halloween pic 1As a paranormal enthusiast, I LOVE the month of October. A month in which many believe the veil between our world and the hereafter is at its thinnest, especially during Halloween (October 31st). When this month finally arrives, the world moves into the rapid change from summer to fall and all things spooky is the theme of the day!

Everywhere you look are signs of the macabre … objects of ghosts, ghouls and goblins are decorating yards, to include pumpkins and other fall harvest paraphernalia.

fall pic 18

I love all of it, and oh what fun it is to ride around and see how people are expressing their joy in this interesting month.

But guess what … spirits are everywhere ALL THE TIME, not just during October and not just in haunted houses! Every second of every day, everywhere, our space is occupied by the those in the “otherworld”. We might FEEL them and even GLIMPSE them, but for the most part, we go about our business unaware. How is that possible, you might wonder, if we are sharing the same space. Well it’s because the otherworld (the hereafter, the other side, the spirit world … whatever you call it) exists on a different plane of existence or, as I prefer to think of it, on a different level of consciousness (accessed via meditation, altered states of awareness, or through the imagination).

So anyway, I just wanted to write a quick reminder that we are SPIRITUAL beings in a physical world and though we are very focused in our physical life (as we need to be) that doesn’t mean we aren’t connected to the spiritual world. Certainly some people are more aware of that connection than others … thus mediums, sensitives, psychics and the like … but every one of us has the ability to become AWARE (which in truth many of you are far more aware than you realize … ever get a hunch, a feeling, a sudden idea or thought? Has your heart started pounding for no apparent reason, or has your back crawled with unease, has the hairs stood up on your arms, have you broke out in goose bumps or in a cold sweat? All these are just some of the signs you get when spirit interaction is going on!).

More and more I find myself turning to my spirituality. It is my belief that our IMAGINATION is the way IN to spirit and boy do I have an imagination! Where I used to view it as fantasy and dreams (which it can be as well), I understand now that I’ve been channeling spirit for a long, long time. Impressions and feelings and sudden thoughts (all of which I believe comes from spirit) have been part of my life since as far back as I remember. My focus now is in learning how to properly tune into it for a better understanding, and clearer view, of what’s coming through.

Understand, though, that I am not special and don’t have any advantage over anyone else … we ALL can do this, connect with spirit, if that is truly what you want to do. For me, I do it to “see” my loved ones (including pets!) in spirit and to reassure myself that all is well with those I love and care about.

So anyway, enjoy this wonderful month, send mental “hellos” to those you love in spirit and know they truly are with you, now and always!

Blessings to all of you!!

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Peace out!