Ouija 3I recently uploaded a vlog post on my YouTube channel, which is named after yours truly … Deborah J Hughes, about using the Ouija board. Link HERE. And I wanted to do a quick blog post here on WordPress as well!

There are three questions that I specifically want to cover:

  1. Is the Ouija board an instrument of evil?
  2. Does it really work? In other words…can you really talk to dead people?
  3. How do you use it?

Though I posted a link to the YouTube post in the first paragraph, I figured it would be okay to add a written blog as well. Don’t worry, I’ll keep this short and sweet!

So let’s discuss the first two question. Is the Ouija an instrument of evil?

Yes! BUT it is also NOT an instrument of evil. As with everything, your intended use determines whether it will be for evil or good purposes. If you are using it for evil purposes, then it will bring negative energy through. If you are using it for good, loving purposes, then it will bring positive energy through. But I do want to stress, because of it being such a powerful doorway to spirit, if the board is not CONTROLLED properly, you can inadvertently invite negative energy in! So careful handling is a MUST.

Now let’s discuss the second question. Does it really work?

YES! It really works, whether you believe it or not. It was created with the intention of communicating with “dead people” or, as I prefer to call them, spirit energies. I use “spirit energies” in a broad sense because it encompasses angels, spirit guides, demons (which is why usage MUST be done properly!) as well as people who have passed into spirit. Since that was the purpose of the boards creation, that’s the energy that was infused into the Ouija and people accepted it as such (usage of it spread quickly when it hit the market). Everyone who has heard of the Ouija knows what it is made for and so it strengthens the energy of the board’s purpose. It works. Like a charm, it works.

Okay, so we got the first two questions covered. Let’s discuss the important one … the third question. How do I use it?

  1. Do NOT do it alone! If you are alone and accidentally bring a strong spirit energy through, one you can’t handle or control, then trouble will ensue. BUT, two or more people helps balance the energy, thus putting more power in YOUR hands. This enables you to better control a strong entity, especially if you follow the next few steps!
  2. Remember to always put it away when you are done! Don’t leave it out and if you are not using it, turn the board face down. The Ouija is truly a beacon to spirit, so if you leave it out and facing up, it’s drawing all sorts of spirit energies to it … good and bad.
  3. Before you begin to use the board, determine your purpose, your INTENT … WHY are you using it? Do you want to speak to loved ones who have crossed over? Do you want to speak to a spirit that is haunting your house? Do you want to speak to your spirit guides? Make sure everyone involved knows what you are intending to do. This also sends a message to spirit, telling them your intentions. EVERYONE involved in using the Ouija must be in agreement as to what you are hoping to accomplish. If one of you is hoping to contact a demon (WHY would anyone want to do that!!?) and another wants to talk to a loved one, then BOTH might happen … or TRY to happen (your control of the board comes in to play here).
  4. Clear the board of stored energy. While focusing on your intention for using it, rub your hands all over the board and infuse it with your energy. You do this by imagining light emanating from your hands and soaking into the board. Say a prayer if you are someone who likes to engage in prayer! Ask for protection against negative entities. State your intention, why you are going to use the board and make it clear ONLY POSITIVE entities are welcome. Do the same with the planchette. Hold it in your hands and rub your energy into it.
  5. Open the session by asking for spirit to come through. If you are looking to talk to someone specific, call them to you. Yes, it matters not “where” they are, they will get your message! If you are seeking to speak to a ghost that you fear is haunting your house, ask for the spirit to come through but ONLY if they intend no harm and have no negative intentions.
  6. If the messages coming through start to sound negative and threatening … END THE SESSION. State out loud that you are done and are ending the communication. If you feel a negative entity has been attracted to your activities, order it to go away and then pray for protection (I address my guardian angels and, of course, God) and also ask that your home be cleared of negative entities. Thank those you were happy to speak with and say goodbye to them!
  7. If you aren’t going to put the board away immediately, turn it face down but be sure to store it away before moving on to other activities.

A couple of notes: Add common words to the board. Just place them randomly around the board, and write them far enough away from other words and letters that you won’t get confused by what the planchette is pointing to. This will speed communication along.

Ouija 4

If you feel cold air around your hands, that’s normal! It doesn’t mean that you have a negative entity. It’s a common phenomena. You also may feel cool drafts around you. Again, that’s normal. You might encounter scents … perfume, flowers, smoke … they will be associated with the spirit you are talking to. You might even hear knocking noises. That is another form of communication from the spirits. Don’t let it scare you unless it becomes more aggressive. In a case like that, ask the spirit to stop and tell it that you will not communicate with it if they are not going to play nice!

You truly are in charge so BE in charge! The physical world belongs to US not them! So, whether they like it or not, they have to obey our commands … at least in regards to the space around us.

So that’s it! Hope it helps! If you’ve had any experiences, please share.

Blessings and peace to all of you. Onward, upward and ever forward!!