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On  the left you see a picture of my next book cover! Just looking at it sends chills down my spine. The story behind that cover is even more spine-tingling!

We will soon enter the glorious month of October and with that, our focus often shifts to all things supernatural, paranormal, macabre and Gothic. This story has it all. I’m pretty proud of it but more than that, it intrigues me every single time I read it. And believe me, as its author, I’ve read it about fifty times…and that’s no joke! I am constantly tweaking it, editing it, clarifying it. But soon, SOON I will be done with that process and I will send it out into the world.

The main premise of the story is based on reincarnation. I got the idea when I read about a group of people who lived in the same small town and discovered they shared a “past life” experience. This discovery was done through a particular field of hypnosis better known as “past life regression”. Through the process of hypnosis, many people are able to dredge up recollections of their past lives. This is possible because hypnosis puts the conscious mind at rest, allowing the subconscious mind to recall the memory. Because we can’t have our past lives interfering with our present one, those memories are buried in the nether regions of your memory banks. I believe those nether regions are within your very Soul…that part of you that knows all there is to know about YOU.

Many believe (as do I) that we have several layers to our individual existence. We have our physical body, our astral body (similar to the physical body but without physical substance…also called the Spirit body), and our Soul body (the true essence of who we really are). All memories of every experience we have, to include our past lives, reside within the Soul body (which resides deep within our subconscious). Another great aspect of our Soul body is that it never loses its connection to the spiritual realm. In fact, the Soul exists in the Spirit Realm and in the Physical one at the same time!

I also believe we are multi-dimensional and are much more complex than anything we can possibly imagine. Unfortunately, we are limited not only by our way of thinking and what we believe but also in what we can imagine. These limitations are placed on us by our own Ego (they CAN be overruled however…just so you know). Speaking of our Ego, it is one of the biggest obstacles we must learn to overcome in order to end our reincarnation cycle (I like to believe that we eventually move on to other activities). It is a major part of our Personality, the person we are when inhabiting a physical body. The Ego is what I consider a necessary evil. We need it to help us function  within the confines of physical existence. In order to do this…live in the physical world and not long for our life in the Spiritual Realm…we are enshrouded with an Ego at birth. During the enshrouding, we forget much of what our Soul self knows. Our personality develops from this Ego and we become who we are as we grow and learn and discover. Basically, we spend the rest of our lives dealing with a very stubborn, very restrictive Ego bondage. And quite honestly, seeking the truth will set you free from it!

Meditation is one way to calm the Ego (which strongly controls the conscious mind) and set it aside. Meditation lulls the Ego into a relaxed state (sort of like a “sleep”). With the Ego out of the way and not in control, you can gain access to your Soul body and thus the memories contained there! In fact, you can even get access to the spiritual realm. Deep prayer is also a form of meditation and that’s why it works. Prayer is focused thought (like meditation) and offers a powerful connection to our Soul which gives us access to the higher echelons of the spiritual realm where limitless power is available. For it is there…in the highest spiritual realms…where infinite power exists.

I do believe there are dark places within the spiritual realms where spirits (Astral bodies) roam in confusion and where dark (evil) intentions take root and grow. These are the lower realms of the Spiritual world and it is there where you find what we call “spirits” (people who are in their Astral body unable, for whatever reason, to move on). My belief is that when our physical body dies, our Astral body separates from it. Now, the Astral body should carry you off to wherever it is you need to go to merge with your Soul (many people probably think of this place as Heaven). BUT, sometimes people don’t move on and merge with their souls. They get stuck in the lower parts of the Spiritual Realm, and what can be really bad about this is that part of their Ego (which isn’t always good) may still be influencing them! The ones who cannot see the light of God (where our Soul resides and where the merger with it takes place) are considered lost souls (though really they are Astral bodies existing in ignorance, negativity and confusion!). Many people think these lost souls are evil. Some are not good, that’s for sure, but some of them are! This is the “place” (sphere of existence) where ghosts dwell. Many people think only evil can exist in the lower realms. But the fact remains they (the evil doers) have a Soul which exists in the higher realms. That’s what I believe anyway. God (spiritualists prefer to call “him Infinite Intelligence) does not create evil Soul bodies and since everyone has a Soul, then none of them, not a single one, are evil. So, the spirits roaming the lower Spiritual regions, they may be bad because of their Egos but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth saving.

God, the great II (Infinite Intelligence), does not interfere with the choices we make (Free Will and all that) unless we ASK for help. Thus we get one of the greatest of all sayings, “ASK and you shall RECEIVE”. BUT (there’s always a “but” isn’t there?) the REST of that statement should be…”Through BELIEF it WILL be done!”

In my two paranormal mystery books BE STILL, MY LOVE and its sequel HIDDEN VOICES, my lead character Tess Schafer, a medium, believes that the Lord’s Prayer is quite powerful and she begins spiritual-contact scenarios (séances for instance) by saying this prayer. The real kicker about this powerful prayer is “Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven”. I mentioned earlier that infinite power resides within the higher spiritual realms (the lower realms are where Astral bodies reside until they go “to the light” and merge with their soul). The spiritual realm in this prayer is “the Kingdom”. When you ASK for something (your WILL  is being made known, “Thy Will be done”), the power of the Kingdom can then be used within the physical realm (Earth) as it is in Heaven (the Kingdom). Pretty cool, huh? I think it’s such an important message that I’ve also included it in NO MATTER WHAT. One of my main characters, Frannie, mentions it when discussing her beliefs (she’s into reincarnation and numerology among other things!).

I believe hauntings occur when a person crosses over (from physical to spiritual existence) and doesn’t “go into the light” (consciously merge with their Soul body). For whatever reason, they remain in their Astral body which is still influenced to a degree by the Ego. The thing about the Astral body is that it can interact with the Physical Realm (thus we have a haunting or contact with “the dead”, depending on the interaction taking place).

In NO MATTER WHAT, Lynn Michaels is the reincarnation of Clara Mallory. Clara haunts the Mallory Estate (where Lynn now lives and where Clara died) because her Astral body is trapped there. She is afraid to move on. Fear is one of the main issues we all must learn to conquer. Our Ego wraps fears around us in many clinging, persistent layers! Conquering fear will release us from the reincarnation cycle. We won’t have to endure life after life getting it all figured out once we do just that…figure it all out. And before you ask, NO, I don’t know what “it all” consists of. I know fear is part of it but it’s more than that. Or maybe it isn’t. See? Told you I didn’t know!

A couple of my “beta readers” (test readers who read my stories before I release them into the public forum) asked me how it was possible for Lynn to be the reincarnation of Clara if Clara still existed. Well, thats where the multi-dimensional part comes into play and the fact that the past, the present and the future actually coexist at the same time. Once something exists, it always exists and thus can be visited many times…time travel works using this premise. Psychics and Sensitives also work within this premise. Some people are born with a special ability (known as Psychic Ability) to recall events either forward or backward in time. Another important aspect of the Spiritual Realm is that there is no space…no distance. Thus, psychics and sensitives can “see” across the globe as easily as they can see right in front of their faces (this is also called Remote Viewing)!

Edgar Cayce had this ability. He was truly amazing. I think Cayce had pretty much learned what he needed to learn by the time he was born into his Edgar Cayce personality. His purpose for coming back to yet another physical life was to help others in their life journey. Every life lived should teach us something, for our Souls are on a mission to learn and experience! Some people are so committed to helping the “blind” (Ego led peeps whose minds are closed to Spiritual matters!) they come back (reincarnate) just to help them. Jesus did that. Lynn does that for herself. She comes back to help release Clara from the bonds of her fear. Is that a cool concept or what! The story just hit me in a flash one night and I tell you, I couldn’t write it down fast enough!

So, now that I’ve rambled on far more than I planned, I’ll just leave it at this for the time being. I’ll be writing more about the different aspects of the NO MATTER WHAT story as time goes on. So, what do you think of the cover? What do you think about when you see the picture? What feelings does it invoke? I really, truly want to know! So, pretty please comment and tell me. Thanks so much!!

Until next time, blessings to all and Peace Out!

I’ve been interested in the paranormal since I was a little girl. Living in a haunted house will do that to you. Weird stuff happens and once you get over the terror of it, you begin to look for understanding. Here’s the thing…I KNOW that house was haunted. Ghosts lived there with us and the older I got, the more I wanted to know WHY. After we moved out of that house, I continued to read up on things but my paranormal experiences sort of cooled off for a bit. My prophetic dreams stopped occurring and though we had a few bizarre events happen in our new house (sink faucet coming on full blast, burners on the gas stove spontaneously lighting, a blender suddenly springing into action), things were relatively quiet. I was mostly involved with reading palms at this point and studying up on how such a thing could be so darned accurate! Ever had your palms read…by a LEGITIMATE palm reader? You should. Your palm is like your personal memoir. Fascinating stuff.

So anyway, life chilled for a bit on the paranormal end but then I joined the Air Force and was sent to Korea for a year. I had to leave my infant son (my first born!) and that was tough. Let me tell you, it was rip-your-heart-0ut TOUGH. I did a lot of drinking when I first got there. Thought it would get my mind off my baby. It didn’t of course. In fact, it made things worse. Then one night I started telling some friends about my living in a haunted house and they wanted to know it all. When I got to the parts about using the Ouija board, they got the bright idea that we should do that. And so my paranormal experiences began to happen again. We had some really interesting conversations on that Ouija. Let me tell you. Now, I know people will say that it’s evil and all that and I suppose it can be. After all, the Ouija opens a door to the other side. One must be responsible when opening doors like that! Unfortunately, not many people take the necessary precautions to ensure no negative entities come through. I’ve always been careful and can proudly say that I’ve not had any negative experiences with the Ouija. It honestly is one of the EASIEST forms of spirit contact. Maybe because people treat it like a game and so they let their guards down, lower their defenses and relaxes the all-protective EGO. When you truly ALLOW spirit contact to happen…it will.

After my year in Korea was over, I reunited with my son…now 18 months old, walking, talking … doing all those things he wasn’t doing when I left him (he stayed with my parents for the year I was away for his dad went to Korea the same time as I did). Upon my return to the States, my husband and I initiated divorce proceedings (they had a saying in Korea that those stationed over there would come back single if they were married, married if they were single and if neither of those applied then they probably became alcoholics … and yes, there were a few exceptions to this rule, I wasn’t one of them).  For awhile it was just me and my son and it was wonderful to reconnect with him. I thought he was pretty fascinating. He talked very well for his age and so we could actually have conversations. One day he comes to me (he’s not yet two remember) and says, “Mommy, where is my wife? I miss her.” And so began a bizarre period of time where my son was obsessed about his life “as a man” and death. One night while tucking him into bed, he looked so very sad and I asked him what was wrong. He says, “I don’t want to die again. I don’t like it.” Can you imagine how I felt during conversations like this? He was only two. What to say? For the next three years, my son continued to talk about things that happened to him “when he was a man”.  When he was four, he started talking about his time in the military as a pilot in the Korean war! Now, I ask you…what would he know about such things? I did not watch war movies and neither did he. We were living in Germany by this time and didn’t even have television! So, because of that, I began to read up on reincarnation. The whole subject totally fascinated me and still does. I even wrote a book in which reincarnation plays a big role (No Matter What which I hope to have published in ebook by October!! Just in time for Halloween!)

My son was three when I remarried and I was pregnant with my second child when we arrived in Germany. My paranormal endeavors went on another hiatus. We came back to the States with three kids…two daughters were born while I was stationed in Germany. As it happened, I went through yet another marriage break-up (do you know how high the divorce rate is with military members!? It’s a tough life). This break-up really devastated me. My first divorce was quite friendly. We didn’t fight, we just didn’t suit as a couple. But my second one…boy, it brought me down to my lowest points. When your life is falling apart, you can cry about it (which I did in excess!) or you can try to pull yourself together and get on with it. This I did eventually do but I went through quite the spiritual reformation while doing it. I needed to know WHY things happened the way they did. I needed to understand why my life was so messed up! Divorce can really damage your sense of self-worth and totally ruin your self-esteem (not to mention the financial devastation which is another whole set of worries!). I hit a critical low period in my life and turned to God for help. I began studying about angels (they are so awesome!!) and I began to truly believe that God takes care of us if we let him. When we try to control things ourselves without God’s help, well, that’s when things go awry. Little miracles began to happen (I’ve blogged about some of it, see God, Money, Faith) My belief factor went up and things got better and better. It was during this time that I discovered Automatic Writing.

Automatic Writing is allowing spirit to speak to you through hand writing. You can also allow them to come through on the keyboard. It’s basically a form of channeling. As I didn’t have a keyboard at the time (home computers hadn’t put in an appearance much at this point), I used a notepad and a pencil. I meditated (another thing I was learning to do!) and then I started writing! Many spirits came through and brought messages that were helpful. I moved from Automatic Writing to channeling a beautiful spirit I called Sheila (yes, I use her in my book Be Still, My Love and in its sequel Hidden Voices which will be out soon!). I didn’t use a pen and paper with her, I just allowed her to speak through me. I was remarried by this time and my new husband was quite involved with this process. We were both fascinated by Sheila and the things she told us. I had some really amazing experiences with her. Now, I have to tell you that I often questioned these experiences and wondered if it were all coming from my imagination. But I also have to tell you that while Sheila was speaking, I was thinking all sorts of things…ever try to talk and say one thing while having a completely different conversation go on in your head at the same time? This happened quite a bit because I often speculated on the things Sheila shared. Half the time I missed what she was saying because I was busying trying to counter something else she’d said! (we taped every session so I wouldn’t miss out on anything). It was an eye-opening experience and all of it was getting me more and more involved in the world of the paranormal.

Then this marriage went really bad. I can’t say what happened, it’s all so very personal but I will say that I didn’t really know the man I married. Looking back on it, I don’t regret a thing, no matter how bad it got, because it has all led me to where I am now and I like where I am. I wouldn’t change it for anything. Though I wish my kids hadn’t had to go through all that crap too. Life lessons are HARD! For awhile I was mad at God and even the poor angels. I couldn’t understand  how they would let things get so bad. After all the prophetic dreams, all the channeling work, the messages from spirit…WHY did this crap have to happen? Once that marriage ended, my life began to really turn around. It’s been all up hill from there, I’m happy to report! I found the man of my dreams and he’s very understanding about my paranormal interests. He’s also very supportive of my writing and he’s been the BEST father to our kids.

They say that the third time is the charm…for me it took four. But what a CHARM it is! When I started work again on my paranormal thriller “No Matter What”, I began to get more involved with the paranormal world.  Although I had dabbled some with the Tarot cards, I didn’t really get involved with them until I started work on this story. One of my characters was a Tarot reader and I wanted to understand more about it (so my character would sound legitimate) and suddenly I became fascinated with them. They really are quite amazing. I also began to study Numerology (another thing the character in my story liked to do!). Again…the way these things work in our lives is truly amazing!!

When our military careers came to a close (my husband did 28 years and I did 20) and we retired, I figured I’d have more time to write. Not so. We got busy running a small campground which we thought would make a great retirement plan and I found myself too busy to write. But, I did continue with the Tarot cards, palm reading and Numerology studies! When we finally decided to close the campground (it’s a tough world when it comes to running your own business!!!), I found myself having more time to write. I began to edit No Matter What and then I found the Spiritualist church! When family members who have passed on into the great hereafter came through during the “messages from spirit” part of the service, I knew this was the church for me. I signed up for their mediumship class, went on ghost hunting adventures and learned about table tipping! This is yet another form of spirit contact. You simply put your hands flat on the top of a table (must be evenly proportioned…round or square) and invite spirits to come through and and talk to you by “tipping the table”. What fun we’ve had with this!! Table tipping is truly an adventure in the paranormal. We’ve gotten the table to spin, walk or slide across the floor, tip nearly to the floor (without falling!) and rock back and forth. A few times we’ve had the table tip up (usually onto two legs) and then stay there. No matter how hard we tried to get it to fall back onto its legs, we couldn’t do it! Truly…is that fascinating or what?

I’ve had tons of experiences, too many to mention, and they have all led me to the interests I now have. These interests come through in my writing. People write to me and ask me if I am Tess Schafer (the main character of Be Still, My Love) and I guess I have to say yes, to some degree. She has a lot of me in her. But she’s better! A better medium anyway. I love to make up stories. It’s natural to make up stories that involve things that interest me. The paranormal has interested me most of my life and that is why I write about it. I also love to read about it! What about you? Do you like to read about the paranormal? Why? Do you write about it? Share with us your books if you do! Share your stories or your blogs. The people who come to this blog do so because of the paranormal content (right?) so if you’ve something to share, please do!!

Until next time, blessings to all and Peace Out!

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A few days ago I published a blog post about Fortune Telling.  I’ve never particularly liked that term, however, so henceforth I shall refer to such crafts as Divination.  Why?  Because we are divine beings and our lives are divine productions.  That does not, however, mean that everything we intended to happen to us once we entered earthly existence is destined to occur.  Life is nothing if not a chance to experience infinite possibilities.  I think we all have a “life plan” (mapped out before birth) when we arrive into the earth plane and begin our “incarnation” (such an appropriate word here…more encompassing than “life”), but I also believe those plans often change as life commences.  It happens when you plan a trip as well.  Things happen: you change your mind, you add a side-trip, you feel compelled to try something, delete something or explore something.  Every decision you make changes the course of your life.  Every single one…no matter how big or small the decision.  Some of those decisions were probably destined to occur, but not all.  I think, in order to try and stay on course with our life plan, we placed ourselves in situations that would lead us along the road we hoped to travel.  I just can’t see how we were a random mix of genes and born without purpose.  God, surely, is infinitely more intelligent than to create us without some divine reason or care for our continued existence?  So anyway, we placed within ourselves certain tendencies…likes, dislikes, curiosities, talents, temperament…the list is endless, but basically it entails every aspect of the person we are and become.  This is why astrology works.  Our birth date and time were no accident or chance event.  To ensure we had some of the tendencies related to particular astrological influence (astrology being a needed aspect of life designed to help us stay on course), our birth was certainly a most divine occurrence, meant to happen at that precise moment that it did!

Now, this divine plan of ours to experience life for whatever reason we chose to enter it, was all placed there in our hands.  It is, in all respects, our life map.  Now, as I said earlier, decisions we make changes our plan to a degree (we have Free Will after all to follow the plan or not, though I don’t think any of us stray far).  Maybe we thought we could handle a heap of negative crap in our life (for whatever strange reason we felt we needed to experience such things) but now that we are actually living it…not so much.  So, we decide we’ve had enough abuse and make decisions that lead us from a situation we no longer desire to experience.  But…you know what?  We learned something important when we made that decision!  We learned that we can decide to change our life and then make it happen.  Maybe that was the plan all along?  Maybe that was something we needed to learn?  Or maybe not.  One way to find out is to look at our hands!

When I do a reading, I look at both hands.  I always ask if the person is left-handed or right-handed because the dominant hand is the hand that is guiding the life being led.  The non-dominant hand shows the life you INTENDED to lead.  Now, if you look at your palms, you should notice that the lines are quite different in each of them.  That shows how differently things are going now, from what you expected would happen when you were first born.  If the lines in your hands are similar, then you are following your life plan quite closely (a rarity, let me tell you, and I’ve read countless thousands of hands).  Now, sometimes it’s a great thing to not be following the life plan because I think as Spiritual Beings we are all gung ho about entering life and experiencing “it all”.  But lets face it, life is hard…and a lot of the difficulties we encounter have to do with our emotions.  For example, what if you hoped to be a great hunter when you were born but a tendency to care for innocent creatures tugged at your heart every time you killed an animal until finally you couldn’t do it anymore?

Now, if you want to just “wing it” through life (most of us do!), then don’t worry about what your hands have to tell you.  But, if you are curious as to what you expected to experience in life, then go have your hands read!  I said in my last post that I’d share some palm reading experiences with you, just a couple or so that stand out for me, and I will.

I have always found it most interesting that the number one thing everyone wants to know when they first stick their hand out is this…when are they going to get married? Or, if they are married already, how many kids are they going to have? (here I’ll admit that I’m not very good in that department…it’s very hard to interpret the children lines).  The next thing absolutely everyone wants to know (probably because I don’t know any super wealthy people) is if they are ever going to get rich?  As for that answer…well, it’s all in how you look at it.  I told someone once that I saw that they were going to come into a pretty considerable sum of money though I couldn’t say how much.  They won a law suit and though I don’t know how much they got, they bought a lot of expensive things and went on lots of trips and lived quite well for awhile.  They spent all the money and then came back to me and wanted to know when they were going to get this large sum of money!! True story.

The one thing everyone is fearful of learning is how long they are going to live.  Not that I’m going to answer that.  Not exactly.  Everyone has the potential to live very long lives…it’s up to you in the end…really.  God is not going to snatch you away without your consent (Free Will!) and though many of you will argue that is most certainly not true, I beg to differ.  The thing is…”death” is looked upon quite differently to our Soul Self than it is to the person we are in physical life.  So, when a time arrives in our lives where death might occur…our Soul is probably all for it while our present personality (the conscious being that we are in physical life) isn’t quite so persuaded.  As much as we might want to return to our spiritual “life”, our Soul Self knows if it’s time to let go of physical life or if we should stay a bit longer.  WE make the decision…not God.  This is probably very hard for many to accept and I understand that.  Certainly you may not agree and I accept that as well.  Our beliefs are a product of experiences thus far.  This is what I believe anyway, right or wrong.  Who really knows?  We’ll learn the truth when death to the body finally occurs.  What I find interesting is that one hand will sometimes show an earlier death than the other.  This is because of life choices made.  Maybe you were destined for lung cancer but quit smoking and ended up living longer?  In this scenario, one hand will show that you initially figured you’d smoke yourself to death for whatever reason and the other hand will show that you no longer thought this a good plan and stopped.  Lines change.  Hand readings need to be updated every few years because our lives often change.  Why?  Because many of us “live and learn” and adjust our decisions and beliefs accordingly.

When I first started reading palms, I really thought of it as nothing more than a fun activity to do.  Like playing around with a Magic Eight Ball.  But when I started seeing things in the palm that actually had occurred or ended up occurring, I began to realize that this was not a game.  The most profound reading I did that affected me early on involved a couple I was quite close to.  I was a senior in high school at the time and had been reading palms since my Freshman year.  I babysat for this couple quite a bit and I admired their relationship immensely.  I told myself that when I finally got married, I wanted the kind of marriage they had.  I looked up to them in every way there is to look up to them.  I thought he was the best husband and father and she was the best wife and mother.  Then I read her hand.  It clearly showed that her marriage would end and end soon.  I didn’t believe it.  I COULDN’T believe it.  This was my ideal couple.  They were PERFECT.  Their love was unshakable.  They had known each other most of their lives…grew up together, were best friends, married out of high school.  They had two great kids.  The perfect life…the life I wanted for myself someday.  I surely figured her palms were wrong and decided then and there that palm reading wasn’t so accurate after all.  Of course I didn’t tell her what I saw.  I read all the great lines, told her all the positive stuff and ignored that divorce indication (which was present in both hands, making it more worrisome for me!).  So sure was I that it was wrong, I was not about to tell her she was going to suffer a terrible break up…her heartline and headline both indicated much turmoil.  Although her palm showed her getting through it all just fine, I couldn’t accept the negative implications.  I actually stopped reading palms for a while after this.  So anyway…a year later, she found out her husband was having an affair and he left her.  My heart broke right along with hers.  My dream of the perfect marriage…shattered.  And the realization that I saw it all in her palm…a bolt of lightening couldn’t have had a stronger effect on me!  And by the way, she did come out of it all just fine…eventually.  I still admire her immensely!  She’s an amazing woman…her palm wasn’t wrong about that!  Should I have told her what I saw?  I don’t think so.  First, she wouldn’t have believed me and second, she would have worried over it.  Would it have made her realize that something was going on sooner? Could she have stopped the affair before it began if I’d said something to warn her?  I won’t ever know the answers to that.  It’s tough decisions I have to make when I read hands and see difficult paths ahead.

Another palm reading that had quite a profound effect on me was one I did of another close friend.  Her hand indicated a health issue (she was quite healthy at the time, only in her twenties).  I couldn’t tell her what the health issue was (if I were a better palm reader, I could have) but I told her that it was going to be serious and would require hospitalization.  I also told her she was going to get through it…as indicated on one hand.  The other hand showed that she would not live much into her thirties.  I took this as a personal choice she would have to make.  Stay and fight or go with the plan.  Because it seemed to me, for whatever reason, the earlier death was her life plan (it was in the non-dominant hand).  Her other hand was iffy…the lines faded, broke or overlapped where the illness occurred.  It takes a lot of training and skill to read palms…I learned from doing…from reading thousands of palms.  It seemed to be a calling of mine…I just picked it up quite easily.  Maybe I was a gypsy in a past life?  Hmmmm….  So anyway, I figured I needed to warn her of this illness and then press home to her that she could overcome it.  Because the reading scared her and she started to cry, I immediately did my best to reassure her that she was merely getting a warning so she could prevent this thing from happening.  I truly believed that.  It’s this stuff that makes me reluctant to read hands!  Of course I want to look at a person’s palm and say, “Oh my! You are going to have the best marriage and perfect kids and lots of money and fame and joy and love and…” You get the picture.  Life, we know, doesn’t normally happen that way. (sigh).  So, anyway, my friend kept this reading in mind and when not a year later she began to have health issues (I told her that it all would be happening within a year or two at the most), she remembered what I told her and went immediately to a doctor.  She found a lump in her breast.  The doctor told her it was nothing to worry about.  The lump got bigger.  She went to another doctor who also told her that it was nothing to worry about.  She wrote me an email and said, “Deb, I know something isn’t right.  I remember what you said, that I’d have a health issue and I’m determined to find out what it is and fix it.”  She went to another doctor.  Stage four breast cancer.  She had a mastectomy, endured chemo treatments and lived another five years.  After her mastectomy, she wanted me to read an update in her palm and I could not bring myself to do it.  She understood.  Would we have got those five years of extra life if she hadn’t been so persistent to find out what was wrong with her because of a palm reading I’d done?  I wonder.  Should I have read her hand again?  I wonder that too.

It’s the toughest thing in the world to encounter a situation where someone thrusts their hands before you and demands you tell them how long they are going to live.  Some really want to know while a good many others do not. One night, during my Junior year of high school (I’d been reading palms since my Freshman year), I had a close friend of mine come to my house with her boyfriend.  They were so serious and earnest as they looked at me.  He had been diagnosed with Leukemia and was in remission.  They wanted to know if the disease was going to return and if so, how long did he have to live?  Yeah, this is the kind of awful pressure put on people who do things like palm readings and the like.  When I refused to read his hand, he looked me in the eye and said, “I NEED to know, Deb.  I have things to plan if I’m not going to live very long.  I can handle the truth.”  They both pleaded with me until I gave in…with much reluctance.  I remember my heart pounding furiously as he put his palms out before me.  I think he could tell what I saw from reading my face (I’ve since learned to keep a very good poker face when reading palms).  “How long do I have?”  He asked.  I’m a great believer in self-fulfilling prophesy…tell someone or yourself something that is truly believed to happen and it WILL happen.  If I told him he only had a few years to live, would he only have a few years to live because I told him so?  If I told him he would live a long life…would he because I told him so?  What an awful dilemma.  Knowledge comes with much responsibility.  I told him what I saw because I felt he deserved the truth.  His palms indicated that he would get sick again in a few years.  I told him that it was up to him if he wanted to stay and fight or give up and join God.  Though they were only in high school, they decided to have a child together before he lost the ability to procreate.  They had a son.  He was three when he lost his daddy.  Not to the disease but to complications rising from it.  One great thing, though…he left behind a child, one that brought my dear friend great comfort after his passing.

The tough readings are always the ones that stand out.  The great ones not so much.  Why is that I wonder?  Certainly tragedy has a greater impact on us than successes.  And truly, there are a great many success stories…wonderful stories.  I told someone that I saw a possible accident and that she needed to be very careful and vigilant over the next couple years.  Get through these next two years and your other palm indicates a great accident free life!  She kept that warning to heart and managed to avoid a serious car collision because of her caution.  She’s convinced that she would have been involved and died in that crash if she hadn’t been more careful and she was being careful because of what I told her.  Who knows if that is the case or not?

It’s hard for me to read hands of people I love and stay impartial.  I might see a line indicating something I don’t like and ignore it or find another line to dispute it.  I did this with my ex-husband.  His lines indicated that he would have affairs.  I did not want to believe he would do something like that to me and so I chose not to accept the reading.  Surely the lines were wrong.  Although there were other indications that he could not be trusted, that he liked to tell stories and had a great talent for it, I still chose to ignore the warnings.  What a painful breakup that was when the truth all finally came to light.  I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to kick myself for not taking heed.  I saw it in his hand before we married…I should have known better.  But I was also determined that I could change it…I would be such a great wife he wouldn’t want anyone else.  We cannot, no matter how hard we try, control another person’s life.  I had two choices.  Accept him and his affairs or not.  I chose not.

I’ve found talents revealed in the hand that I never would have expected of that person.  “Do you write?” I might ask someone whose palms indicate as much though they have never indicated or shown an interest in it and they would look at me in surprise.  “Yes, how do you know?”  (wish I had a dime for every time I heard THAT question!).  “Your hand shows you’ve a talent for it.  You should pursue that!”  I love giving those sorts of messages and encouragements!  “Do you like to help sick people?” (I ask this when I see what I call “nurse or sympathy” lines).  “Yes, I love helping people!”  And to this I would say, “Well, you’d make a great nurse or doctor!”  And they do!

I’ve been writing since I was old enough to think up stories.  You can’t even begin to guess how many times I look at my palms trying to determine if there is a best-seller in my future! (smile)  I can’t read my own hands.  I’m just not impartial enough.  I know I’ve a talent for writing…my pinky finger tells me so!  I know that it’s an obsession with me so it must be a “calling” but as for my success with it…I guess I’ll have to see if those lines mean what I think they do or if I’m just wishing for something that isn’t there.  We’ll see.  Time will tell.  I’ve got to find me a good palmist and find out.  I’ve never been very good with patience…and THAT is clear to read in my hand even for me!!

Okay, I’m done for now.  Thanks for stopping by and reading my ramblings!! Blessings to all and Peace Out!

A lot of people believe in ghosts, spirits, life after death … and a lot of people don’t.  For those who don’t , not sure why you are here but welcome!  For those who do believe, here are a few signs to help you know when someone of the netherworld (better known as “the other side”) is nearby.  For the non-believers, you believe whatever you want about them.  The fact is, our beliefs change nothing but our actions and reactions to these matters.  In the end, it is what it is. If I’m wrong with my beliefs … well, then I’m wrong.  No harm done.  But if I’m right, well now we’ve got something to talk about!

So, here are a few signs to give you a clue that maybe someone’s around who isn’t in their physical body anymore because they’ve passed on into their spirit body (I really hate calling them “dead” people).

1.  You get a sudden “feeling” you aren’t alone.  The fact is, we are beings of energy and energy can detect other energy.  When you get a sudden “feeling” about something, you are tapping into another’s energy field!

2.  A sudden drop in temperature with no logical explanation. You are in a room that’s comfortably warm, and then suddenly it’s not.  No one really knows why there is a drop in temperature when spirits are around.  It doesn’t always happen.  Mediums can give readings without this phenomena occurring.  My theory on that is that the spirit the medium is communicating with is not actually there in the room, the medium is working on another plane and pulling the communications into this one.   Some think that a spirit entity has to draw on energy to manifest into our physical world.  But I’m wondering if it might be something else causing the flux in energy that occurs when spirit activity is strong.  Our spiritual form is energy that is not bogged down with the lower vibration (slower energy) of physical matter (our bodies).  Our spiritual form is energy at a higher rate of movement (which is why we can’t see them…the faster something moves, the least capable we are of seeing it).  If an energy form is nearby that is moving at such a high rate of speed, would it not draw lower forms of energy to it?  Heat for example.  Just a theory but sounds logical to me!

3.  A cold spot in a room that isn’t anywhere near a window, door or other opening and cannot be explained away because a fan is nearby or whatever.  The cold spot is concentrated and usually has warm air around it.  I’m not sure why entities create cold spots instead of temperature drops in the entire area but it happens.  It might be that they are concentrating their energy, keeping it close.  I think it’s possible when they are in this “tight” form of energy, that’s when orbs can be caught on film.  Lots of people like to dismiss orbs as having nothing to do with spirits but, again, this is an area that cannot be definitely defined (not yet anyway) so it’s all a matter of faith and belief.

4. The little hairs on the back of your neck seem to stand on end.  All the nerves in the body pass through the spine and the most sensitive area along the spine is the neck, where all the nerves come together going to and coming from the brain.  Our ethereal body is connected to our physical body and the physical reactions we get concerning spiritual matters is coming from the ethereal body (which is where our soul presides).

5.  Goosebumps break out on your arms for no apparent reason.  This goes along with the above result.

6.  Light bulbs blow often.  Haunted houses go through a lot of light bulbs!  I think it’s the energy draw that the spirits create and it simply overpowers the fragile structure of the light bulb’s light mechanism.  The least little power flux can blow a light bulb.

7.  Electrical stuff goes haywire. For the same reasons as the light bulbs blowing.  Energy affects energy and active spirits really cause a great stir in the energy field.

8.  Your dog starts following something around the room with its eyes.  It might even growl low in its throat or start whining.  Their eyes and ears can see and detect things that our eyes and ears cannot.

9.  Your cat  scatters for cover, hunches its back, hisses at nothing, growls low in its throat.  Cats are in the same category as dogs though they are a lot more skittish about it.

10.  You hear a knock or several.  Knocking seems to be a relatively common form of communication with spirits.  They are, after all, trying to get your attention!

11.  You think you hear someone call your name.  If a spirit concentrates on us, eventually we’ll pick it up if we are in a quiet, receptive frame of mind.

12.  A sudden smell assaults your nose…good or bad.  Now on this one, I have no clue why we can detect odors.  But it is a common occurrence.  Often, if the spirit is a negative one, the smell is bad.  The good smells are usually smells that you associate with the spirit.  For instance, let’s say one of your loved ones who has passed on used to smoke Cherry tobacco in his pipe, if he were around, you might get the smell of cherry tobacco.

There are other things that might occur but these are the most common.  If you know of any, share them!  Have you experienced any of these?  It’s all pretty fascinating, really.  I love it that death isn’t the end and that communication can still occur with loved ones who have passed on.  What a mysterious world we live in.  Blessings to all and Peace out!

And now I’ll include a shameless plug for my books! (smile) I put it here at the end so you don’t have to bother with it if you don’t want to!! I’ve published five books so far. All of them are fictional but contain information I’ve learned over the years. I drew from my own experiences in some instances and use the knowledge I’ve gained to help my characters deal with spirit activity. The first four books are a series though all are stand-alone stories. They are about a medium and her interactions with ghosts. The fifth book…No Matter What is based on the concept of reincarnation and how past life actions can affect current life situations! One word of warning…the characters believe in God and thus that Infinite Intelligence factors quite heavily in the scheme of things. Some people don’t believe God has a place in paranormal “horror” stories. Well, not so with these books. Peace!

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Is the number 13 unlucky?  No.  Of course not.  Well, yes, it is.  Although, in either case, not so much in the end.  Huh? you ask.  Well, the number 13 represents change and for something to change, something must first end.  Out with the old and in with the new…that sort of thing.  Unfortunately, the ending of something can be stressful, fretful, sad, devastating or annoying.  It can also be a cause for celebration.  So, if the number 13 represents change, and we view some changes as good and some changes as bad, then the number 13 is only lucky SOME of the time.  Right?  Well….no.  I say this because I truly believe that all things turn out right in the end.  If it isn’t right, well, it’s not the end!  That’s my motto and I have to remind myself of it often for I, too, get caught up in the drama of changes that don’t seem so good.

The stigma of “unlucky 13” is a tough one to overcome.  Because of the superstition behind this magical number, hotels, motels, campgrounds, elevators, etc. all avoid it.  I say this: If you BELIEVE that the number 13 is unlucky, well, it can appear to be so.  If you BELIEVE that the number 13 is lucky, well then it will appear to be so.  (KEY word in both instances: APPEAR)  Our beliefs have a lot to do with everything but putting beliefs aside, the vibratory power of the number 13 is all about change … death, rebirth, reincarnation.  Now, as for one’s beliefs, well they help to fuel the number’s vibration…make it stronger or weaker.  BUT, beliefs do not change the essential property of the number’s vibration.  So…what the heck is a vibration?  How does a number “vibrate” you might ask?  A tough question to answer.  But I’ll give it a shot.

Every single thing in existence … seen and unseen (dreams and thoughts can’t be seen – with the physical eyes anyway – but they exist just the same!) come into existence through the energy source of God.  Or the Supreme Intelligence…or whatever you want to call it.  As I view God as representing “all that is”, I call this energy SOURCE God.  Energy is motion.  Motion means movement and movement means vibration!  Now, everything has a vibratory level.  Low level vibration (slower speeds) are considered things in our world to be of solid mass.  Things which operate at faster speeds have less “mass” to them … they aren’t quite so solid (steam for instance!).  And if something is REALLY going fast…there is no solidarity to that thing at all (sound, for example, can be heard at slower speeds but the higher pitch the sound, the faster it’s vibration, the less we can hear it!).  Thoughts exist in high frequency (high speed, high vibration).  Thus, you can’t see them with your eyes even though you are aware of them.  If something has a name or is observed … it exists.  If it exists, it has an energy source attached to it.  If it has an energy source, it has a purpose for being.  So, when I say that something has a “vibratory meaning attached to it” that’s what I’m talking about.

Numbers exist, even if that existence is abstract.  Numbers also have developed “properties” (energy influences).  Huh, you ask?  (see, I TOLD you this was going to be hard to explain!)  Energy is influenced by many things.  In our world, believe it or not, energy is influenced by human emotion!! Don’t believe me?  Ever walk into a room and notice the energy is high or low?  People are either excited or subdued.  They are sharing energy that becomes more powerful the more it is shared.  Someone with a strong personality (strong energy) can come into a room full of people who have low energy and energize that room!  That’s how riots get out of hand.  Anger is a strong energy and it can overpower less excited energy such as passivity.  People can become incited with a strong energy source near them and this can escalate into a frenzy!  People involved in an emotional event that got out of control will often say, “I don’t know what came over me! I never act like that!!”  Energy is a powerful thing.

When numbers first started coming into being … everything in our world has a beginning … their energy began to take on the properties (emotions) that was attached to their creation.  I could go on forever with this, check out Numerology books if the subject interests you!! It’s fascinating reading.  Really.  But anyway.  I read somewhere that the ancients claim that “he who understands how to use the number 13 will be given power and dominion.”  Pretty powerful statement.  But why would they believe this?  A quickie numerological view of numbers 1 and 3 and their value added together 4 (numerology deals with the properties of numbers) might help explain their thinking on this issue.  The number one: represents creativity … the originating action of all numbers (the Father of numbers…God).  The number three: Embodies the holy trinity of body, mind, and spirit.  The number four:  Represents the individualist, originality, inventiveness and tolerance.  Take the properties of one, add the properties of three and you sort of see how four comes into being!  And if you consider all these aspects…the number 13 is pretty fascinating!

As I said, 13 represents change.  Change can cause upheaval but this is necessary for new ground to be broken!  This is a powerful number.  Your attitude, beliefs and emotion will fuel the properties of the number 13 to work for or against you.  Let’s face it.  If you view something as bad, it’s going to be bad no matter what anyone says about it.  That puts a negative spin on poor misunderstood number 13.  If you view something as positive, well things are all hunky-dory aren’t they?  Choose to find the positive in change and more of the same will come to you!

Since I strongly believe in the positive properties of this number, I use the 13 whenever possible.  My husband and I, for example, were married on the 13th!  We began a new life together – what a great change for us!!!  Interestingly enough, my book was finally published on the 13th!!  I was really excited about that.  Two of my granddaughters were born on the 13th!  A blessing to be sure.

So now that I’ve got your brain pounding with confusion, I’ll let the subject rest.  My job is done. (smile)  Sharing knowledge is wonderful and the world wide web sure helps, doesn’t it?  Of course, not all things shared are good but that’s up for another discussion!!  May you experience great new beginnings of many wonderful things as the new year moves along!  May some of them get initiated on good ole Friday the 13th !!

Everyone dies eventually.  What happens after that is anyone’s guess.  And the guesses are quite varied!  We have people who believe nothing happens because dead is dead, we have people who believe we will go to either Heaven or Hell, still others believe we will enter Purgatory (to account for sins that aren’t lethal enough to warrant going to Hell but must be atoned for before going on to Heaven).  Some people believe we enter a sort of suspended animation as we await the coming of Christ.  I think the premise of this belief is that those who died before this wondrous event occurs will rise up again and live in glory with the savior (at least those who are DESERVING will do so, all others, of course are burning in Hell).  Still others believe that peoples’ spirits can become trapped here (on Earth) for various reasons (untimely death, violent death, unfinished business, etc.).  These people are commonly referred to as ghosts.  I call them spirits.  There’s a difference (in my book anyway) between the two.  Ghosts are but echoes of energy left behind by a person or animal (energy that was super-charged by a strong emotion most likely).  Emotion fuels energy and that energy can become imprinted on an object or an area.  Since energy cannot be destroyed, it lasts forever.  Thus, ghostly hauntings that are centuries old! Since physicists believe the past, present, and future exist simultaneously, then time is of no consequence.  An event that happened centuries ago, is actually happening now and so the energy remains strong!  I know, it can hurt your brain thinking about all this.  Spirits, on the other hand, are people in their spiritual form whose physical bodies have died.  These spirits, however, have not moved on to Heaven or Hell or wherever it is they are supposed to go.  These are the “ghosts” that can communicate with the living.

There’s still another guess on what happens to us when we die and it’s called reincarnation.  The belief on this one is that after we die, we might spend a bit of time in the “hereafter” (reviewing our life maybe?  There’s a rather interesting movie about this idea, actually, called “Defending Your Life“, a favorite of mine) and then we come back, we are reborn!  And we get to live another life as a whole new person (hopefully we learned enough to warrant a better life than the last!).  This is the belief that I share in.  But I also think the other beliefs have some merit.  Let me explain.

One of the above has to be the right answer, yes?  How about all of them?  If our beliefs are what drives the vehicle of our soul, then our beliefs will determine our after death experience.  If I’m wrong, well, no harm done, I’ll eventually learn the truth (yeah for me!) or I will become nothing (bummer).  I suppose some might even say I’m off to Hell (big time bummer!!) Here’s the thing, I believe we are Beings of Spirit, part of God – the Spirit of ALL that exists.  Spiritual Beings cannot become nothing.  It’s a scientific fact that our bodies are made up of charged particles of energy.  And as I’ve already mentioned, energy cannot be destroyed.  Ever.  As for Hell, well I have some ideas on that too.

I just do not believe that a child of God (you and me!) will go directly to Hell for eternity (key word here is “eternity”) after one measly ole life in which we ended up committing various sins.  The odds aren’t good, folks, that we’re going to live a worthy enough life to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  I mean, really.  Aren’t we all “born sinners”?  Aren’t we HUMAN?  And to “err” is human, right?  Is our loving Father really going to send us to Hell for a few mistakes, some of which we might not even have known were mistakes? (some people believe that ignorance is not an excuse!!)  Surely not!  No matter how deserving some people might be for a fate like that!  I know, I KNOW!!  Some of you are saying, “But evil people deserve to go there!”  However much we may believe that (no crime deserves to go unpunished), I just can’t see a loving God sending one of its own off into an eternity in Hell.

Some people are born into a life of crime, it’s all they know, how they were raised, was all they were taught.  Is it fair that they should head off to Hell FOREVER because of the unfortunate circumstance of their birth?  Just bear with me a moment on this.  Consider that even the most hated of people had someone who loved them.  If someone loved them and that someone is part of God (because we are all “sons and daughters” of God), then surely God loves them too?  Even as we enraged Americans might wish someone like Bin Laden an eternity in Hell, the fact is, even he had people who loved him.  Those people who loved him are not going to wish him an eternity in Hell, even if they might not agree with what he did.  Those that hate him (just to be clear here, God does not hate…HUMANS hate) believe that is just what he deserves.  Who is right? Of course those whose lives he wrecked, they are going to think they are justified to believe in his eternal damnation but just as equally, those who loved him believe he did what had to be done (please understand, I am NOT defending that man! I am horrified by his actions and life choices).  And as for those who stand in his corner, I’m sure there are many who will say they are all in the wrong too and should join him in Hell as soon as their lives have ended! But the Bin Laden supporters, they believe otherwise.  They believe what they do because that is how they were raised.  That is the environment they are living in.  I am sure to their way of thinking, we (those whom apposed Bin Laden) are the evil ones.  So again, those poor misled people are all victims of circumstance (or we are depending on whose side your on!).   Are they not worth another chance, another life circumstance so that they may learn differently? Reincarnation offers that chance.

There are good people who have loved “monsters”, those who committed heinous crimes, and although those good people were sick with disgust for the crimes committed, they still loved the person who committed them.  If that person is loved by even ONE other, and God is love, then doesn’t that mean that God loves that person too?  If so, how can God then send that person off to Hell without any chance of redemption?  Love, in its true sense of the word, just isn’t going to allow something like that to happen.  Seriously.  Do you know how long an eternity is?  There’s no end.

Now, I’m not saying Hell doesn’t exist.  Evil exists (it’s an undeniable fact) and on the spiritual side of life, beings of evil (demons, for example) flourish in that awful place known to us as Hell.  Let me also clarify that demons are not in the same category as we “human” souls.  People…extensions of God…you and me…we are the ones whom I believe will not be sent directly to Hell for all eternity without being given a chance to redeem ourselves (reincarnation).  For those who believe otherwise, well they’ll experience what they believe they will experience.  If they think they will be off to Hell then off to hell they go (but not really, they will enter into a state of hell that they believe exists, and there they stay until rescued).  By whom?  Well, I believe God’s angels are on the look out for these “lost souls” and will help them out of their misery.  Then, it’s off to a new life where maybe they’ll learn a little more truth on the whole process!

Another question.  What about all the prisoners who spent the rest of their lives in jail, paying the price for their sins?  Do they get off going to Hell for good behavior or time served?  Some might answer with: “Well, if they are sorry for what they did and have asked God to forgive them, then no, they don’t go to hell. The others, though, they are toast!”  From a loving perspective (through God’s eyes) is this really fair?

The other thing that gets me is this:  If an evil doer, let’s say a mass murderer, realizes in the last moments of his life that what he’s done is awful and asks for forgiveness, the general belief is that he will not go to Hell.  So, he just gets away with it?  All that murdering and in the last moments of life says, “Sorry, please forgive me” and it’s a done deal?  He skips merrily into heaven?  Or maybe he hangs out in purgatory for awhile before skipping merrily into heaven?  In the end, he’s still going to heaven.  And he killed masses of people.  How fair is that?

Now, given the example above, the murderers that die without asking for forgiveness, they must, according to typical Christian belief, head directly to Hell.  Only, I am willing to bet that in their death, some of them are going to see the error or their ways, be truly horrified and ask God for forgiveness.  Who’s to say that can’t happen?  We are back here in the land of the living thinking happy thoughts that a monster is now burning in Hell when in reality he’s seeing the error of his ways and wants to make up for it somehow.  Enter reincarnation.  I honestly think this is the best system of fairness to all.

I know this much.  As a parent of three biological children and step-mother to four, I would never send one of my kids off to Hell no matter what they did.  Even if they committed evil deeds.  I’m going to hate the evil deeds and be sick to death that they did something awful, but I’m not going to stop loving the child I remember and the person I know they are despite the deeds they’ve done.  If I, a lesser being than God, cannot do it, then how is God, unmotivated by human emotion and functioning only on Love…how is God going to do it?  Makes no sense.  If my choices for my naughty child are: an eternity in hell OR a new life in which said child gets a chance to redeem him or herself…well, as the loving parent, I want to give them another chance! I would never forgive myself if I sent my child to an eternity in Hell without giving them the opportunity to learn the error of their ways.  Even Jesus, as he hung from the cross, had only loving thoughts for those who put him there, “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do”!!

I hear these laments over and over again: “Life isn’t fair”, “It’s not fair”, “How unfair” … well, folks, reincarnation makes it all fair.  It levels the field, gives us all a chance no matter our circumstances of birth.  Everyone deserves a fair chance to earn their entry into Heaven.  So, if reincarnation is a fact of life, and we come back to earth, reborn as a new person with new possibilities, then we need to be thankful for this new chance, REJOICE in it, make the best of it!!  Those who fail (the “sinners”), they gotta come back again until they learn to live a sin-free life.  Hopefully.  Can some people choose the low road each and every time and become evil?  I wonder.  Those who manage to “see the light” of God and live a sinless life, they don’t have to come back.  They get to graduate from the school of Earth and move on to other adventures!

In the mean time, as I struggle through this life that has its hardships and rewards, its ups and downs, I know that I am on the road to redemption and need to make the best of it.  I’m not perfect.  I’ve thought bad thoughts, said bad things, committed things believed to be “sinful”, but I don’t consider myself a bad person.  I certainly am not an evil one!  I don’t think I quite deserve a free pass into Heaven just yet and so I will probably come back again (big heartfelt sigh).  I can only hope my next life won’t be full of so many obstacles and strife.  I think those who live the “good life” are those who are getting it right, they’ve learned a lot, but have just a tad bit more to learn.  I think I have a LOT more to learn but I’m going to seek that knowledge while I’m here, give myself a better chance when I’m not.  Each and every life we live teaches us something important.  Just as each and every experience we have in life teaches us something important!  Life is a learning process.  An evolution of our soul.  By the time we’re done, we are going to be a well-rounded, loving, SINLESS individual because we’ll have experienced it all!!

So that’s my take on things.  Agree?  Disagree?  Have any other ideas?  Truly, I’d love to hear from you.  Until then … Blessings to you and Peace Out!!

The title of this blog is a famous line in the “Sixth Sense” movie that became a common known phrase.   The boy in that movie wasn’t a medium per se, but he definitely had the gift of mediumship.  I must admit a fascination for people who are sensitive to “the other side”.  I believe we all have the ability to see through the “veil” into other planes (dimensions, realms, spheres of existence) but a majority of us do not.  Where some of us are born with a natural ability to use this “gift”, the rest of us must strive to develop it (me!), or are content to leave it to others to do.  And some, of course, condemn the practice or refuse to accept such things even exist!

My first brush with a medium was when I attended a Psychic Fair in my twenties.  I’d been experiencing some amazing spiritual occurrences and decided to attend a psychic fair to see if anyone could explain to me what was happening (I was having visions, hearing sounds, dreaming some pretty awesome stuff and having lots of interesting coincidences).  After walking around and visiting the various “vendors”, I found myself attracted to an Indian man who had a large crowd around him as he answered questions.  He looked over the crowd and caught my eye and waved me forward.  My heart pounding, I walked up to him and he put his hand on my shoulder.  He looked me in the eye and said, “You are attracting many spirits.  They surround your light.  You have a gift you are not using.”  Of course I wanted to know what my gift was even as I ignored the uncomfortable thought that dead people were surrounding me!  He told me it wasn’t for him to say, that I had to discover it myself.  I thought it was a gimmick to get me to pay for a reading.  But his sign-up page was full and he wasn’t taking on any more requests.  What he told me, he freely offered.  After wishing me luck, he moved on to someone else in the crowd and left me standing there forgotten.

After walking around a bit more, I finally found a woman who channeled a spirit guide who answered whatever questions I could ply “him” with in the 15 minutes I paid for.  Never having had such an experience, I wasn’t sure what to expect but after a minute of silence, the medium before me suddenly lifted her head with a different air about her.  Her soft voice had firmed and her gentle gaze was now piercing and direct.  I found it oddly uncomfortable to meet her eyes.  I asked her what my gift was.  She answered that I was surrounded by many spirits and that they all were waiting for me to communicate with them (I admit to wondering if the psychics at this fair used this tactic on everyone but nothing like that was said to my friends who attended with me).  Why? I asked.  She said that was for me to learn.  Frustrating!  What’s with all the cryptic stuff?  So anyway, she told me a few other things and I went on my merry way.

That was a long time ago and I’ve yet to discover this “gift” the Indian man spoke of.  But, I have visited many mediums since then.  Some of them give generic information and I quickly dismiss those encounters.  But, there have been others that have known things they couldn’t possibly know about me or my loved ones who have passed on.  I KNOW these authentic medium communications are the “real deal”.  It fascinates me to no end.  I would love to be able to do that.  Even though it also frightens me just a little.  Not because I fear the dead, but because I know dark forces exist in the world and I don’t want to become a target to them.  So, maybe my fear holds me back, I don’t know.  I can communicate easily enough through the Ouija (though I don’t really use that much), through Automatic Writing, through Table Tipping and I’ve channeled a spirit whom I’ve thought of as an “angel” (see my post “The Care and Handling of Spirit Contact“).  As for the channeling, I get too self-conscious about the whole process to allow it to happen and so I don’t do it anymore.  I’ve taken a mediumship class but again, I get self-conscious about what others might think of me that I hinder the whole process.  For some reason, I am not self-conscious about the other forms of spirit communication.  Maybe because channeling is such a personal thing.  As for mediums, some of them channel spirits but most of the time they just act as a go-between for the spirit and for whomever the spirit has a message.

It was my fascination with mediums that I wrote my book “Be Still, My Love“.  I mean, really, wouldn’t it be the coolest thing to have the ability to talk to loved ones who have crossed over?  But then I also wondered how a medium might handle a horrible tragedy in which they thought the death unfair or wrong.  How would they handle it if things didn’t go the way they thought things should go?  Do mediums lose their faith?  Can they get it back?  These were the things that floated around in my thoughts as I developed the character of Tess Schafer, a medium whose husband and dog were killed by a drunk driver.  The fact that the angels didn’t warn Tess of her husband’s pending demise made her angry.  She also railed at God for the tragedy.  Since ghosts, people who have died and now remain “trapped” here on the Earth plane, also fascinate me, and mediums and ghosts sort of go hand in hand, I came up with the idea of a resort being haunted by two tragic young lovers whose deaths are now under suspicion.  I believe most hauntings are because of restless spirits who cannot move on for some compelling reason.  I thought putting Tess back in her element (a haunted resort) even though she had lost her faith and thus her ability when her husband died, would create an interesting story.  It did.  I didn’t plan the book.  I never knew what was going to happen until I sat down and started typing.  Going through Tess’s journey with her was a compelling process.  The introduction of Kade Sinclair, a former Marine recovering from serious wounds sustained in Afghanistan, and a skeptic about the existence of ghosts and Tess’s ability only added another interesting perspective to the story.  Two people, hurting in different ways, searching for answers, it made for a pretty cool story and I thoroughly enjoyed writing it.

This is why I write, for the stories that come from “out there” (the universal consciousness?  who knows!).  There’s something to be learned from each and every thing brought into existence.  Every book, every movie, every picture, every  song, every speech, every piece of art…whatever it is brought into creation, has something to teach us.  Seeking those lessons, discovering their answers…there’s the real challenge in life!!

So, what say you?  Do you agree that the creative process is a spiritual one?  Do you believe in mediums?  Have you had any experiences you’d like to share?  Please do!  Blessings and Peace Out!!

So, is there really life after physical death?  You betcha.  How do I know?  I just do.  Not a good enough answer?  Fine.  I’ll elaborate.

Aside from living in a haunted house full of “dead” people, I’ve made contact with people who have made the transition from physical life to the spiritual hereafter.   Now, those that believe this is possible will accept that I may actually have done this.  Those who do not believe, will not believe, and that’s fine.  We are all entitled to our beliefs.  At least here in America we are!!  That doesn’t mean we don’t get prosecuted for what we believe but that’s something I’m not going to get into here.  I get on that soapbox and I’ll rant for hours!

The unseen forces in that haunted old farmhouse were scary.  But I think it was more because we didn’t know what we were dealing with and also, my dog didn’t like them.  I figured if they were friendly, he wouldn’t react in the way dogs do when they don’t like someone or something.  My dog Tippy, however, often growled at them and that is a pretty good indication that they were not friendly.  We didn’t get hurt by them or anything but they sure did take a lot of things that were never to be found again.  Bummer that.

My contact with loved ones in spirit through Automatic Writing went a long way in cementing my beliefs in life after death.  No one is going to convince me that I wasn’t REALLY talking to my grandparents.  Some of the stuff they shared were things I didn’t know anything about (see previous blog posts about this!).

When I then tried my hand at channeling (direct communication with someone in the spiritual realm without the use of anything but my self), that went quite well also.  The information that came through had to come from somewhere as I sure as heck didn’t know that stuff!  When connecting with spiritual guides and loved ones who have passed on, the information coming through should be helpful.  If it’s scary or useless, then you are not connecting with a loved one or a spirit guide.  You are possibly connecting with a “dark” spirit.  An entity that operates as far from God’s influence as possible.  Something that’s in league with “the devil”.  My belief is that the devil isn’t a specific person or entity … it is a term that embodies all things evil (no love involved).

A few years ago I was introduced to “table tipping”.  Like the Ouija, table tipping has negative press associated with it.  Mostly from people who don’t understand any of this, don’t believe any of this and who pass negative judgement on anything to do with the supernatural.  Weird that, since God is a supernatural energy and the majority of the ones criticizing such practices believe in God!! But anyway…

The first time I was introduced to table tipping was at a “spiritual development class” I attended.  I had never seen this work before.  Indeed, I never even heard of it.  There were several small tables used and we put about four to five people per table.  The gist of it is that you lightly lay your hands flat on the table top and invite a spirit to communicate with you.  When one takes you up on the offer, the table begins to vibrate, shimmy, rattle back and forth and finally, it will tip up on one or two legs.  Yes, yes, people are going to say that the people operating the table are causing it to do those things.  Can’t do anything about the skeptics.  I was in one group where the table continuously tipped toward me and of course I was being accused of making that happen.  So I took my index finger and lightly placed the tip of it in the CENTER of the table (there were three others at the table).  We asked the spirit a question and the table easily, quickly tipped to me.  Now, how did I make that happen with the tip of one finger lightly resting on the center of the table?  If my mind made that table tip towards me, then wow, even that is amazing!!

For the most part, though, I considered table tipping just a fun sort of activity.  I didn’t take it too seriously.  Until one day we got a group of people together and got ourselves a serious message.  One of the woman who joined the group at the table I was operating (there were four of us all together) was a stranger to me.  I shall call her “Gladys” though that was not her name.  I did not know Gladys or anything about her.  She came with one of my aunts who was also operating the table with us.  The fourth person was yet another aunt who also did not know Gladys.  Once we got the table tipping and “talking” (it spells out messages through a series of tips … “a” is one tip, “b” is two tips, etc… yes, it’s time consuming), Gladys wanted to know if she could ask for someone.  We told her to go ahead and call him forth.  When the table tipped  to indicate he was with us, she started to cry.  At first I thought it was because she was moved to think someone she cared about was with her once again.  But that wasn’t it at all.  The man she asked for and who answered her call had been missing for two weeks.  Of course Gladys was hoping that he was still alive though it really wasn’t expected that he was.  He suffered from Alzheimer’s and had wandered from his home two weeks prior.  Gladys believed from the beginning of his disappearance that he had left his home with the intention of coming to visit her.  There was a path through the woods between their homes that he used to use.  She said that volunteers had searched the woods but did not find him.  The man whom I shall call “Walter” (not his real name) then told us that he was indeed in the woods.  He told us he got confused, wandered off the path and then fell over a fallen tree.  He told us where we could find his body.  The mood at the table was pretty somber.  This wasn’t just a fun game anymore.  None of us were sure how to handle the situation.  Part of us wanted to load into the car and go find Walter.  A bigger part of us did not.  The bigger part won out.

Gladys, however, decided a few days later to try and find Walter based on the information he had given us through the table.  But she became lost herself (Gladys is in the elderly stages of life, as was Walter). Thankfully, Gladys’s son found her and rescued her.  No other attempts were made to find Walter’s body (search parties had been called off by this time).  Then a year later, during hunting season, two unfortunate hunters found more than they bargained for.  They found Walter, right where he said he’d be!  This more than anything has convinced me that table tipping is a valid way to communicate with the spirit world.

Shortly after being introduced to table tipping (and before the Walter incident), I convinced a couple family members to sit down with me and give it a try.  We did a prayer for God’s protection and cast his protective light about us (our imagination is a key tool to all there is!  a strong, focused mental picture is as real as solidified matter!)  The dark forces that lurk in the netherworld cannot penetrate God’s light (all light is God!).  By envisioning ourselves surrounded with light, we are ensuring that only good, loving spirits get through to speak with us.  I always begin each session that involves spirit in any way with a prayer, and I always take the time to imagine myself surrounded in God’s protective light.  I believe this works, nay, I KNOW it does for I have not had any problems with negative energies.

So, there we are sitting quietly waiting for the table to move.  It shimmies ever so slightly.  Of course we each ask the other “Did you feel that?”  Then suddenly into the quiet was a series of knocks pounding loudly on our window in the living room (my home has an open floor plan and we were in the dining room portion of the house). Of course we jump up and check the window and look out on the porch to see if anyone is out there.  Our first thought was that someone saw what we were doing through the window and decided to have fun with us (an illogical thought as we have no close neighbors and live relatively secluded).  So of course there was no one about and no logical explanation for the knocking.  Such a thing did not happen again or since.  Not during table tipping activities anyway.

I have experienced several incidents in my life where I heard someone knock at my door and when I went to answer it, no one was there.  As my dogs also heard the knocks and responded with excited barking, I know I didn’t imagine it.  One time the knock was on the door right beside me.  I was doing dishes, lost in thought, when someone (or “something”) knocked on my door.  The dogs immediately started barking and I turned my head to see who it was (the door is all glass) and no one was there!  I’ve even heard my name called out several times.  Have even answered before I realized that I was alone!  My initial response to these moments is to question whether I really heard anything or not. But gosh, they sure sounded real enough.

A few years ago I decided to check out the Spiritualist Church.  Luckily for me, we had one nearby.  The first visit there, I had my grandmother come through the visiting medium (for those who are not familiar with the Spiritualist Church … services are conducted in three parts: healing/mediation, an inspirational talk and then finally, messages from spirit).  How do I know it was Nana who came through for SURE?  I’ll explain.  Since I fully understand that some mediums bring through vague references and information that is pretty universal…can be attributed to anyone…I want it clear that what came through for me on this day, my first visit to the church, was very specific to my grandmother.  My Nana was short…only 4’11” and she probably weighed all of 90 lbs.  Nana was a chain smoker (Pall Malls, unfiltered!) and she enjoyed beer (yeah, she was a character!!).  She used to pour herself about a half a cup of beer each day and took her time drinking it.  Nana’s day consisted of cooking for Grampy (he got two full meals a day) and sitting at the kitchen table next to the window.  She doodled constantly and kept watch for whatever interested her outside that window.  Driving up the driveway to her house, you could always count on seeing her there and it was always a welcome, comforting sight!  I spent many, many hours of my childhood in her front yard knowing she was watching my play with interest and amusement. Truly, I loved having an audience.  Especially an appreciative, nonjudgmental one!

That short background bio is important.  Here’s why.  The medium told me that I had a grandmother figure coming through to speak to me.  She was quite short and slight of stature.  He saw her sitting at a table next to a window! He said she was holding up a cup and saying “It’s tea” and winking (Nana used to joke with me that she was drinking her “tea”).  He said she passed over to the other side about 25 years ago or so (yes).  He said she liked to draw (hey, doodling is a form of drawing!).  He saw her smoking a cigarette and looking out the window!  Her message to me was to continue with my writing and not stop!! I was working on a novel at the time and wondering if I really should pursue my old dreams of being an author.  Nana had always been supportive of my writing ambitions (I’ve been writing stories since the age of eight and was determined all through high school that I was going to be a published author someday!).  It all just hit me in that moment that my grandmother was really there!  It’s quite an emotional thing to happen.  I had spoken to her over the years through channeling and automatic writing but to have her come through someone else was quite wonderful!!  More so perhaps because I knew it wasn’t me influencing anything in any way.

This experience convinced me that this was the church I needed to continue attending.  The people there were friendly, the atmosphere lovely and better yet, my Nana attended as well!!  So the following week I go again.  I was hoping that Grampy would come through this time.  He did not.  My uncle Paul did instead!!

My uncle Paul died at the young age of 29.  A brain aneurysm struck him down in the prime of life.  I was 14 at the time and his death was a stunning blow to me.  I loved him very much.  He was one of the nicest persons you could ever meet.  He was always jolly and very kind.  He treated everyone so very well.  What I loved most about him was how attentive he was and how considerate.  And what’s more, Paul believed in me.  I remember one day that I was upset because I gave one of my stories to my mother to read which she did … out loud to one of her friends.  The two of them chuckled over it and I took it that they were making fun of my writing! Now, looking back, I don’t believe they were being cruel or disrespectful.  I was thirteen years old, the writing had to have been pretty amusing to an adult and they truly did enjoy it.  They even told me I should write more.  But all I heard was their laughter.  Not long after that, my uncle stopped by for a visit.  He wanted to know why I had such a down face and I told him that I had just made the decision not to write anymore (at 13 it is easy to be discouraged and everything is always so dramatic!).  I had shared my secret dream of being a writer with my uncle Paul a long time before and he was very supportive of that dream.

My uncle’s easy smile disappeared and he got a very serious look on his face.  He leaned across the table toward me, looked me in the eyes and said, “Debbie, don’t let anyone discourage you from your dreams.  It doesn’t matter what anyone does or says.  You believe in yourself and go after whatever you want.  That’s all that really matters.”  He then squeezed my hand and said the all important words, “I believe in you.”  That was enough for me.  Thank you, Paul!!

So here I am at church for the second time and when we reach the part of the service where the medium starts sharing messages, I get excited and nervous.  Will Grampy come through or not?  I had sent a mental plea out to him, inviting him to do so.  The medium looked at me and said, paraphrased somewhat but close to what was said, “There’s a gentleman here.  He’s very jolly.  Strong personality, very friendly. (I adored my grandfather but I wouldn’t have described him as “jolly”).  He’s got a very uplifting spirit.  He wasn’t very old when he died, later twenties?”  The medium then touched his head.  “I’m getting that he died suddenly.  An aneurysm…in the brain?”  (It felt as if the blood drained from my face.  I knew instantly that it was Paul and I began to cry.  I was just so GLAD to have him back in my life!!).  “He’s quite tall, prominent nose.” (the medium is gesturing) “His hair is parted on the side.” (All apt descriptions) The medium rubs his face.  “Sometimes he has a beard but not all the time.” (Paul usually grew a beard in the winter time and shaved it off during the summer months!). The medium then held up his hand. “He’s showing me a pipe!  He’s holding it in his left hand.  His tobacco is pleasant.”  (My uncle Paul was left handed, he smoked a pipe that gave off the most pleasant smell of cherries!!)  Paul’s message?  He’s here, he’s happy and he’s still supportive of me continuing my dream! Oh. My. God.  That’s all I can say.  I was profoundly affected by the entire thing.  I KNOW my uncle Paul was in that room with me.  He was just as exuberant and full of life as always.  Just as supportive of me as he had always been!  I left church that day with a renewed sense of purpose. Yes, I was going to pursue my writing career and I was going to be serious about it.  Nana and Paul both came through to encourage that decision and I trusted them whole-heartedly.  Like the good granddaughter and niece that I am, I am taking them up on that advice!

Just this past weekend, I went to church after a rather long absence.  Just before heading out the door, I went to grab my glasses off the bathroom counter where I placed them while blow-drying my hair.  My glasses were gone.  Looked all over for them.  Nothing.  My son helped me with the search and guess where we found them?  Tucked up under the counter.  Baffled as to how they got there, I hurried off to church, worried that I’d be late.  When it came time for messages from spirit, guess who comes to greet me?  My grandparents.  The medium said, “There is a couple here.  One is quite tall (Grampy was over six feet) and the other one is quite short (Nana was 4’11”), he is holding glasses in his hand.  There is something significant about this.”  (aha! so my grandfather was the one who hid my glasses.  Just so he could help validate his presence in church later).  Clever man.  The medium told me that they wanted me to know they were a united front in spirit, their arms are entwined (a nice picture for my mind to enjoy).  They wanted me know know that they are here for me always.  It was nice getting that message as I’ve been wondering what they thought about what I’ve been up to lately, this blog for one as I’ve been talking about them quite a bit.  It’s a wonderful thing to stay in touch with them, though I do miss their physical presence.  Still, it’s comforting to know their spirits are close by and there support is as strong as ever.

So, yes.  There is life after physical death.  And we can thank God for that!  Hallelujah and Amen.

One of the most fascinating things I happened to stumble upon in my teen years was the discovery of Palmistry.  Sitting in homeroom class, bored and nothing to read, not a paper to be had in which to write a story, I glanced at the bookshelf next to me.  It was a selection of books the teacher had up for offer to bored students.  The first one to grab my attention was the one that simply said “Palmistry” on the spine.  I pulled it out and so began my lifelong indulgence in the art of reading palms.

At first I did it out of fun, reading my hand, my friends’, my family members’, and then when I started learning stuff from their hands that actually had merit (things I didn’t know about them until I saw it in their hands), I realized palmistry is something to be taken much more seriously.  It is the “real deal” and a very useful thing to know.

Every line in your palm has meaning and is there for a reason (even the area where you might have a scar has significance, and no the significance is not that you were cut or burned or whatever!).  The shape, size, color, texture….every single thing about your hand reveals something about you.  Although every part of your hand is important and gives great insight into your life, the thumb, in my opinion, is the most fascinating part to study.  At a glance, you can learn a LOT about a person just from the thumb (temperament!!) and that comes in pretty “handy” let me tell you!  Over the course of thirty years, I’ve literally read thousands of palms.  And I’ve never been wrong with the information I’ve garnished from them.  Never.  Not bragging here, just letting you know how very accurate this practice is.  Okay, I take that back. There is ONE area I haven’t been totally right on and that is the lines for determining children (how many and what sex they’ll be).  For some reason, I have a hard time with that.  I am scoring about 50/50 on that issue.  I wish I had time to learn Palmistry even more than I already do because it is such a useful thing to know.  I don’t just think its accurate or BELIEVE in it, I KNOW palmistry is accurate and reliable and helpful.

Your palm is the best place to go if you want to know something about yourself or about significant events that MAY happen (based on your beliefs and lifestyle and whatnot, the most PROBABLE future is there in your palm to see).  Nothing is written in stone and every choice you make changes the life course you are on.  If I see something alarming in someone’s palm, then I give a warning about it and then it’s up to the palm’s owner if they want to do something to avoid that alarming event.  Palmistry is not about doom and gloom.  It is a useful tool to help you become all that you want to be.  The better you know yourself, the better equipped you are to go after what you want.  When someone reads your palm, it should be a positive experience, not a frightening one.

A year after graduating high school, I ended up joining the Air Force and that put a halt to my palm reading activities.  At least to a certain extent.  I wasn’t sure if the military would approve of me engaging in that activity so I kept it to myself and shared it only with close friends.  Not that my attempts to keep such a thing under wraps mattered, because those whom I shared this secret with would get excited and tell their friends.  If I were at an event with lots of people (usually a party) and someone was there who knew I read palms, it wasn’t long before word got out and everyone was sticking their palms in front of me and begging for a reading.  I don’t blame them, really, because I’d do the same thing!

I would LOVE to have someone read my palms.  I’ve gone to a few so-called palm readers (a big palm sign hanging over their shop would lure me in) and this is what they’d do…glance at my palm (usually just one and you can’t get an accurate reading with just ONE hand, both of them must be read) and then they’d start talking, but they wouldn’t even be looking at my hands!  That, my friends, is a psychic reading.  A palm reading is just that…the examination and analysis of the palms and the lines on them.  Staring into my eyes while holding my hands is NOT a palm reading.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy getting psychic readings as well, but when I go in and pay someone for a palm reading, that is what I want.  Sadly, I have yet to find an authentic palm reader.  So why don’t I just read my own hand, you might ask?  Well, I do.  Constantly.  And why do I do it so often?  Well, because the lines change over time and that’s because we are constantly changing!  Major decisions impact our life course and that impacts the lines in our hands.  The problem is, it’s hard for me to read my own palms because I just can’t be subjective enough to give myself an accurate reading.  It’s the case of “seeing what you want to see and not seeing what you don’t want to see”.  Yeah, I fall victim to that sometimes.  Dang it.

One of the major reasons I became shy about my palm reading activity while in the military is because of what happened while going through technical training school (when you join the military, you complete basic training first, then typically go to technical training school directly after to learn your trade.  Once you graduate from that, the military sends you to your first duty assignment to begin your career).  A girl going through the school with me and assigned to the dorm room next to mine was a Satanist!  Now, when I first learned this (the rumor spread like wildfire), it scared me quite a bit.  I thought it was just my dumb luck to be living next door to evil.  I guess I worried she might bring bad things within my vicinity or who the heck knows.  Everyone was somewhat afraid of her.  But come on…a DEVIL worshiper?  I imagined her sacrificing animals and doing weird rituals and basically carrying out evil deeds.

One night she and I had to stay in the dorm and watch over it (I think there was a power failure or something).  Somehow I was the unfortunate one who got stuck pulling that duty with her.  I was scared to death!  I have to say, though, despite her choice of worship, she seemed rather nice.  She smiled at everyone, was very polite and there was something rather sad about her.

At some point during the night, I began to relax around her because she was just so pleasant.  I was thinking, of course, “devil in disguise!!”  Finally we began to talk and I got to know this girl and where she was coming from.  She had a difficult childhood (explains some of it right there!) and lots of personal issues which she was working hard to resolve. Somewhere along the way, she was introduced to devil worship.  Now, according to her, the devil is a misunderstood entity.  She said that God needs him to keep balance … you can’t have good if there is no bad.  That sort of philosophy.  I don’t remember all our conversation but I do remember this:  she did not kill animals or anything else, she considered that the devil was God’s assistant.  Now, I’m just telling you what she believed.  I was not convinced in any way by her argument.  Really, for the most part, I just felt sorry for her because I felt she was being led to believe something that just wasn’t true.  I remember thinking as we talked that she was seriously misdirected.  She really was a nice girl and she was very upset by how everyone was treating her.  She truly came across as a kind soul and that just didn’t go along with the devil-worship thing but there you have it.  Sometimes life is stranger than fiction!   She did not harbor any resentment towards anyone for how they were treating her and, really, I think her thoughts were along the lines that WE (the non-devil worshipers) all needed help and were operating under serious misconceptions.  She felt she had to accept the shunning she was getting from everyone (except from a lot of the guys who thought, for some reason, that she would be an “easy lay”.  Crude, I know, but that’s what they thought!) because, like the devil, she was misunderstood.  She was equating her present experience with that of Satin’s … he was misunderstood, shunned and feared…and so was she.  Again, she had issues and needed some guidance but the gist of it all is this…she was not an evil person out to do evil deeds.  She really did have a kind heart and I tried to get the word out on her behalf that she was not evil doing evil deeds.  It didn’t matter.  The military kicked her out.

Although palmistry has NOTHING to do with the devil or evilness, it is considered an occult practice and many people associate the occult with evil. The truth is, ANYTHING can be evil if it is treated and used that way.  Our intentions determine the quality of everything … good or bad.  There are some occult practices that are focused on “the dark side” (meaning without God) but not ALL of them are for cripes sakes!! Because of the misconceptions about the occult in this respect, I was worried that this would result in my removal from the military if I were to be caught reading palms.  I realize now that that wouldn’t have happened unless I was running around making people uncomfortable but I didn’t know that then.  I was careful about whom I shared this little secret of mine with because I knew that some people were very much against it. Truly, though, I fail to understand why anyone would consider this particular practice evil.  What exactly is evil about it?  Our palms are not evil.  The lines in our palms are not evil.  Interpreting the lines in the palm is not evil either.  Since God is the one who created our palms and then put the lines there, to then say we are not allowed to read those lines is equivalent to God writing a book which we are then forbidden to read!  Why write the book?  Why put those lines there?  To taunt us with knowledge we cannot use?

For the most part, palmistry is more of a personal biography than anything and what’s so wrong with discovering yourself?  The problem here is that people dead set against it will always be so and no amount of reason will change that.  So all I have to say is this, they can believe what they will, and I will believe what I will.  Isn’t free will grand?

Thanks to living in a haunted house, I was introduced to aspects of our world which we categorize as the paranormal and the supernatural.  It is a vast world with countless mysteries waiting to be discovered.  I began exploring the “other side” through the Ouija board and this led to other avenues of spirit communication.  I’m no expert, but I am one of God’s own, born with all the capabilities needed to “seek the truth” and discover what our life is all about … really.  Although I don’t use the Ouija much, I have had quite a bit of success with it.  By that I mean that I’ve made contact with loved ones that gave information about things I had no way of knowing beforehand.  Another great test for the Ouija is when information comes through that involves someone NOT operating the board.  Otherwise, it is sometimes argued that the operators are unconsciously influencing the spelled messages.  This is an old argument and one that will continue until there are no doubters and disbelievers left.  And really, I don’t see that happening in the foreseeable future!  Despite my belief in the validity of the Ouija, there was just so much negativity attached to it that I decided to try other things.

I have to say, though, in defense of the Ouija, that all things are only as good or as bad as the operator.  Bad things can happen with the Ouija when people EXPECT bad things to happen.  When handled with fear and trepidation, those negative feelings act as a beacon to the darker forces.  For the most part, an item’s usefulness and/or danger level is equivalent to the care and handling of the operator.  After all, a gun is just a worthless, inanimate object until someone picks it up and decides what to do with it.  And just like with a gun, if the operator is ignorant of the dangers, then bad things are likely to happen.  In any case, I started learning about other forms of spirit contact and was quite eager to check them out.

It was a surprise to learn that the pendulum can be used in similar fashion to the Ouija.  My first exposure to pendulum use went as far back in my childhood as I can remember.  My family used this method to determine the sex of an unborn baby.  They used a sewing needle dangling from a short length of thread.  The needle was held over the palm of a pregnant lady (usually one of my many aunts!) where it would be still for only a few moments before it began to move.  If the needle swung back and forth, it was a boy.  If it swung in circles, it was a girl.  If I recall correctly, most of the time, the needle predicted right!  We didn’t realize it at the time, but we were using “pendulum power“. We had no idea we could connect with the spirit world using this method.  If my aunts had known that, they would have done so, it’s just the sort of family I come from!

When using a pendulum to speak with spirits, I take the back and forth motion for “no” responses and the circle motion for “yes” responses. Some will tell you that the pendulum will let you know what it will do for yes and no responses and that is fine too.  There are a lot of web sites in cyber land that will give you their take on the whole thing (I attached one link in the above paragraph but there are many sites to choose from if you are interested).  In any case, anyone can use a pendulum, no training required.  Just like the Ouija.  But again, it’s only as good as your intentions are when using it.

Divining rods can be used in a similar fashion as well.  My grandfather used them to find water and he was darned good at it, but the rods can also be used to detect spirit activity and location … the so called “hot spots” and “cold spots”.  You can communicate with the spirits through the rods as well.  When I used them, I took it as a “yes” answer when the rods swiveled in opposite directions and when they crossed each other, I took that as a no answer.  Again, you can experiment with them to see what they’ll do for “yes” and “no” responses for you.  There is a lot of information about divining rods on the internet if this subject interests you.  As for me, I’ve used them to find things and have played around with them in the same lighthearted attitude that one does with an “8 Ball”.  But there are many who take the business of pendulums quite seriously.  Even if you don’t use the rods to communicate with spirits or even your own “higher self“, they are a great tool for finding things and I don’t mean just water!!

I think spirit communication is possible and divination tools work because we are all operating within the same energy field or power grid or whatever you want to call it. Everything in existence is energy in motion (and I mean everything from the dirt you walk on to the sky above you!) and it is because of the energy field we share that we are all connected.  This is why one thing happening “here” will affect something happening thousands of miles away. Quantum Physics is teaching us this fascinating fact.  As for divination, I think this is possible because time (the past, present and future) all coexist at once.  When one is seeing a past event or a future one, they have somehow crossed into that particular plane of existence.  It is an interesting theory and perhaps one I’ll pursue in another blog post.

It seems that when we go through difficult times, we turn to God and/or our spiritual roots.  It was while going through a difficult divorce and dealing with the devastation of it that I turned to God for comfort.  Once again I was active in exploring my spiritual beliefs.  It was during this time that I learned about Automatic Writing (also called Inspirational Writing!).  With blank paper at the ready and holding a pencil poised above it, I waited for the urge to write.  Now, there’s more of a process to this: calming the mind, creating a quiet scene and allowing things to happen.  I lit candles and incense (to set the proper mood) and then focused on the candle’s flickering flame (our conscious minds must have something in which to occupy itself).  When the writing begins, I just go with it and try to keep from analyzing what I’m writing (hard to do!).  I always began with prayer and imagined that I was cocooned in a circle of bright white light so that whatever entity wanted to come through and speak to me would be a “light” entity … one filled with love and operating within the positive portion of the energy field.  I wasn’t sure what I would get the first time I tried this, but it sure was a welcome surprise to have my grandmother whom I called “Nana” come through.  I could feel her energy as surely as I can feel that of a solid, living breathing person standing beside me.

It was quite wonderful to be talking with my Nana again.  I asked a thousand questions and she answered most of them (in written form on paper) and then she’d ask questions and I would answer.  The only problem with this process is that my hand got tired after awhile from all the writing.  Luckily my questions to her were all done mentally.  She didn’t need the pen and paper.  I did.

I remember one night my Nana had a message for my mother.  She told me to let mom know that she was right to say what she did.  She said she was just so mad at the time and things were said that shouldn’t have been said.  She spoke a lot of private stuff I won’t reveal here.  I can tell you this, none of it made any sense to me at the time. I was really quite baffled by what she wanted me to tell my mom but she was so insistent that I do it, I couldn’t refuse.  When I read the messages to my mom, she explained that she and my Nana (which was my mom’s mother) had had a fight shortly before Nana died and she was apologizing for things that had been said.  I didn’t know about their disagreement so for me this sort of thing helped me to believe that I truly was communicating with my Nana.  It wasn’t all coming from my own active imagination.  What was so nice about it is that my mom got closure on that issue.  As much as I enjoyed talking with Nana, I did ask one night if anyone else wanted to come through and communicate with me, and that is when I connected with my spirit guide.

Although I enjoyed the communications with my spirit guide and the advice coming through was very useful and positive, I again began to question the validity of what was happening.  Really, how many times must it be proven?  Are we ever satisfied?  There was just so much information coming through and I couldn’t validate any of it.  So, here I was again, wondering if my own brain were making it all up.   Self-doubt is something most of us wrestle with, especially when it comes to stuff like this.  We want to be SURE. And eventually I was to get the validation that I needed.  Again.

My mother asked me if I had spoken with my grandfather (Grampy) and I told her that only Nana had come through up to this point.  She asked me to try to get hold of Grampy and see if he had anything to say.  I didn’t know at the time that my mom was looking for a message from him.  So, I sat down one night with the intention of contacting my grandfather (who was, by the way, one of my most favorite people in all the world.  He and Nana both).  Grampy came through and I scribbled away, hardly able to keep up with all he had to say. When I was finished and read it all over, none of it made any sense to me and I decided that I would not share it with my mother.  I thought it might upset her for Grampy talked about not being “ready to pass on” and he also wrote “tell your mother that she was right.  She did the right thing” (I couldn’t help but wonder…now what?  Another fight?”).  And then he went on to say she made the right decision and that he is happy. I didn’t want to give this message to my mother because I was afraid she would wonder what Grampy was talking about just like I did.  Although it all worked out quite fine with Nana’s puzzling message, I couldn’t imagine what could have possibly occurred before Grampy died that involved my mother because his death had been so sudden.

To add a little background, Grampy died after suffering a stroke.  He went into a coma and never woke up.  After several days of no brain activity, the decision was made to “pull the plug” on my grandfather’s life support.  I was in the Air Force at the time and although I had come home on emergency leave to see my grandfather in the hospital, I could only stay a few days and he never woke up during that time.  I did talk to him, though, and I truly believe he could hear me because sometimes his heart rate increased and his blood pressure shot up slightly.  Grampy slipped away from physical life a few days after I returned to my duty station.  My Nana died three months later in her sleep.  Their deaths were quite devastating to me as I was very close to them and the loss was great indeed.

After my puzzling contact with Grampy, I wondered if I should continue with the Automatic Writing for I wasn’t sure what to believe…was I really making contact with my grandparents or not?  When my mother asked me if I got hold of Grampy, I told her that I did but didn’t want to give her the message.  She insisted that I do so and after making it clear that it was probably just senseless ramblings from my brain, I read her the message.  Mom got very quiet and emotional during the reading of it, and I felt I’d made the wrong decision to read it to her.  Then my mom explained that she really needed to hear that message and that she felt so much better!!  Of course I needed her to explain the message and now it was her turn to hesitate.  It seems that my mom was the one who had to sign the order to remove Grampy from life support.  None of her siblings wanted to be the one to authorize it.  She felt guilty about it and always wondered if they had made the right choice.  I knew that the decision had been made to remove Grampy from life support and I was totally against it.  This is probably why my mother never told me that she was the one who gave written permission to do so.  Although I was in selfish mode back then and wanted him to live forever, I know that if Grampy could have appeared before them, he would have told them to do it as well.  He had always made it clear to us that he did not want to live to the point that he could not take care of himself or get around on his own.  So here we were, many years later and Grampy is finally able to tell his side of that difficult time.  He said he was scared at first and was resisting death (thus the coma … his body laying in wait for his decision).  Part of him didn’t want to leave us but another part of him was ready to move on.  He heard our pleas to  fight and live but he also heard the call of his soul.  If Grampy had truly wanted to live, he would have done so even after the life support machines were removed.  I truly believe this.  Removing those life lines gave him the courage to do what he wanted to do and that was to transition into spirit.  Grampy said that his transformation was quite joyous and he wondered what had taken him so long to go.  He assured us that it was a very peaceful transition and that he was greeted by many loved ones, all of which he was very glad to see again!  He told us that he still keeps tabs on us all, was aware of what was happening in our lives and that he never left us.  When we think about him or need him, he is here.

Speaking of that.  About a year ago on my birthday, I was thinking about my Nana and Grampy and missing them.  I knew that my thoughts could bring them to me so I sent out a mental note for them to give me a sign that they were near. Within SECONDS of asking for this, I got my sign.  I was in the drive-thru window at McDonald’s waiting for my ice coffee order when I sent out the mental plea for that sign.  Just as I began to pull away from the window another car came zipping around me.  At first I was annoyed that it had hurried to get around me only to stop quick and wait for traffic, but then I saw the license plate.  It was my grandfather’s name “Lafayette”.  Nothing else, no other numbers, just Lafayette.  Not a typical name and yet, there it was, right in front of me, seconds after asking my Grampy for a sign that he was near!!!  I couldn’t wait to see how Nana was going to give me her sign.

I drive down the road just a short ways and there in big letters all lit up on a restaurant sign are the words “AD A (blah, blah, blah … something to make my day but I forget the exact words)”.  My Nana’s name was Ada and for some reason, the sign’s first three letters were capitalized!!  I didn’t even read the rest of the sign because I was so focused on Nana’s name and I knew that she had found a way to let me know she was near!!  I truly think the first word on that sign was supposed to be “add” but they had dropped a “d” because of limited space.  That’s pretty cool, isn’t it?  I think so.  And I take great comfort in it because I miss them very much even though they’ve been gone for over thirty years!!  I do, however, dream about them on occasion.  They beckon me to come visit them and they are always in the home they were living in when they died (which is now gone).  I tell them, “But you know you are dead, right?”  And they tell me that it doesn’t matter.  I hate waking up from those dreams because I just love visiting them.  Even though it is happening in a dream, it feels quite real and I believe that’s because it is!!  I’ve also had a few dream visits with a friend of mine that died several years ago of breast cancer.  She always looks so happy and vibrant and she tells me that she’s not dead.  I tell you, I love those kinds of dreams.

Automatic writing was really a successful venture for me.  My spirit guide gave me a lot of wonderful advice.  The messages were positive and helpful, as messages from your spirit guides should be!

One night while “conversing” with my spirit guide, she told me to put the pencil down and talk to her.  I asked her how were we to communicate if I wasn’t writing it all down.  She said she would speak through me.  I was a little worried about that as I didn’t want to be “possessed” or anything like that.  Besides, I felt a little silly about it.  And then I felt bad about feeling silly about something so serious and wonderful!  It took awhile but eventually I got over my trepidation, made myself comfortable on the couch, closed my eyes, relaxed and let her come in.

The first thing I felt was a light tickling on my face … like cobwebs brushing over me.  The feeling moved down around my throat which got rather tight (but I think it’s because I was unconsciously fighting the whole thing).  Then I felt pressure on my chest.  Lots of it.  Like a huge weight slowly bearing down on me. At first I resisted the pressure and that made it worse, but when I told myself to trust in my guide and let it happen, the pressure let up and then I felt nothing but blessed weightlessness. It was as if I no longer existed as solid matter!  While marveling over this strange sensation, I felt the urge to speak although I had no idea what I was going to say.  And then she started talking.  Okay, I was talking but the words were hers.  It was like having two people in my head at the same time! While she was talking, I was thinking about what she was saying and making mental comments of my own like:  “really?”  “gosh, I hope that’s true!”  “oh, I don’t know if I believe that, I’ll have to think about that one”  and the like.  It’s an odd thing to happen, having two conversations go on in your brain at the same time!

The energy in the room was revved up during these communications.  Although I always did this at night with the lights off and a candle lit, the room felt as if it had a warm, humming (a silent hum but felt none the less) glow (unseen but also felt) about it.  It’s hard to describe it.  All I know is the energy level in the room was hyped up and it was very comfortable and peaceful.  When my guide ended our conversation, the energy drop was very noticeable and I became aware of how chilly the room actually was (I was living in Italy during this time and the homes I lived in were on the cool side.  The Italians, in my opinion, are great energy conservationists and don’t have honking heaters raising temperature levels into the sweltering stage!). I always had to have a blanket nearby for afterwards.

My communications stopped when my life started falling apart again (another marriage down the tubes) and I once again began to question everything.  It would be a few years before I continued with my spiritual explorations and spirit communications.  But I’ll leave all that for next time, this post is long enough.

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