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ghostsMany of you who follow my blog know that I grew up in a haunted house and because of that became interested in the paranormal. I’ve written blog posts about my experiences in that freaky old farmhouse and plan on releasing a book about it as well…which will really be a conglomeration of all those earlier blog posts. Since starting this blog a little over a year ago, I’ve received lots of comments and email from readers who have had or are having similar experiences and I thought it was time to write another post dealing with the issue of ghosts.

For those of you who have not been following my blog since the beginning…let me bring you up too speed real quick about me, my experiences and beliefs concerning ghosts, hauntings, and the like.

First, I am not a medium though I have had some experience communicating with “the other side” and I don’t consider myself any more psychic than anyone else (we all possess psychic ability). But I do actively pursue knowledge on spiritual matters and put to practice the things I learn. So, basically, I am the average person with an interest in the paranormal and everything that I do…you can do as well!

I was seven when my family moved into the farmhouse and I was fourteen when we moved out. We’d had enough of the paranormal activity there and really, once my dad finally caved to the idea of ghosts and accepted the fact that they truly existed…there was no staying there any longer.

Ghosts can be pretty scary. It’s unnerving to deal with something you can’t see. Scariest of all is the possibility of coming up against something evil. This fear alone scares most people off when it comes to spirit communication and hauntings. And really, that is quite understandable. No one in their right mind is going to want to deal with an evil entity. Heck, we don’t want to deal with bad people who are still LIVING let alone one who is dead! The unseen bad is the worst kind in many ways. I think this is because we feel powerless against it. How do you fight something you can’t see or touch?

Now, before I go on with my thoughts on that, let me explain that the things I have come to believe are a result of personal experience and acquired knowledge from other people or through books, television/movie/video and the like. I believe every medium of learning (such as those just mentioned) are methods used by God to teach us what we need to learn or remember. Now, I believe in God, obviously, and I also think of this Higher Power as “the Universe”. Did you notice that I said God uses the various methods to “teach” us something or to help us “remember” something? I say “remember” because I truly believe we know way more than we remember about who we are (spiritual beings!) and where we come from (spirit!). When going through the birth process, it seems we suffer some sort of amnesia and “forget” quite a bit about our spiritual selves, where it was we came from and what we are capable of.

I had a very vivid dream once (during a time when I was really going through a “spiritual awakening”) that I believe addresses this issue. By the way…I truly believe our dreams are the soul’s way of speaking to us! But anyway…I dreamed I was in spirit and preparing to come to earth (I was soon to be born into a physical body). A group of friends was with me and we were discussing my pending birth. I was sad to be leaving them and the spiritual world in which we lived. In my dream, I understood that I’d done this before (been born into other lives…so, yes, I do believe in reincarnation and living past lives!). I told my friends that THIS time I wasn’t going to forget who I was. I wasn’t going to forget them or my “real” life. They told me it would be impossible to hold on to the memory of our truth. But I was VERY determined! So when it was time to go (enter earthly life) I ascended a spiral staircase and as I went up the steps, I repeatedly looked down at my friends gathered below. I would then wave and say, “I won’t forget you!”. Finally, I reached the top of the stairs and the world in which I had to step into was dark. The staircase and all below was brightness and light and I remember not wanting to step off the staircase into the dark interior of life. But I had no choice and so as I moved away from the stairs, I kept glancing back toward the stairwell. The further away I walked, the smaller the lighted spot where the staircase was located. The world around me was dark and dismal and at first I was constantly glancing back to remind me of the staircase’s existence and to reassure myself that it was still there. I would NOT forget! But, the more I walked (moved through life…grew up), the more frightening the images around me became and the smaller the light when I turned back to look. I kept repeating in my head “I won’t forget” but it was getting harder to remember to do that for I was distracted by what was going on around me. Then something jumped out at me and scared me so bad I didn’t dare to turn around and look for the light. Instead, I focused more on what was in front of me rather than what was behind me and when I finally did turn back…I could no longer see the light and I didn’t remember WHY I was looking back! I had forgotten! And that’s when I woke up. That dream is as vivid to me today as it was when I had it…now over 20 years ago! Dreams that stay with us are very important to us on many levels and in this case it was a pretty big lesson!

It’s been said that children retain some spiritual connection at birth but as they age, the connection becomes lost (have you ever noticed that babies often seem to be looking at something you can’t see? Something that amazes and amuses them?). The harsher the life we live, the faster we forget. Eventually, we are left “in the dark” and all knowledge of the light is something we must now seek to remember. I think that is why Jesus was considered the “light of the world”. He came to teach us “the way” back into the light (to reopen our eyes that we may see!). But he isn’t the only one who came to help us poor lost souls. All those who are known as true spiritual teachers (across all religions)…they too have come to show us the way and help us to see.

So anyway, our biggest challenge as humans is to remember the “truth” about who we are. In seeking and finding the truth, we shall truly be set free…from fear, misery, pain and the like! I truly believe that those of us who ACTIVELY seek the truth will eventually discover it. Bit by bit, slowly but surely! Because of our Ego (and we ALL possess one), our “remembering” is often a slow process. Our Egos act as a personal “gatekeeper” of sorts. It limits our access to universal knowledge and keeps us firmly rooted in the physical world. The Ego controls what we accept as truth and the only way to get a truth past Ego’s gate is to do it in small increments! Once we learn and accept one thing…we can go on to learn and accept another. And so on.

When physical death occurs and a person enters spirit, they do one of the following: 1) hang out in the spirit world for awhile (maybe go through a “life review” process) and then prepare for another birth (reincarnate) 2) go on to Heaven or Hell…whichever is appropriate! 3) hang around the physical world and try to communicate with loved ones left behind…or whoever else they manage to make contact with! 4) become confused about their new state of being (and thus require help from the angels and/or mediums) 5) refuse to accept they are dead (and so require help from angels and/or mediums) or they might 6) hang around the physical world in order to cause mischief. Those that do this are more than likely the “evil” ones we are so afraid to encounter. No doubt they are also avoiding Hell or whatever they must face for the evil deeds they conducted when they were alive!

The ones who are just trying to communicate (either to impart a message or offer reassurance) or the ones who are confused about their new status as spirits (because of a sudden or violent death)…these, I think, are the most common situations in hauntings. It really isn’t unusual to encounter a spirit who is here to do nothing more than reassure us they are fine or to impart a message. Some, though, are concerned about the welfare of someone they left behind and so stick around to watch over them. As for the ones who are confused about their “death” or are afraid to move on…they really do need help…either from a medium or from an angel, a spirit guide. BUT, the ones who stick around because they are angry or intend to do harm, THESE are the ones we need to watch out for and avoid interacting with. And it is fear of these ones who cause most people to avoid spirit communication.

I know that was the case for me when I was living in that farmhouse. Although I knew some of the spirits there meant no harm, there was at least one who was not nice and because of that ONE, I was afraid of them all. Now, considering they never hurt any of us, I can’t think why I was so afraid all the time, but I was. It was this fear that I wanted to address in my third book of the Tess Schafer-Medium series that I’m writing. Book one…”Be Still, My Love” was about my character Tess Schafer dealing with her anger at God and struggling with her spiritual beliefs. Book two…”Hidden Voices” was about her expanding her gift and accepting who she is, what she does and being comfortable with it. Book three…”Vanquishing Ghosts” (to be released in late Spring!) has Tess confronting her fear of negative spirit activity. I wanted to show through this story that we have within us the capability to deal with anything…even evil spirits. I almost named the book “Conquering Fear” because that is exactly what Tess had to do.

Many people write to me expressing fear for some sort of spirit activity they are experiencing. Most all those cases sound to me like someone in spirit who knows them and wants to communicate with them. The spirits bothering these nice folks aren’t trying to frighten them. As I’ve mentioned…once we pass into spirit and we realize that we are very much “alive”, we want to come back and reassure those we love. We want to share the good news! Only now we are in spirit and our communication attempts accomplish nothing but fear. This is why visiting a reputable medium would be beneficial. There are a lot of frauds out there in the world taking advantage of peoples’ grief but there are also a lot of truly gifted mediums ready and willing and happy to help you! As I am a member of the Spiritualist Church, I am lucky enough to be around lots of mediums! My advice lately, for those who seem to have a particularly determined spirit bothering them, is that they should try and locate a Spiritualist Church and see one of their mediums.

Common paranormal experiences are the feeling of being watched, the feeling that someone is right next to you, a sudden chill or tingling feeling (this is more of a response from your spirit body which instantly recognizes when other spirits are nearby!). Things might move around. Rocking chairs will rock, curtains will riffle, a picture might fall (in many cases, the person in the picture is the spirit trying to communicate!), doors open or shut, lights come on or go off, electrical equipment might do the same – the radio or TV might change channels. In all cases, if a spirit is involved, then they are simply manipulating the matter around you to try and get your attention. The problem is…they get your attention alright but then what? You aren’t exactly ready to carry on a conversation are you? And even if you are…how do you go about it? In some cases, people do hear their name being called (a common occurrence actually!). So how do you communicate with a spirit that has managed to get your attention? If you aren’t a natural medium (let’s face it…some are just gifted in this area while others are not!) and you don’t want to pull out a Ouija board, just how are you expected to “talk”?

Well, one thing I often recommend is what is known as “automatic writing”. This is where you grab a pencil and some paper and invite the spirit to communicate with you by writing whatever it is they want to say (using your hand to write it of course…don’t expect the pencil to just lift up and start scribbling away!). The problem with this method is that many people think they are making it all up. I say this…so what? Make it up! Just where do you suppose the inspiration for the words you are writing is coming from? Where do the stories I write come from? Where does any thought come from that pops into our mind? Spirit! This sort of writing is also called “inspirational writing” because you are being inspired to write. Inspiration comes from spirit so inspire away!! The freer you give reign to write whatever enters your mind, the more of a message you are going to get.

Now, because we don’t want to encourage negative spirit interaction, I always make it clear that I don’t want to communicate with anyone who is negative in any way. If a message comes through that sounds threatening or makes you uncomfortable then you need to end the communication. Loving spirits with good intentions are not going to make you feel that way. When a loving spirit wants too communicate with you, that is what you are going to feel…loving energy. You are going to feel GOOD inside. Happy. Peaceful. If you feel none of those things…then you simply tell the spirit that you will NOT communicate with it and that it is not to bother you any more and then BLESS the spirit and send it away. If you are still bothered after that, then find a medium and take care of the problem. Unfortunately, there is the possibility that a particularly nasty spirit isn’t going to obey your command (though I do believe this is rare!). The thing to remember is that here in the physical world…we who are in a physical body are in charge. Those in spirit can only operate in spirit. They can manipulate matter to a degree but once you take charge of the situation…through prayer, faith, and fearlessness…the spirit has no power. I truly believe this. I try to show this through my character Tess. I put her in situations in which she must handle spirit activity…the positive and the negative…and how she does that is how it can truly be done. I feel inspired while writing those stories. And where did I say inspiration comes from? Yeah…I feel spirit is helping me write the Tess Schafer series. I don’t doubt it a bit.

So anyway…the next time you think a spirit is haunting you, you now have options. Tell it to go away or communicate with it. But if you are not comfortable doing either of those things…find someone who will! Just remember, though, that we are all spiritual beings and you have within you the capability to deal with spirit…effectively and safely!!

Many blessings out to all and Peace Out!!

Inspirational Writing is one of the most intimate forms of writing.  The message that comes through is either from your higher self (your soul), an angelic being (guardian angel? spirit guide?) or God.  Although the last is really part of it no matter what since God is part of all things.

If you have a problem or concern or would just like a little guidance, Inspirational Writing can deliver just what you need.  Who better to help you than someone who absolutely loves you?

So, for those who have not tried this form of communication, how is it done?  First, there is no right or wrong way.  The only thing you need to do is write (or type if you prefer).  Inspirational Writing is like a written meditation.  Instead of a mental or emotional conversation, you allow words to flow onto paper or onto the keyboard.  The following is just a suggestion on how to approach this very intimate communication.

1.  Start with prayer.  Prayer is communication with God, and Inspirational Writing comes from this very loving source.  So, open the communication with a prayer.  If you have a problem, concern, worry or curiosity, then voice it to God (although God already knows, it helps you clarify what it is you are hoping to accomplish).   Once you have stated your intention for the writing, give thanks for the message you are about to receive.  I can’t quote the bible exactly or tell you where to find it but I do remember reading a passage where Jesus said something to the effect that we should always thank God as if the thing for which we have just asked has already been received.  This reminds me of nightly prayers with my children when they were small.  My daughter always began her prayer this way, “Thank you God for the rest of my life.”  I LOVED that!  I don’t know where she got that from but wow…out of the mouth of babes!

2.  Make sure you are clear about what you are seeking from the communication.  It’s okay if you aren’t seeking anything specific.  If all you want is to open yourself to spirit and see what comes through, that’s totally fine!  If you prefer the message to come from your higher self (an interesting expression but simply means your spiritual self) then state as much. If you would like your spirit guide or guardian angel to come through then say so.  Just know this…whatever your intention when you sit down to write, whoever you wish to contact, whatever you want to know, it will come through.  Just so long as you ALLOW it to happen.

3.  Believe you are worthy of the communication!  You don’t have to be a religious or spiritual leader to receive communication from God or the angels.  You ARE worthy because you are a child of God and our loving Creator is not going to deny you an audience!  Promise.  It doesn’t matter what you’ve done, who you are, how you live, what your faith … when talking to the spiritual realm, none of those things matter.  What matters is that you are a spiritual being, a child of God, and you are seeking communication.

4.  Allow the message to come through.  Just write whatever comes to mind.  Don’t analyze it, don’t edit it, don’t argue with it.  Just LET it.  If the message seems to come slowly at first, stick with it, the more comfortable you get, the better the communication, the easier the words will flow.  Once you set your inner critic aside and just write, you’ll be amazed at what comes through!  Keep writing until you KNOW (and you will know) that you are done.

5.  If whatever comes through is critical and judgmental, then you just communicated with your ego.  Spiritual messages are always loving, positive messages.  ALWAYS.

6.  It is very hard to get our ego out of the way and allow true Inspirational Writing to occur.  One way to do this is to pretend that you are a loving being answering your question.  When deliberately “pretending”, the ego seems to relax and allow things to happen.  However the loving spirit must come through, even if it’s through pretense, it will come through.  Nothing is by chance, so even if you made something up during your pretense…well, where do you suppose those “made up” comments came from?  Your higher Self.

The thing to remember about this form of writing is that it is for YOU.  You don’t need to worry about grammar or punctuation or proper sentence structure.  None of that matters.  Inspirational Writing is spirit writing a letter to you!  Now, if whatever comes through seems worthy of sharing and you’d like to do so, then by all means, share those loving messages.  If people don’t receive them as you did or if they try to negate the message, just remember this…that’s their ego talking.  Unfortunately, ego is a very critical and necessary part of who we are…it helps us function in a very difficult world.  God and the angels don’t have egos.  Any message received during an Inspirational Writing session is done so in love and it will fill you with nothing less than that.

So, give it a try, see what God, the angels or your higher Self has to say.  Blessings to all and Peace out!

I thought I’d try an experiment and invite a spiritual force looking for a voice to come through and write a blog post!  If I’m going to write about characters doing something like this (Be Still, My Love‘s lead character, Tess, is a medium), then I should be able to do it myself, right?  Well, let’s see.

First I start with a prayer.  I like saying the Lord’s prayer because it’s pretty powerful and is multi-layered with spiritual meaning (I always have my character Tess do the same thing).  I then let go of all negativity and allow only God’s loving energy to enter.  This can be done with imagery.  I take in a slow deep breath and imagine the air filling my lungs is pure and clean and full of God’s love.  When I breath out, I release any dark, negative energy that may be lurking within the body.  I imagine that dark energy mixing with the light and turning positive as it enters the air around me.  I don’t want any negative energy floating around.  Next I make it clear that I am inviting only a loving spirit to come through and give a message.  I want a spiritual being who has something positive and loving to offer us.  I then imagine a loving, bright light surrounding me.  This light is God’s protection from negative forces.  Nothing negative or harmful can penetrate this light.  Although I am imagining these things, I give them life with my thoughts and make them real.  This concept is hard for a lot of people to understand.  If it’s the imagination then it can’t be real, right?  Wrong!  Things of the imagination become real if you believe them to be so.  If you don’t give them any weight…belief…then they will remain a figment of your imagination (especially if they are passing thoughts.  The more you think about something, even if you don’t believe it, the stronger you make that thought).  Truly, when you BELIEVE in something, you breath LIFE into it!  So, here we go.

Is there a loving spirit who would like to come through and share a message with us today?

There is much concern by some to believe in things such as this.  The worry is that they will be tricked by “the devil” to believe something they shouldn’t.  The truth is, everyone is born with an instinctive sense of right and wrong.  However, as you grow in your environment, your beliefs are influenced by the people in your life and the things you experience.  The beliefs you have come to accept will quite often override any inner thoughts (the voice of your spirit) that are contrary to those beliefs.  This makes it hard for people to grow in knowledge.  Growth of the soul is through learning and if one accepts only a set parameter of rules (beliefs) and does not accept anything new that is contrary to those rules, then growth cannot happen.  This is not bad.  If you go through life accepting certain truths while rejecting others, this does not make you a bad person.  It just means that there is more growth to be done.  Growing and learning, discovering and exploring … these are the activities the soul should be engaged in.  Live and learn.  If one has fears and worries, there is much growth to be done.  Those who come to understand God and the workings of the soul will not experience fear and worry.  Those are negative energies brought on by misunderstanding.  But experiencing those things … that in itself is a learning process.  Everything you experience is teaching you something.  Some will grow from a particular experience and others will get stuck in it.  If there is an experience you can’t get passed, then there is more to be learned from it.  Explore the situation or problem from outside yourself.  Look at it as if a stranger.  Put your feelings and beliefs aside (remember, you are critiquing the situation as if a stranger and you can’t know what a stranger’s beliefs are).  Look at what is happening or has happened from someone who has no feelings.  Often, revelations, sudden understanding, can come to you in those moments when you judge not as “you” but as you being someone else (who is, of course, still YOU!).  Who better to help you come to an understanding than your own self?  Your soul comes through in those quiet moments to help you in your quest for answers.  Blessings to all, may your inner quest bring you much joy!

So, there it is!  That’s the message that came through today.  What do you think?  God speaks to us in many ways, through songs, stories, pictures, art, people … the entire world around you and everything that happens in it is all God in action, vision, sound, thought and experience.  Fear no evil, for the Lord is with you always!  I think this is why I like to write the stories I do.  Evil exists.  People do bad stuff.  Horrible things happen.  We write about those things and we show how to come through it.  At least, in my stories, the positive forces always win.  But, even in books where the negative forces win, you learn something!  I love the writing process.  You never know what is going to come through.  Everything created is influenced by God.  It cannot be otherwise for only God creates.  One cannot understand love unless you know what it is not to have it.  Learn your lesson quick and live in glory!

Blessings and Peace out!!

Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn (right) and Padawan O...

I was in high school when Star Wars came out.  Might be showing my age here, but what the heck.  Age is a state of mind for the most part.  Although my body has undergone a few changes, my mind hasn’t aged.  The difference is that it’s a little more knowledgeable, a little wiser and a little less concerned about what people think! But anyway.  I got quite caught up in the whole “force” thing because I was learning about psychic ability, paranormal phenomena, and stuff like that around the same time.  Although Star Wars is a fictional story, it came from someone’s imagination (which I consider a link to God).  An imagination that was obviously open to possibilities of the spiritual kind.  I loved the concept of there being a “force”, something we could tap into and become well, not a Jedi warrior perhaps but something related to one at least!  Me and a friend of mine discussed this force concept at length and even conducted our own experiments.  Really.  We did.  (I have to pause here to enjoy a good laugh).  Okay, done with that, let’s move on.

What is interesting to me is that since Star Wars, I’ve continued my search to learn more about who and what we are and I’ve come across so many more wonderful books and movies discussing a similar concept.  They might not call it a “force” but really, they could just as easily do so.  The Celestine Prophecy was another one that suggests a force field of sorts being around us … aura, force, essence, spirit, soul … the name matters not.  Sometimes I’ll read a book or watch a movie and think, “Wow, the writer must have an awesome mind to come up with that.”  But you know…they tapped into something (I call it the “collective consciousness” which is our connection to God) using the imagination as access.  You could even say they tapped into a “force”.  God creates, you create, I create, everyone creates, creates (sorry, a song popped into my head and I had to go with it).  The very act of creation is bringing a truth into consciousness.  What the truth is, you must discover, but the fact is, everything in existence exists for a reason.

In Star Wars, there was a dark side of the force and then the side that wasn’t dark (the good side).  Interestingly enough, they never named it “the light side” or whatever.  It was just assumed that the dark side was the opposite of the good one.  But really, isn’t that true of anything?  Who wants to be kept “in the dark”?  Aren’t we all happy to “shed some light” on a subject?  Anyone who has watched the Ghost Whisperer knows that departed souls should go “into the light”!  It seems we automatically think of “light” as that being connected to God and anything “dark” (as in lack of light!) as not being connected to God.  The truth of the matter, though, is that God is part of all things.  Even the dark.  Nothing can exist without the original creator and for lack of a better word for such a thing of epic proportions, I call that original creator God.  Absolutely anything can be used for good or bad.  I mean really…look at Ghost Busters!  When they had to choose their adversary, the marshmellow man (or whatever the heck they called it) was thought of because, how evil can that be?  It’s the intent involved that makes something good or bad.  No exceptions.

Anyway, I just wanted to talk about the “force” for a moment.  Probably because I wish I had learned how to harness it already!! You see, I truly believe this term refers to what is within us … our spiritual connection and the abilities that go along with it.  We’ve had many spiritual teachers come to teach us more about ourselves since the beginning of time (or so it seems anyway).  Many, many teachers.  In fact, in one way or anther, we are all teachers.  Each and every single one of us teaches others something.  Good or bad (and honestly, I think we have to have exposure to both to appreciate the Good of things!).  We all have a “dark” side and a “good” one.  What’s so awesome is the fact that the “force” (God) is always with us.  We just don’t use that to our best advantage very much.  Wonder why that is?

United States Air Force Basic Military Trainin...

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Veterans’ Day has come to mean so much to me, not just because I served in the Air Force for 20 years, but because of all the great veterans I’ve been privileged to know and meet.  It’s been eight years since I retired from service.  I admit to the fact that I was looking forward to being a civilian again, but it didn’t take me long to miss my military life and the camaraderie of the military “peeps”.

I joined the Air Force because I wanted to be part of something important.  I wanted to be useful.  I wanted to get out of Maine and “see the world”.  When I left for Basic Training, I knew that I was truly leaving my childhood behind and heading out into the world as a self-contained adult.  It was exciting and terrifying.  Basic Training was tough for me at first.  The physical demands were more than anything I’d ever had to endure.  My gosh, we RAN all the time, run here, run there, run, run, run!!  I must have dropped ten pounds and believe me, at that time of my life, dropping ten pounds was significant!  I remember writing home (calls were scheduled and limited), tears dripping on the stationary, as I cried my despair at the horrible decision I had made.

I spent my high school years reading and writing.  Those are pretty sedentary activities.  Being on the move from daybreak to sundown was tough.  I didn’t think I could do it, all the running and all the exercises.  And most terrifying yet…the obstacle course looming ahead.  I just KNEW I was going to fail.  I was the second shortest in our flight.  That meant that when in formation, I was all the way in the back.  The tall, long-legged girls set the pace for all the marching and running that we did.  I had a hell of a time keeping up with them.  My Training Instructor (TI) realized my struggle and was always in my face (literally!). He was short too so he’d stand toe-to-toe with me, spittle flying, as he yelled abuse…I was weak, I was useless, I couldn’t do it, I should just quit.  I was totally demoralized in those first couple weeks.

Basic Training Flight 108

My first few phone calls home were done in tears.  I wanted to prove I was worthy of the military, I didn’t want to be a failure, but I didn’t have any faith in myself.  My mom disagreed.  She’d say, “But you’re doing it, Deborah!  It’s been (x-amount-of-days) and you are still there!”   She’d tell me to not let that mean ole TI win.  She’d bolster me up and I’d get off the phone determined to do what I needed to do to live up to mom’s belief in me.  Let me tell you, those letters from home were my lifeline! Thank God for the support of my friends and family.

As the days passed and I accomplished each task, every push-up, every mile and a half run, every test, every inspection … I found myself walking around with a sense of WORTH.  Putting on that uniform MEANT something.  The military showed me that I could do ANYTHING.  The military showed me how very capable I am.  I learned that I could indeed offer something useful to my country.  I walked straighter, my head held high (not with arrogance, but self-assured and proud…not just of me but of each and every other person who had served in the military).  I felt a connection to them all.  We were a military force of ONE nation under God!

I realized in the last days at Basic Training that the military had tore me down, that weak shell of a person I was, and built me back up into a dedicated, selfless, proud-to-be-serving, STRONG individual.  I was a member of the United States Air Force and I LOVED it.

How long ago those days were.  Another lifetime.  So many things would happen to me in the twenty years that followed.  Lots of drama and heartache and hardships and struggles.  But it was all worth it.

What we do, those of us who have served and are serving, is a selfless thing.  It really is.  Even if we joined for the education benefits or to travel or because there was nothing else to do or for whatever reason, even if it wasn’t just for the right to serve our country, we all ended up doing just that.  We sacrificed and sacrificed and sacrificed.  And you know what?  Most of us were proud to do it.  I know I was.  And so was my husband who served in the Air Force for 28 years (my hero) and my father who served for 30 years in the Army (another hero of mine) and all my other family members who served and are serving (my son-in-law is currently in the Air Force).  It’s a big deal what we did, what those who are still serving are doing.  We are a necessary part of our nations continued existence!!!!

So, God Bless America and every single service member, past and present, who has kept her people living in freedom, enjoying the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!

The first few years in the military, my spiritual focus gave way to other matters.  However, during times of emotional upheaval, it would return in the form of a quest to discover WHY.  Often, when in this phase, I would have some pretty profound dreams. Because I wasn’t sure how the military would react to my beliefs (some of them considered to be on the occult side…i.e palm reading, reincarnation, etc), I kept my convictions on those topics to myself.  But, as time went on, I began to relax my caution a little.  And of course, that led to my first snag.

I was stationed in Italy at the time and going through one of my spiritual awakening phases.  I was having regular communications with my spirit guide (through automatic writing and channeling) and having some really cool dreams!  Curious about them, I began buying all sorts of books on dream interpretation (didn’t have the internet going at this time darn it!).  One day I stopped to chat with a couple girls in the administrative office and we got onto a discussion on dreams.  When I told them I had some dream interpretation books at home, one of the girls asked me to check them and see if I could figure out what her most recent dream might possibly mean.  So I went home at lunch and consulted my books on the issue.  When I returned to work, I stopped by her office to tell her what I learned.  My section chief (my boss’s boss) was present at the time.  He looked busy and didn’t seem to be paying attention to us so we finished our discussion and I headed back to my own duty section.  I walk in the door and there’s a phone call for me.  It’s my section chief.  He wants to see me in his office…now.

I turn around and head for his office.  I see the grim expression on his face and I knew it wasn’t going to be good.  He tells me with obvious disapproval that he overheard my discussion with the admin girls. He then goes on to tell me that dream interpretation is against the bible and I shouldn’t be doing it, especially not at work.  He pulls a bible out of his drawer and hands it to me with a strong suggestion that I read it.  I guess he figured my soul needed saving.  Since this sort of thing was something I had always expected, I didn’t argue with him.  I assured him I would not discuss those matters at work anymore.  He asked if I was going to continue to do so off duty.  I told him that I probably would.  He launched into a diatribe of all the reasons why I should not.  Since the bible says we shouldn’t do that sort of thing then I was obviously committing a sin.  He felt it his duty to help me see the “error of my ways”.  I asked him where in the bible it said that and his reply was to tap the book he had handed me.  “Read that.”  Discussion over.  As I turn to leave, he says, “Don’t ever let me hear you talking about that stuff while on duty.”

Now, the thing that gets me about this is what happened THE VERY NEXT DAY.  I go into work and he’s waiting for me outside his office building.  He waves me inside.  I figured he wanted to know if I’d started reading that bible yet.  But no, that is not why he wanted to speak to me.  It so happens he had a dream the night before which he thought was quite profound and he wanted to tell me about it.  He said he saw Jesus coming towards him out of the clouds and that everyone around him ran away out of fear.  He did not run, however, but dropped to his knees and waited.  He said he felt incredible joy and was sure that Jesus was going to take him away but then he woke up. He stressed how real the dream had seemed and it was obvious he was deeply affected by it.  I listened quietly, wondering the whole time what he was up to?  When he finished telling me about the dream, he looked at me expectantly and says, “What do you think it means?”  I thought, “Trick question.  He’s trying to trap me.”  So I simply shrug and say, “I don’t know and you just told me yesterday that I shouldn’t be trying to interpret dreams anymore.”  He waves his hand as if to cancel out all he’d said the day before.  “Yes,  but this dream was very profound.  I think Jesus is trying to tell me something.  I really would like to know what you think about it.”  So I look at him and I wonder what I’m supposed to do?  Finally I said, “What do you think it means?”  He says, “I think Jesus is trying to tell me that I am on the right track.  That someday I will be with him.”  So I nod.  “Well then, that is probably what it means.”  He smiles.  “Thank you.  And forget about what I said yesterday.”  An about face on the whole “dream interpretation is a sin” belief? How strange.  I walked out of there totally baffled.  To this day, I’m still trying to figure it out.  You know, he continued to tell me his dreams after that.  Life truly is stranger than fiction.

I have found that when I am focused on spiritual stuff, my dreams are pretty interesting.  Thought provoking.  There’s one dream in particular that I really want to share with you because the premise of it could apply to anyone.  I dreamed a close friend and I were sitting in a church (so obviously this was about God).  The church was arranged like an amphitheater with semi-circle rows of red-carpeted stairs facing the pulpit area which was as large as a stage.  The priest, dressed in a purple robe (purple is supposed to denote spirituality) stood in the center of the stage and beckoned for us to come receive communion.  I took this as symbology for accepting God (since that is pretty much what it symbolizes for the Catholics).  Everyone in the room formed a line along the wall farthest from where we were sitting.  My friend and I stood up and I headed for the end of the line.  It took forever to get to that priest.  I remember waiting and waiting for we inched along slowly.  The line circled around to the back of the stage which was crowded with stuff, large crates and whatnot, which we had to climb over.  By the time I reached the priest, I was sweating from the excursion and tired from the long wait.  I accepted my communion and went back to my seat.  My friend was sitting there waiting for me looking refreshed and relaxed.  I asked how she got there ahead of me.  She said, “I didn’t get in that long line like you did.   I just walked right up the center isle and received my communion.”

That dream really made me think.  The conclusion I came to was that it symbolizes how many of us function “as a rule” (and yes, there is always the exception!).  We often follow each other instead of making our own way.  We take the “road most traveled”.  We go through crap, we work hard to “find God” and yet it’s really a pretty simple process.  There’s no need to go through anything.  We can simply approach God on our own.  No bother.  No fuss.  No waiting.  No struggle.  No work.  The dream implies that we’ll all get to the same place eventually … whether we take the long, tough road or the short, easy one.  So which one are you taking? Unfortunately, I’m still on the tough one.

If anyone else has had a profound dream they would like to share, I’d love to hear it! Blessings to you and happy dreaming!

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