I am the author of the Tess Schafer-Medium series and several other books in the paranormal and romance genre. My stories often include spirit communication and ghostly specters, with the exception of Tangled Up Hearts, which is a romance more in line with those published by Harlequin Romance. Although I thoroughly enjoy a good spooky read, I also enjoy the trials and tribulations of a budding romance (with happy endings of course!).

My interests are quite varied. For one, I’ve been a palm reader since I was sixteen years old. At first I dabbled with it for fun and then I realized it was much, much more than a form of amusement for friends and family. I came to respect this age-old art of “fortune telling” and have found it to be accurate, helpful and very insightful.  Eventually my interests led me to numerology (which I also dabble in), astrology (which I love but can’t do myself) and then many years later I became involved with Tarot cards.

I have participated in and practice different forms of spirit communication to include the Ouija board (yes, it CAN be bad but when handled PROPERLY it’s a very easy form of spirit communication … and I am happy to report that I have never encountered anything bad in any of my communications), channeling (through a spirit guide), table tipping (a fun, non-threatening form of spirit communication that still must be done properly) and automatic writing (takes more preparation but the information coming through is similar to channeling). I have a deep respect for all forms of communicating with the spirit world. Our loved ones, when they cross over, truly continue to care and love us and they really do visit us often! Their biggest challenge is in getting us (loved ones here in the physical world) to realize they are “alive”, well and thriving. There are so many who are eager to come through and show their love, give a message of support and encouragement, and there just are too few with the means to do it. Yes, I am saying we need more mediums in the world! Ideally, however, it would be better if people learned how to communicate with their loved ones themselves!

As for how this interest was formed … well it began at the age of seven when our family (my parents, three brothers and a sister) moved into a haunted old farmhouse. What took place during the seven years we lived in that house has influenced the things I believe about God, religion and all matters spiritual. Seriously, one cannot live for seven years with very active dead people (ghosts!) and not see life from a whole different perspective. Experience forms our views and opinions and beliefs and though I lived in fear for most of those years, I am grateful for the experience.

Young as I was and having no understanding about the workings of the paranormal world, I was often terrified, sometimes curious and never dismissive about such things. It helped having a mother who was not afraid of ghosts and actually rather enjoyed sharing our home with them. Her fearlessness did help lesson some of my own fears, especially as I grew older. An avid reader, I was forever checking books out of the library that helped to explain paranormal phenomenon and I even got to a point of trying to make contact with our spectral residents.

The more I read, the more I learned and the more eager I was to learn more! Thus began my neverending interest in all things spiritual.  Such reading exposed me to all manner of subjects involving the paranormal and spiritual aspects of existence. Later, when I began channeling and automatic writing, I learned even more.

Reading, however, wasn’t my only passion. I started writing about the same time I started reading and it was hard to divide my time between the two. I felt driven to write and it was almost an obsession. I couldn’t stand having a blank piece of paper in front of me, I just HAD to write a story. To this day I still have most of those notebooks and pages of partially written stories. As I got older, I knew what I wanted to do with my life … I wanted to be a published author. To my way of thinking, there was nothing better to do in life than write stories.

After graduating high school, the reality of the “real” world kicked in. I had to figure out a way to support myself. All that reading had exposed me to the world at large and I wanted to see it. So I went to travel school in Pittsburg, PA, thinking the best way to see the world was to work in the industry that helped to take us there. But after graduation, I ended up back home, jobless because I was carless and seeing few prospects open to me,  I decided to join the United States military.

So at the age of 20, I raised my hand and pledged four years of my life to the United States Air Force. Although my plan was to serve those four years and separate, I ended up staying for 20 years, five months and seventeen days (yes, folks, every day counts!). Those years led me through the experiences of so many things. The days were challenging, amazing, exciting, boring and oftentimes darn right frustrating but wow what a ride! I went through family separations, the first one happening just after serving a little over a year.  I was sent to Korea six months after my son was born and I didn’t see him again until he was eighteen months old! Oh my was that hard. But the challenges continued. I endured considerable strife with difficult bosses (I was often a lone female in the company of many men), the horrors of war, marital messes, financial hardships, family stresses, life messes … the list goes on! But, to be fair, I also got to meet many people (good and not so good), see a lot of places (good and not so good), experience other cultures (mostly good!) and be exposed to many interesting situations and circumstances. My career ended well, with a great husband, great kids, great friends and a great last assignment.

And all that mentioned above?  A good deal of it has ended up (or will eventually end up) in a blog post and some of it has, or will, find ways into my stories.

As for my beliefs now, as I write this, well there’s a lot to influence the things I believe. The bible is full of supernatural elements: angels, demons, prophetic dreams, omens, etc.  I was always most fascinated with the story of Jesus and his teachings.  The one utterance of Jesus’s teachings that most captured my attention? (paraphrasing here) “These things I do, you can do AND MORE!” Wow, what a thought!!  Religion is a very broad, fascinating study on its own. Sadly, there is not enough time in my life to study all the subjects that interest me…at least not to the fullest extent that I might wish. So I focus on a little of everything and as a result have mastered none!  All that seeking and learning spurs stories, though, so there is that.  Sometimes I am so motivated to get a story written that it drives me crazy. I find no peace until it’s written. This, I believe, is a good sign that writing is my calling.

My stories come to me so fast sometimes that I barely can keep up.  I often feel as if my brain is dictating (or something is dictating to my brain) and my only role is to record it! When I am in the throes of story creation, there’s a thought in the back of my head that wonders where its coming from. As I don’t outline or plan the plot, I can’t wait to get it written! I’m the first reader of my story and I find that to be quite a privilege.

So, that’s “About” me!

Here I’ve included links to a few posts that further explain a little about my experiences!

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Please feel free to contact me with questions or to share a story or just to say hi! Connecting with REAL people is as important to me as connecting with “dead” ones! (smile)

Blessings to all of you.