I write novels that include supernatural elements such as spirit communication and ghostly specters.  As I am also an avid romance reader, you find some elements of that in my stories as well.  When I’m not reading, I am writing or taking care of my large family.  I love to travel and have done quite a bit of it, especially when I was serving in the US Air Force.  I hope to continue exploring our amazing world when I can squeeze in the time and money to do so!

During my 20 years in the military, I was fortunate to experience so many things: family separations (I missed half of my first child’s first two years of life) strife with difficult bosses (I was often a lone female in the company of many men), the horrors of war, marital messes, financial hardships, family stresses, life messes … but on the flip side, I got to meet many people (good and not so good), see a lot of places (good and not so good), experience other cultures and be exposed to many interesting situations and circumstances.

And all that mentioned above?  It will probably end up in my blogs!

But I have to say it was the years before my 19th birthday and before I joined the Air Force that has most influenced my personal beliefs about God, the afterlife and anything related to those two things.

When I was seven, I moved into a house that I believe without question was haunted.  What took place during the seven years in that house has most influenced the things I believe today about God, religion and all matters spiritual.  For seven years I lived in that scary old house, terrified and curious and, as I got older and better at reading, intent on learning all I could about the supernatural.  I wanted to understand what was happening in my home and of course, that raised even more question about all matters concerning our soul, eternal life and our purpose for being.

At sixteen, I picked up a palmistry book and after dabbling with it a few times, reading palms of my friends, family and even teachers, I figured out pretty quick that it wasn’t just a fun game.  Thirty years later, I still read palms, still seek out palmistry books and am still fascinated with its accuracy!  Palmistry led me to numerology which is also a fascinating study. It was a natural progression to then explore the Tarot.  The world is full, chock full, of mysteries and its all there for us to explore should we have the inclination to “seek the truth”.

The bible is full of supernatural elements: angels, demons, prophetic dreams, omens, etc.  I was always most fascinated with the story of Jesus and his teachings.  The one utterance of Jesus’s teachings that most captured my attention? (paraphrasing here) “These things I do, you can do AND MORE!”) Wow, what a thought!!  Religion is a very broad, fascinating study on its own. Sadly, there is not enough time in my life to study all the subjects that interest me…at least not to the fullest extent that I might wish. So I focus on a little of everything and as a result have mastered none!  All that seeking and learning spurs stories.  Sometimes I am so motivated to get it on paper (or the computer, which is more likely these days) that it drives me crazy and I just will find no peace until its written.

The stories come to me so fast sometimes that I barely can keep up.  I often feel as if my brain is dictating and I am not involved in the process at all … other than providing the fingers for the keyboard that is.  When I am in the throes of story creation, there’s a thought in the back of my head that wonders where its coming from? As I don’t plan out my stories, I can’t wait to get it written so that I might read it!

The first book I am going to share with the public is “Be Still, My Love”.  It’s about a grieving young medium, Tess Schafer, who goes on a healing vacation to a haunted resort on the coast of Maine.  As she becomes involved in putting the restless souls there to rest she learns that broken hearts can mend and life is worth living even when terrible things happen. The story came to me when I asked the questions: What happens if a medium loses someone they love in a sudden tragedy?  Do they get mad? Do they communicate with their spirit? Do their beliefs change?  It was a most interesting read.  I couldn’t wait for each chapter to unfold! I was often surprised at the developments and amazed at the creativeness of my brain (or whatever it was that helped me to write the story!).

So, that’s “About” me!

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