amazed by it?

When I started the Tess Schafer-Medium series, I only knew that I wanted to write a book series involving a gifted medium…one who wasn’t all that trained or sure about her ability…one who even QUESTIONED her beliefs and talent. I wanted to experience and learn things with her. And that I’m doing! When writing the Tess stories, I pull from my own experiences, my own beliefs and my own DISbeliefs, but I also just seem to pluck things out of the air (I love that expression because it’s actually quite accurate!). I explore the world of spirit through my characters and I hope my readers do as well. In fact, part of my hope is that my books will offer something of use to people curious about the paranormal world. I want others to see that although evil exists and we must take care…we can interact with those on the other side and do so without fear of inviting evil into our world.

With only that vague premise in mind, I started writing. I just sat down and began Tess’s story and now I’ve just completed book FIVE of the series (titled Ghost Trouble) and I’m very excited to get it published! I’m hoping the ebook will be ready by the first part of May (I’ll be sure to send out a celebratory post when that happens!). My fingers are crossed.  What amazes me about the stories is the fact that they all tie in to each other in some way. Now, this happened without my conscious intention. So, without plotting and planning, I ended up with a book series that would make one think that I had to plan and plot! The story flow just comes when I sit down to write. I sometimes have a vague idea of what I THINK might happen and then something completely surprising will occur and blow mind mind away. Yeah, I’m going to admit it…sometimes I am in awe of myself. But you know…we should all be that way. We are children of God and capable of the awe which comes from having such a lineage!

My goals at the beginning of the year haven’t changed. I still want to be better organized and I’m slowly but surely making that happen. You wouldn’t know it looking at my house right now but it’s a fact that things must become MORE unorganized as  you drag it all out into the open and begin the process of putting it all back…IN SOME ORDERLY, ORGANIZED fashion! I still want to lose weight but as I mentioned earlier, I ended up gaining a few more pounds rather than losing them! (sigh). No matter. Today is a new day and the goal is still there. I’ll do even smaller steps to make it happen (if the steps we have planned out end up being too much to follow…break it down some more!). I know that once we take positive action (no matter how minor) to reach a goal and continue to do so, eventually the steps get bigger and then we are running for the finish!

I came across an amazing book called “You Can Heal Yourself” by  Louise L. Hay and in it she talks about the fact that all physical problems/ailments are a reflection of spiritual/emotional issues. Through extensive study, she has found commonalities that has helped her develop an outline of physical ailments (or unwanted developments) and their related mental/emotional stigma. She has found that the most probable causes for weight problems to be as follows: fear (an emotion involved with ALL ailments/problems), the need for protection (we all want to feel SAFE), running away from feelings (we don’t want to face), insecurity and self-rejection (two biggies for many of us). Louise says weight problems can be solved by creating new thought patterns (we hear this all the time from New Age and self help gurus but you know…it’s TRUE!). We must tell ourselves that we are at peace with our feelings (too many of us get upset with ourselves for feeling bad, mad, discouraged or negative! Understand that this is a NORMAL human reaction and then let go of your discouragement for feeling that way. Acknowledge how you feel but don’t get down on yourself for feeling that way!). We must come to realize that we are SAFE where we are (in whatever circumstance) and that is so because we all create our own security (YES! We have the power to do that!!). We must come to love and approve of ourselves. And why shouldn’t we? Despite our lives and actions and decisions, we are souls of God and in the end…THAT is what matters!

Now, based on the premise of that book, I have to really explore my life in order to identify the probable causes for my weight problems and then apply the suggested new thought patterns to correct the issue. I can’t correct an issue that I don’t understand. I now realize that my weight is a reflection of the fact that I am not satisfied with my body (I think it stems all the way back to childhood when I would compare myself to someone I admired and find I didn’t compare well!! Not to my critical mind anyway). It’s a fact that I am overly critical of myself and always have been and so that affects my poor ole body and how it’s presents itself to the world. Our bodies, you know, are reflections of the images we see within our minds. ALL THINGS and how we view them are created from our own thoughts and perceptions! So anyway. I need to stop being so critical of myself and love this body of mine just as it is. As I come to accept and love myself AS I AM, my body will then conform to the image I am striving to obtain. Loving ourselves brings about the most amazing transformation!

Another thing that I have hopes to accomplish this year is to get my books out to all those who would like them! I know sometimes they land in the wrong hands and are not appreciated in the least…those people leave very biting reviews on Amazon to let me know as much! And just so you know…I do realize that not everyone is going to like my writing and I expect that, it’s the criticism for my characters’ BELIEFS that I find interesting. The thing is, it is not for those people that I write (I am, however, sorry they feel like they wasted their time and money!). The fact is…I write for myself because I LOVE to write and I love the stories that come through, and I write for those who get as much pleasure from the stories as I do! There are a lot of paranormal books on the market but many of them are about vampires and zombies and black magic and the like. The ghosts are usually really evil or overly friendly!  I write stories that I think are possible (though I suppose in another reality somewhere vampires and the like are possible!). My own experiences often find their way into my stories. The fact is, I am fascinated by the paranormal world…by our spiritual side of life…and so I just love a story that involves those elements.

Another thing I am trying to accomplish this year is getting organized. I’m slowly moving in that direction. I just feel so much better when I know where everything is and can look around and see that everything has a place. I truly believe that when our environment is in ORDER, then we are much more at peace and orderly as well. Chaos in any form is unsettling. Order is peaceful. So, I’m working on it.

Finally, I am trying to get a handle on my finances. I am tired of being in debt. My goal is to stop being a slave to indebtedness and working to PAY someone else!  My goal is to get to a place where my earnings are mostly mine to do with as I will. That means having the means to do more traveling! There are so many wonderful things in this amazing world that I want to see and experience and I can only do that if I have the FUNDS to do that! I know that keeping my eye on all these goals will ensure that I realize them! Setting goals is as good as telling the universe what you INTEND to have. My problem right now is that I am SLOW to manifest these things. If only I could figure out how to speed up the process. If I do figure it out, I’ll let you know.

So, anyway, I am now in the process of getting “Ghost Trouble” published and I’ve started going to Yoga classes (which I find very enjoyable and invigorating!). And as mentioned, I’m getting my home organized. Also, I am whittling down my debt a little at a time … enough so that I am actually SEEING some positive results!

How are you all doing with your goals? Do you have any advice to give those of us still striving to achieve ours? Have any of you read any of my stories? Do you find them helpful at all? I totally LOVE hearing from those of you who have read my books. Good or bad, I am just so curious as to your thoughts!

If you haven’t met your goals yet and are thinking about shelving them for good…don’t give up! Keep your FOCUS on what you want…give it to the universe to help make it happen…then go with it! One tiny little step at a time. You can achieve anything. You have within you the capability for all you can imagine!

Until next time blessings to all and peace out!