Talking with other writers about their paranormal books/blogs and experiences is just part of the fun I have on this blog!

Paranormal Author Beth Dolgner talks about her Paranormal Experiences, her Books and her Ghost Tours!

Beth does just what the post title above says…she writes books, she conducts ghost tours and she’s had a few paranormal experiences! If you like books with a ghostly element then you might want to check hers out! Also, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind connecting on Facebook and/or Twitter if you feel so inclined. You might also want to check out her website! You can see all her books by visiting her website or her Amazon Author page!

 Author Jools Sinclair and her Best-Selling YA Book Series “44”

Jools writes a book series about a young girl, Abby, who died for 44 minutes before being revived. Her life has not been the same since! I truly enjoy this book series because, of course, ghosts are involved (Abby can see them!). If you are interested, you can check out her blog! As for her books, check out her Amazon Page (or you can get them directly from her blog.

An Interview with Paranormal Author Cege Smith!

Cege has a variety of books out and I encourage you to check them out! She has a nice blog as well! You can check out her books on her blog or check them out on her Amazon Author page! If you feel so inclined, I’m sure she’d love for you to connect with her on Twitter and/or on Facebook.

 Discussion on the Supernatural With Thriller/Suspense Author Jeff Bennington

The Supernatural, Books, and Writing, Part II With Thriller/Suspense Author Jeff Bennington

Jeff doesn’t just write great books, he also helps writers with their author dreams! Readers who enjoy supernatural thriller/suspense type stories, you should check out his books! You can visit his Amazon Author page to see all his books or his awesome website The Writing Bomb! I encourage you do both.  If you feel so inclined, I am sure Jeff would love for you to follow him on Twitter and/or Facebook. Jeff is the founder of The Kindle Book Review which features Indie authors and their books so if you are an author or a reader, I encourage you to check it out! The Kindle Book Review also has a Facebook page so you might want to give that a “like” too.

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