Well I’ve done it again. I promised I wouldn’t let so much time pass before I posted to my blog and what did I do? I let a lot of time pass! Life really does get in the way of … well life! (smile) I had good intentions, I really did. BUT things happened and then more things happened and then suddenly massive amounts of time … gone! Ugh!

So anyway, I’m here now and I have an exciting announcement to make! But first, let me just tell you that since my last post I’ve had a few paranormal encounters. They weren’t anything major but were enough to let me know that spirit is as active as ever and it started me thinking about plots for my next book. As many of you know, I am an author and have published ten books. All are in the “ghost” genre except for one, which is a romance I fell in love with many years ago. And in case you are wondering … yes, I fall in love with my own books!

Seven of those ten are in the Tess Schafer-Medium series and since Tess is a very gifted medium, she is always encountering paranormal phenomena. Much as I enjoy writing all those scenes, it’s becoming quite the challenge for me to introduce something new. After all, I don’t want readers to get the same-ole, same-ole. You know what I mean? Besides, as a writer I don’t want the same ole stuff either! It becomes boring and uninspiring.

ho hum

So get this, not only do I like to introduce new things but I also like to include useful information! I’m not an expert on the paranormal by any means, but I’ve dealt with enough of it to know what works for me and what doesn’t. And seriously, who can be an expert on something as unknown as the spirit realm? Well I have an answer to that question and it’s this: any one! We are ALL spiritual beings and as such we each have access to the spiritual side of our nature. Given that, I believe information about the spirit world comes from spirit.


Let’s think on that for a second … the idea that spirit gives us information. Seriously, if it doesn’t come from “there” then where? Do we pluck ideas and thoughts and dreams out of “thin air”? So, given that spirit might be responsible for giving us information, I also believe that CREATIVITY is the divine spark of spirit interaction. AND, if that’s true then it stands to reason that spirit is highly involved with the writing of a book! Oh how I love that idea!! Like, a LOT!

To my mind, there is no other answer (about where ideas come from) but that given in the paragraph above! You see, when I sit down to write, I don’t have a specific idea on what I am going to say. I might have a very broad idea … Tess is going to encounter a poltergeist (for example) … but HOW that’s going to happen is nowhere on the mental radar. I’ve no fricken clue as to how a scene is going to play out until it is actually written. Seriously, I’m as clueless as the first-time reader! In fact, there are times when I THINK I know where a scene is going and then something out of the blue occurs and I’m like … WHAT!????


Given the above situation, I truly believe that CREATIVE thought (the bringing of something that is currently non-existent into reality) comes from spirit. Challenge me on  if you like, then prove it!

he he he

So anyway, I’ve been writing the Tess Schafer-Medium series since 2011 and each book was a complete surprise to me. I didn’t know what was going to be revealed or how things were going to play out until I actually wrote the words. And after the last book in the series DISTRACTING GHOSTS, I wasn’t sure where the series was going to go from there! I mean, suddenly I have a curse to deal with and witches are in the mix and all the other amazing revelations (a couple of which I didn’t see coming, not by a long shot!), and well I just wasn’t sure what the next story was going to entail.


As far as I knew, the next Tess book was going to take place on Prince Edward Island. I WANTED to write a story involving that location because I’ve always wanted to go there (yes, because I loved the Anne of Green Gable stories!!) and yet another story began to circulate through my head, one that took place somewhere else, like on the fictional island of Crystal Cove (located off the coast of Portland, Maine). Why there? Well that is the question, isn’t it?

So I thought, “Just go with it, Deb, and let the story reveal itself.” Day after day I sat at the computer and typed with anticipation, eager for the next sentence, the next scene and then one day, waaalaaaa, the story was done! PARANORMAL ENCOUNTERS was born! Straight from spirit to my computer.


Now I mentioned earlier about Tess encountering a poltergeist. She did do that in this latest story and I’ve wondered about that particular type of spirit energy since I was a young child (when my family and I dealt with it in the haunted old farmhouse we lived in). Poltergeists are often volatile and unpleasant. WHY? Well Tess has her ideas and I’m tending to agree with them. That’s another thing that is happening … as Tess develops her powers, I am learning things right along with her! Other self-proclaimed experts may agree with us or not and I say so what? I mean really … NO ONE KNOWS FOR SURE. They are just offering their best guess, which is based on the experiences they’ve had up to that point, and I am doing the same! We just won’t know for sure … about any of that stuff … until it’s our turn to cross over.

But the thing is, with each book and as Tess learns more and more about the spirit world, it all just seems so plausible to me. Certainly for some that isn’t the case. To them my stories are just fun fiction and they are right! But FACT sometimes is stranger than FICTION so keep that in mind! (smile)

so there

On July 27th, PARANORMAL ENCOUNTERS will be released in ebook format on Amazon. In the interim, I am HOPING to write a couple more posts about the encounters Tess experienced in the story (and maybe even in previous stories). It should make for a good discussion or two! I LOVE talking about ghosts and spirit activity so posts about those subjects will be fun for me to write. And who knows what else spirit will inspire me to say?! Stay tuned!!


If you are interested in the Tess books, you can go here to order them: Tess Schafer-Medium series. All books are stand-alone stories, meaning you don’t have to read them in order, BUT it is a better experience to do so since you see her gradual development as a medium. Each story plays off the last though they are not a continuation of the previous story.

Now, though I usually ensure all issues are resolved by the end of each book, the last one DISTRACTING GHOSTS did have that curse still going on! Even so, the main issues were resolved. The curse and the story behind it had me questing spirit for answers, and thus were the driving forces behind PARANORMAL ENCOUNTERS.

So that’s it, my exciting news. A new book is out and I have a couple blog ideas percolating in my head. If all goes well, those ideas will translate to posts and be out before the book (July 27th!) Pre-orders available here!

Until we meet again, may your life go onward to good things, upward to better things and ever forward to amazing things!!

PS: The Vagaries of Us book blog did a “cover reveal” and the links to my books can be found there as well. If you like books and reading, you should check out this blog! Seriously.