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Well I’ve done it again. I promised I wouldn’t let so much time pass before I posted to my blog and what did I do? I let a lot of time pass! Life really does get in the way of … well life! (smile) I had good intentions, I really did. BUT things happened and then more things happened and then suddenly massive amounts of time … gone! Ugh!

So anyway, I’m here now and I have an exciting announcement to make! But first, let me just tell you that since my last post I’ve had a few paranormal encounters. They weren’t anything major but were enough to let me know that spirit is as active as ever and it started me thinking about plots for my next book. As many of you know, I am an author and have published ten books. All are in the “ghost” genre except for one, which is a romance I fell in love with many years ago. And in case you are wondering … yes, I fall in love with my own books!

Seven of those ten are in the Tess Schafer-Medium series and since Tess is a very gifted medium, she is always encountering paranormal phenomena. Much as I enjoy writing all those scenes, it’s becoming quite the challenge for me to introduce something new. After all, I don’t want readers to get the same-ole, same-ole. You know what I mean? Besides, as a writer I don’t want the same ole stuff either! It becomes boring and uninspiring.

ho hum

So get this, not only do I like to introduce new things but I also like to include useful information! I’m not an expert on the paranormal by any means, but I’ve dealt with enough of it to know what works for me and what doesn’t. And seriously, who can be an expert on something as unknown as the spirit realm? Well I have an answer to that question and it’s this: any one! We are ALL spiritual beings and as such we each have access to the spiritual side of our nature. Given that, I believe information about the spirit world comes from spirit.


Let’s think on that for a second … the idea that spirit gives us information. Seriously, if it doesn’t come from “there” then where? Do we pluck ideas and thoughts and dreams out of “thin air”? So, given that spirit might be responsible for giving us information, I also believe that CREATIVITY is the divine spark of spirit interaction. AND, if that’s true then it stands to reason that spirit is highly involved with the writing of a book! Oh how I love that idea!! Like, a LOT!

To my mind, there is no other answer (about where ideas come from) but that given in the paragraph above! You see, when I sit down to write, I don’t have a specific idea on what I am going to say. I might have a very broad idea … Tess is going to encounter a poltergeist (for example) … but HOW that’s going to happen is nowhere on the mental radar. I’ve no fricken clue as to how a scene is going to play out until it is actually written. Seriously, I’m as clueless as the first-time reader! In fact, there are times when I THINK I know where a scene is going and then something out of the blue occurs and I’m like … WHAT!????


Given the above situation, I truly believe that CREATIVE thought (the bringing of something that is currently non-existent into reality) comes from spirit. Challenge me on  if you like, then prove it!

he he he

So anyway, I’ve been writing the Tess Schafer-Medium series since 2011 and each book was a complete surprise to me. I didn’t know what was going to be revealed or how things were going to play out until I actually wrote the words. And after the last book in the series DISTRACTING GHOSTS, I wasn’t sure where the series was going to go from there! I mean, suddenly I have a curse to deal with and witches are in the mix and all the other amazing revelations (a couple of which I didn’t see coming, not by a long shot!), and well I just wasn’t sure what the next story was going to entail.


As far as I knew, the next Tess book was going to take place on Prince Edward Island. I WANTED to write a story involving that location because I’ve always wanted to go there (yes, because I loved the Anne of Green Gable stories!!) and yet another story began to circulate through my head, one that took place somewhere else, like on the fictional island of Crystal Cove (located off the coast of Portland, Maine). Why there? Well that is the question, isn’t it?

So I thought, “Just go with it, Deb, and let the story reveal itself.” Day after day I sat at the computer and typed with anticipation, eager for the next sentence, the next scene and then one day, waaalaaaa, the story was done! PARANORMAL ENCOUNTERS was born! Straight from spirit to my computer.


Now I mentioned earlier about Tess encountering a poltergeist. She did do that in this latest story and I’ve wondered about that particular type of spirit energy since I was a young child (when my family and I dealt with it in the haunted old farmhouse we lived in). Poltergeists are often volatile and unpleasant. WHY? Well Tess has her ideas and I’m tending to agree with them. That’s another thing that is happening … as Tess develops her powers, I am learning things right along with her! Other self-proclaimed experts may agree with us or not and I say so what? I mean really … NO ONE KNOWS FOR SURE. They are just offering their best guess, which is based on the experiences they’ve had up to that point, and I am doing the same! We just won’t know for sure … about any of that stuff … until it’s our turn to cross over.

But the thing is, with each book and as Tess learns more and more about the spirit world, it all just seems so plausible to me. Certainly for some that isn’t the case. To them my stories are just fun fiction and they are right! But FACT sometimes is stranger than FICTION so keep that in mind! (smile)

so there

On July 27th, PARANORMAL ENCOUNTERS will be released in ebook format on Amazon. In the interim, I am HOPING to write a couple more posts about the encounters Tess experienced in the story (and maybe even in previous stories). It should make for a good discussion or two! I LOVE talking about ghosts and spirit activity so posts about those subjects will be fun for me to write. And who knows what else spirit will inspire me to say?! Stay tuned!!


If you are interested in the Tess books, you can go here to order them: Tess Schafer-Medium series. All books are stand-alone stories, meaning you don’t have to read them in order, BUT it is a better experience to do so since you see her gradual development as a medium. Each story plays off the last though they are not a continuation of the previous story.

Now, though I usually ensure all issues are resolved by the end of each book, the last one DISTRACTING GHOSTS did have that curse still going on! Even so, the main issues were resolved. The curse and the story behind it had me questing spirit for answers, and thus were the driving forces behind PARANORMAL ENCOUNTERS.

So that’s it, my exciting news. A new book is out and I have a couple blog ideas percolating in my head. If all goes well, those ideas will translate to posts and be out before the book (July 27th!) Pre-orders available here!

Until we meet again, may your life go onward to good things, upward to better things and ever forward to amazing things!!

PS: The Vagaries of Us book blog did a “cover reveal” and the links to my books can be found there as well. If you like books and reading, you should check out this blog! Seriously.







Ghostport in Bucksport!

Hello everyone! I recently had the honor of participating in Bucksport’s annual fall festival GHOSTPORT! The weather couldn’t have been any better. It was PERFECT for showing off Halloween costumes…even those that are often worn only indoors in Maine (because of the cold) or outside in warmer climates (like Florida!). The festival takes place along the waterfront, a delightful walkway bordering the Penobscot River, and its the perfect place for vendors to set up and display their wares. The view from my booth couldn’t have been any better! I mean seriously, just look at that view (on the left)! That’s Fort Knox that you see over there next to the Penobscot Narrows Bridge and the fort has its own ghostly event called Fright Night at the Fort!


As for my booth, I had all of my books on display and had the honor of meeting some of their readers! It was such a pleasure to talk to people who have read my books and were eager to purchase those they didn’t already have. Nothing is more fun for an author than to chat about books and plots and get feedback from the readers concerning their stories. I even found some new readers and hope they enjoy my stories as much as I enjoyed writing them! Although books aren’t typically on the minds of event attendees, the story themes in my novels almost always involve a GHOST and so we fit right in quite nicely! Hidden Voices  was one in particular that sold very well…and why not, the story is focused around Bucksport’s infamous legend about a cursed monument dedicated to town founder Jonathan Buck! I did a lot of research for that one and really enjoyed learning about Bucksport’s peppered and colorful past!

As for those who attended the event, to include the vendors and activity presenters, I think everyone had a good time! Thousands attended and I got to see nearly all of them pass my booth. Most of them were decked out in costumes and I was so impressed with the creativity of some of them. I even got to have my pic taken with a minion (who also happened to be my youngest brother!). I think what impresses me the most about this event is the strong sense of COMMUNITY that I get here. I grew up in Bucksport (and my Tess Schafer-Medium character now lives there) and so I know the advantages of growing up in a small town. This festival in particular really brings that sense of community to light and shows it off in the best of ways! In today’s world of unrest, it’s just so nice to see everyone having fun and enjoying themselves. From costume parades to coffin races to pumpkin launches to good food and interesting wares, this is one event I look forward to every year!


If you ever have an opportunity to visit Bucksport, give this cute little town a look, and don’t forget Fort Knox State Park and the Penobscot Narrows Observatory just a short jaunt across the river! Oh, and if you check out the Veteran’s Memorial located at the end of the bridge leading from Verona Island into Bucksport, you will find my name embedded on one of the stones, it’s right next to my grandfather’s stone (Lafayette S. Doughty)! I served for 20 years in the United States Air Force and my grandfather served in the United States Navy. It’s a funny thing that when I graduated from Bucksport High School (go Golden Bucks!) and joined the military, I thought I’d never come back and now I find myself wondering why I ever thought such a thing! Since my son and his three kids now live in Bucksport (not far from where I grew up and in an area where I used to play as a child), there are more reasons than ever to maintain my ties to this amazing town. Besides, my character Tess Schafer (a most gifted medium!) has a few more stories to tell and I am sure they will involve some of Bucksport’s ghosts!


Before I close, I want to give a shout-out to my daughter April Hughes’s new blog The Vagaries of Us. She, too, posted a piece about her adventures at Ghostport called “This Maine Town is Infamous for its Haunted History Plus Local Event”. You can check it out here. Her friend Catherine (and honorary family member) of Catherine J Gross Photography took all the pics for her blog and you will see that she is amazing with her camera! We have her at all our special events and are fortunate to book her for family portraits!

Okay then, it’s time for me to get back to work! I am in the process of getting new covers for my Tess Schafer-Medium series and the wonderful Anya Kelleye has done them all! She even came up with a logo for the series. And isn’t it weird that while I’m writing this post I hear knocking on my wall! Seriously!! My dogs even started barking. Thinking it must be a bird (woodpecker?), I went outside to investigate. Though I could hear the knocking sounds coming from that side of the house, I didn’t see a bird anywhere (cue the eerie music!). Hmmm. People ask me if I am a medium. Most of us are in one way or another and don’t even realize it. Sometimes I feel very attuned  with spirit and sometimes not. When focused on it, however, I can get in that groove. Interestingly, I don’t allow those moments very often. I think it’s because I have too much going on “here” to get involved with over “there”. BUT, when writing my books, I am very much in the groove of the spirit world. In fact, I had someone pass by my booth, do a double-take, and then she came over and looked at me. I thought she was trying to figure out if she knew me or not (I grew up there after all). Suddenly she leans over…”You are a medium, aren’t you?” Thinking she is asking me that because of my books, I reply, “Well I have done a bit of that but not on a regular basis. I do feel like I am channeling my books though.” And she says, “Oh you are definitely channeling them from spirit and you are more gifted than you think!” and then she walked on before I could ask her anything else! Certainly some food for thought.

I hope you are all having a great fall! I love this time of year. It is just so darned pretty. Okay, I have to do it, I’m going to include some pictures I’ve taken around the area. The one on the left is the Penobscot Narrows Bridge going from Prospect, Maine to Verona Island. Another bridge goes from Verona Island into Bucksport and both are part of Route 1 (which eventually leads to Bar Harbor, Maine’s most visited port city!). This wasn’t taken on the day of Ghostport’s event but a few days before. I loved the fog hanging over the town and just had to take a picture!



In fact, here’s one of the bridge at night (taken a few hours after the one above). I took it just before we entered it from Verona Island. Isn’t that cool? There is something about the fog that inspires drama, intrigue and ghostly imaginings, don’t you think?




I’ll end with this one, a typical scene throughout the state. Come winter we (my husband and I) love to skip town and head for Florida but you couldn’t pry me away during this time of year! Blessing to all and until next time…Onward and Upward and ever Forward!


Hello readers! It’s been way too long (again) and I thought to myself, it’s been so long, I want my post to be about something HELPFUL and smudging is definitely that. After all, smudging is a ritual performed to cleanse a space, item or person of stored negative energy. It is an effective ritual though many might question “why” it works! My thoughts on “rituals” is the INTENT of it is what triggers the desired outcome, the reason for the ritual in the first place.

I am in the process of redoing my Tess Schafer-Medium book series (they are getting new covers that are uniform in look, created by the incredible Anya Kelleye) and since I got publishing rights back on my first three in the series, I am giving them all a read-through. I’ve learned a lot about writing and about my characters in the past few years and so I am applying that knowledge during the read-through, though I promise I am changing nothing major. I am not deleting plot points or adding any. As I’ve received kind feedback from the books’ readers, I have taken those observations to heart! Thank you to all who have taken the time to contact me!

So anyway, in Vanquishing Ghosts (book 3), Tess’s home is haunted by an unsavory spirit, a particularly negative entity, and she performs a smudging ritual to neutralize the negative energy stored within her home. This puts her on better ground to fight the entity and secure her home from future evil hauntings. As I was going over that scene, I thought to myself … this would be a great blog post to write because smudging is so helpful, and Lord knows we can use all the help we can get in this challenging world!

I have included a link to a site that explains the smudging ritual as I do it. It’s simple and easy and rather than re-write it here, I’ve included the link to give credit where it’s due! This doesn’t have to be complicated! SIMPLE is the key to carrying out all spiritual-related rituals.

Just a quick word about rituals. Their performance helps us to focus on our INTENT, the reason for the ritual. All tools used in any kind of ceremony have a reason and purpose for their usage. For example, Tess (my series main character) uses a wand at one point during her fight against the evil entity haunting her home. The wand itself is not magical, it is but a tool, a way to focus and direct the energy coming from within you. ALL ritual items are tools of intent and purpose. Crosses, for instance, are ritual tools (and representative of the Christian faith). They give focus to the mind during prayer. Not only that but the beliefs people have about them give them the vibration of that energy. They are often used as a symbol of faith, protection, harmony, etc.

But back to the reason for this post. If you feel your home is harboring negative energy, then bundle up some sage or visit a metaphysical store to purchase some (they often carry them!) and perform this simple, easy and EFFECTIVE ritual! We need peace and harmony in our lives and though this doesn’t infuse anything with peace and harmony, it PROVIDES the means for those positive vibrations to filter in!! It neutralizes negative vibrations, or as I like to say “smudging levels the playing field”. Plus, there is something very satisfying about taking matters into your own hands! As a spiritual being you have the power within you to do what smudging does (without the use of any tools) but you have to admit, adding ceremony and ritual helps us to carry out this power. As an aside, and to give credit where it’s due, I found the image to the left at an interesting site about smudging that you might like to check out yourself! Just click on THIS  to give it a look!

As for the smudging ritual itself, click this Smudging link to read the five easy steps to cleansing your personal space!! And, if you are interested, the following is but one of many sites that offer other metaphysical tools and even guidance on spiritual matters: The Sage Goddess has lots of spiritual goodness to explore!

Until next time, may PEACE and HARMONY fill your personal space! Onward and Upward and ever Forward!




Not only do I have a new book coming out with this title (release date is 10 July!) but I thought it was a good title for this blog too. Ghosts CAN be distracting, especially if you don’t know what to do when one is bothering you … or scaring you as the case may be! Fact is, ghosts are everywhere, or their ENERGY is anyway, and that is because in the world of spirit…there is only HERE. What we perceive as space is nothing more than a different level of awareness over “there”!

In our realm (physical life), ghosts are actually energy from the past. You can’t interact with a ghost. You can’t communicate with it. You can sometimes see it and you can quite often “feel” it (sense their energy) and sometimes you can even hear it, but that’s about the extent of it. Despite what all the ghost-hunting television shows might lead you to believe, haunted locations are created by heightened emotional energy from people in a PAST event. They are not hang-outs for dead people who are waiting to scare us or talk to us!

The very essence of who we are is beings of energy and when our emotions are heightened our psyche’s energy level becomes so strong it can transcend time. Meaning it can be sensed by people in the future, who think they are encountering a ghost! I guess in a way they are since the people involved are dead (to us they are anyway).

It’s a complicated issue but let me try to explain by example. When someone is murdered (in a PAST event) and we are in the location where it happened, we can often pick up on the heightened emotions of the victim (and sometimes even the murderer!). We can do that because we are energy too and energy detects energy. So anyway, in situations like that (a murder), emotions are often highly charged and the energy generated can sometimes be picked up by others at a later time. It’s because of situations like this that haunted locations often make people uncomfortable. Given that, it’s no wonder they are scary places. You are, after all, tapping into the emotions of someone being murdered (or of someone doing the murdering) and either way it’s not a good feeling. Communicating with the “ghosts” in this kind of haunting is not possible. What you can do, however, is learn what happened. Psychics are great at this and you often see them in action on the ghost-hunting shows.

Now, if the murder took place in a building and it’s still standing, then people usually consider the building haunted, but get this, even if the building is destroyed the energy is still there because the location hasn’t changed, just what’s in the location. That’s why new buildings can be “haunted”, because they are built on the same spot where a highly charged situation took place.

Even knowing what a ghost is, they are still scary, certainly spooky, usually uncomfortable but not dangerous. They cannot hurt you in any way.

There are some hauntings where people think a past owner of a house was so fond of it they stayed there after they died. Not so. What is being detected in that situation is the fondness someone felt for the place (strong feelings of love also heightens emotions). Besides, they are STILL THERE because physics tells us that the past and present coexist!

Paranormal writers use the instances stated above to create tension and to raise the “spook” factor of a ghost story. I use it in my books as well. My main character in the Tess Schafer-Medium series (click the link if you are interested in checking them out!) understands that ghosts can do no harm and does what she can to ease the fear of the other characters in her story. One thing for sure, those situations certainly make for great ghost stories!

Now a SPIRIT is a whole different ballgame. Spirits are dead people who enter our realm of consciousness in order to communicate with us. Example: Miss Spooks dies and though she no longer has a physical body, she still exists as Miss Spooks, keeping all her memories and personality traits (though being “dead” is sure to put a whole new perspective on things!). So now she finds herself “over there” and wants to communicate with the living. Those are the spirits you can interact with.

As explained above, the biggest difference between a ghost and a spirit is the fact you can only communicate and interact with a spirit. Communications with them are usually a good experience. They are eager to talk with us and they often want to get messages across to those they care about…or to anyone that will “hear” them!

Spirits who hold strong negative emotions, however, have some unresolved issues and interactions with them are not so pleasant. They haven’t yet made peace with their new circumstances and they are the ones most often responsible for active hauntings. Poltergeists (negative entities) are attracted to those kinds of spirits and since they can move things around, they CAN be dangerous. Since like attracts like, they are attracted to the negative emotions of a troubled soul and they use those poor souls to get through to our physical reality. It isn’t the actual dead person that is posing a danger.

Negative entities are hard to explain but they are part of the spirit world and they lurk in the shadows of the afterlife. Most dark entities never were physical beings! But they can be a nasty influence and create confusion for a spirit with unresolved issues.

Now, even in cases involving a poltergeist, that doesn’t mean you are in danger. It just means that you need to be cautious. Reacting with anger, fear, hatred (any negative emotion) will “feed” their energy. Some of the BEST things to do when negative spirit activity is occurring are to pray (asking a higher power for protection), invoke your spiritual light to protect you (imagine a light shining IN and AROUND you), ask angels for protection and above all, stay calm (as best as you can anyway!).

As for Angels, they are in abundance and are absolutely everywhere. Best of all, they are quick to help whenever they are asked, so ASK!!

Given the scary nature of poltergeists, I use them in my books because having negative spirit energy raises the fear-factor in a story. Seriously, it is a good plot device for a ghost story. I don’t, however, make it the MAJOR plot device! Although my books are considered “horror” it’s only because ghosts are involved and not because they are horrific and gory.

The message I try the hardest to convey in all of my books is that here in the physical world, WE are in charge. Not only that but we have all we need to stay safe and protected from negative spirit energy. Our personal spiritual power is more than sufficient to keep us safe! Isn’t that comforting to know?

Now as I mentioned earlier, it sometimes happens that there are issues that went on here in the physical world that follow someone into the afterlife. Those are unresolved issues and spirits are so affected by this they will do whatever they can to communicate with us in order to find some closure. THIS is what I use most often as a plot for my books. To me, those sorts of circumstances make the best ghost stories.

More often than not, though, spirits are loved ones trying to communicate that they are well, they are happy and they don’t want their loved ones to be sad. No matter the circumstance of their death, most people are very pleasantly surprised when they cross over and learn the truth of things. In fact, they are so excited they want to share their amazing discovery with their loved ones!

Being physically dead does not break attachments though it is a different sort of attachment. They still LOVE those they were close to in physical life but they feel no sense of ownership. A deceased husband (for instance) isn’t going to be like “Hey! That’s MY woman you are moving in on!” (when another man develops an attachment for his wife). And he certainly does not think his wife is betraying him by caring for another man!

One thing I find most comforting is that loved ones who have passed are still connected to us and just thinking about them pulls them into our realm of consciousness. Whenever I think about my grandparents, for example, they are immediately with me and I sense them quite strongly. In fact, they often give me a sign of some sort to validate the experience!

Seriously, by focusing on someone who has passed into spirit, you draw them to you (because in truth, they aren’t “far” from you at all). The biggest frustration for those in spirit is not getting through to loved ones. But, they do what they can. They might make their picture fall or they might put something in an odd place so that when you find it, you’ll think of them and maybe even realize it was them that put it there. They might invoke a smell that you associate with them such as a flower they loved, a perfume they wore or a tobacco they smoked.

They LOVE it when loved ones go to a medium or turn to other means of communication … table tipping, Ouija, automatic writing (to name a few)! As for mediums, they are usually inundated with spirits trying to get through to loved ones here in our physical reality. My Tess Schafer character deals with this and I love her ability, her attitude and the way in which she handles things. I learn from her all the time! (smile)

So anyway, I wanted to write this post in celebration of my newest Tess Schafer-Medium book … aptly named Distracting Ghosts (you can click the link to check out the synopsis and even preorder if you are interested) and I’m dedicating it to my nephew Matt who died while I was writing the story. I thought about him so much while writing it and though the story has nothing to do with him, his death changed me in some way and that certainly has had some influence on my storytelling. I feel him around and he’s given lots of indications of his presence. Gone physically but not gone spiritually. Ahh, Matt, why did you have to leave us so soon?

Until next time, may your life be moving ever onward and upward. Peace out.

It’s been over six years since I published my first book and since then I’ve written nine! NINE! When I wrote BE STILL, MY LOVE I had no idea it would become part of a series. But one story sparked another and now I’m six books in with yet another in the works!


My character, Tess Schafer, has grown as a medium through each book and as she grows so do I. It seems that I learn more and more from her with each story. I can honestly say that her spiritual connections help strengthen my own. Honestly, other than book four, ROSEMARY’S GHOSTS, I have not plotted any of my books. The stories unfold as I go along. As for Rosemary’s Ghosts, that plot came to me in a flash. I was riding along in our car (my husband was driving), and thinking about book three VANQUISHING GHOSTS (which I’d just finished writing) when suddenly a plot for a new book enters my head. I was so excited about it, I couldn’t wait to start writing. Although I knew what it was about, I didn’t know how it would all unfold so I was just as excited to write it as I was the others.

People often want to know where I get my story ideas and I have to say that they come from spirit. I truly believe that. I don’t sit around trying to come up with an idea for a new book, they just come to me and often while working on another story! For instance, I knew while writing Be Still, My Love that I was going to write HIDDEN VOICES (book two) because the idea came to me while writing a scene that triggered the idea! When writing Hidden Voices, a scene from that story gave me the idea for Vanquishing Ghosts (book 3). Now, though I know the premise of the stories I am working on, I don’t know how they will unfold. For instance, in Hidden Voices (book 2) I knew I was going to write about Tess’s experience with a cursed gravestone in Bucksport, Maine (my hometown by the way!) and that’s all I knew. When the idea for VANQUISHING GHOSTS flashed into my brain, it was during a scene in Hidden Voices and all I knew was that I was going to write about Tess’s move to a new house which, of course, happened to be haunted.

What amazes me about the whole process is how well the books fit together. Information from one book will mesh with information from another and I marvel at the connections though they weren’t planned! This is why I feel they are spiritually inspired. Besides, the stories come from somewhere, right? I literally plucked them from the “air” (spirit) and I have found that if I try to interfere with the process … put my own spin on what I think is going on … it doesn’t work out. The story comes to a screeching halt. I interfere because I can’t think how an issue is going to be resolved and so I start trying to come up with ideas on resolving it. But those ideas don’t work out and the book falters and I get frustrated. Then I remind myself to just TRUST THE PROCESS! When I let go of trying to control things, the book starts flowing again. It’s all quite fascinating and I marvel at it, I really do! Sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t be accepting credit for authoring my books. I should say “Authored by spirit” written by Deborah! (smile)

Many of the techniques Tess uses to protect herself and commune with spirit are the same that I too use. Of course, she’s way more talented and can do things that I only wish I could do. Also, I don’t think I could handle her gift as well as she does! I’ll tell you one thing for certain … I believe in the spiritual light that Tess is always talking about. I don’t just BELIEVE we have the power to protect ourselves, I KNOW it.

When I was living in a haunted house, we knew there were several ghosts residing there and one of them was evil. I lived in constant fear and though I had no training in how to protect myself, the things that Tess talks about … prayers and guardian angels and imagining a light … I did all those things and they kept us safe until we moved away. The house is gone now but the spirits are still there, I feel them when we drive by and it gives me the “willies”. I even dream about that house to this day and always the dreams are of a nightmarish quality. Who those spirits are and why they are there, I just don’t know. I’ve thought about writing a story to try to figure it out. Maybe someday I will. After all, spirit knows what that is all about and maybe they’ll tell me.

So anyway, after nine books, I’ve grown as a writer and I felt it best to go through Be Still, My Love and fix the issues that readers have found with it. There were questions about why things happened that never were explained and so I think I’ve cleared those up with this new edition. My thinking at the time was to leave some things open to question. Why I thought that was a great idea, I can’t say and now I realize it wasn’t such a great idea. My apologies to those who have read the story already! I’ll be curious to see how the new edition will be received. There will always be critics and people who won’t like it, I get that and expect it, but for those who do like this kind of story, it’s their reception I am curious about. I say that because it is THOSE people I am writing for … the ones who like the kinds of stories I write. After all, I too am a reader and I write what I like to read. I have to because I end up reading it about twenty or thirty times! If I don’t like the story, there is no way I can force myself to read it that many times. Trust me!

With the new edition now completed, I wanted to give interested readers a few days to download it for FREE. So from March 10 through Mar 12, BE STILL MY LOVE will be FREE to download! Now, I’m not saying it’s perfect but I do think it’s better! That doesn’t mean some people won’t like it, some won’t. One of the things I was criticized on was the mention of “God” in the book. My character has a strong affinity with God and that is included in the story. Me and my character both believe that God is part of all existence and so there is no way to write a story about spiritual matters without the inclusion of God. So, if reading stories involving God bothers you … then Be Still, My Love might not be for you! That is as much of a warning as I’m going to give. I say that because I was told by some critics that I should WARN people of God’s involvement in the synopsis! WARN them? Really? Sorry, but that still surprises me.

I truly do love to hear from readers and so if you’ve read the book, either the old edition or the new, what did you think of it? Do you have any questions? Let’s talk!!

Until next time, God Bless and Peace Out!

Sad girllAlthough we all shall one day cross into the “great beyond”, it is one of the hardest things for us to deal with in life. Despite knowing the soul lives on, the pain of physical loss is difficult to bear. It is especially hard when they are young. People are supposed to live to be ripe old senior citizens. They are supposed to have a long, well-lived life and die peacefully in their sleep. In a perfect world, that’s how it would be. But we don’t live in a perfect world do we?

My recent, devastating loss was a nephew. He was 27 and it seemed to all who knew him that he had much to live for. He was healthy, he was doing all the things he loved to do…fish, hunt, work outdoors. He was a hard worker but he took time to play. He was a good person and loved by all who knew him. He wasn’t perfect, but then who is? There’s not a living soul on this earth who is perfect. When we reach perfection, we don’t come “here”. But I digress.

Not only was my nephew loved by his family, his friends and his associates but he left a great impression on all those he came into contact with, no matter how brief that contact might be. But (and why does there always have to be a “but”?) behind all those smiles and that big heart was a troubled young man. We knew, of course, that he wanted a family, a home of his own and all that went with it, but he had time to get those things. Or so we thought. We knew his financial responsibilities were great but that’s because he was trying so very hard to be successful. He was one of the hardest working people I have ever known.

Despite all he had going for him, his sadness was great. We didn’t know and for that we are troubled. For that we feel guilty. For that we find it hard to forgive ourselves. If only…if only…if only. Those are a constant with all of us. They beat us up as we try to find peace and torment us with the question of “Why?”

I tell myself all the things that should give me comfort…he is not truly GONE, he is TRANSFORMED, his BODY is dead, HE is not, we are sad and filled with grief, HE is finally happy and at peace. We MISS him and yet he is WITH us. But it still hurts.

Sad as I am, guilty as I feel for not showing him more love the last few times I saw him, it is the sadness of my family that digs at my heart. Parents and grandparents should not outlive their children. In the perfect order of things…that’s not how it should work out. But again and I have to repeat it…we do not live in a perfect world.

The question of “Why?” is constantly asked. The desire to understand a nagging, unfulfilled need. Yet I know…I KNOW, that if he was to suddenly appear and give us the answers…we would NOT find satisfaction and peace from it. There’s no good reason, not a single one, for losing someone you love in the manner that we lost my nephew. But (there it is again), for HIM it was enough. He chose to do what he did that terrible, lonely night. WE did not. The one thing he did do that I am most grateful for, is tell us in his final message that although he was not happy with certain aspects of his life, he was not disappointed or upset with his family and friends. Even so, we are sad that we were not enough. We are not to blame for this and yet we feel guilty anyway. Truth is, this terrible tragedy has no one to blame but the demons of negative thinking and the untreated affects of depression.

THINK about this for a moment. Our thoughts CAN be our worst enemy if we allow their abuse to beat us down. BUT (finally a good reason for one of those buggers!) they can also be our BEST champion, our most supportive cheerleader and a tireless, amazing motivator. My nephew’s thoughts took him down and led him into spirit. And now it is OUR thoughts that must lift us up and help us come to terms with it.

There are a few good things to come out of this terrible tragedy, aside from the major one of having our family come together. One, I am making more of a conscious effort to ensure I remember to tell all those I love that I love them. We forget sometimes when we’re caught up in life and I don’t want to forget that anymore. Second, I am motivated to be more aware of what is going on with those I love. Not in a snoopy, “I want to be all up in your business” sort of aware, but in a genuine “I really care about what is happening with you” sort of way. Third, I want to do better about keeping my spiritual connections a priority in my life. My beliefs have developed through the experiences of my soul and I don’t want all that experience going to waste!

Beliefs aside, grief is going to be part of our lives from time to time. Our capacity to love will make it impossible to avoid. We all must go through it in our own way and at our own pace. With love and support, from your self and from others, you’ll get there. We are, after all, spiritual beings living in a physical world and our spiritual connections will help heal the wounded heart.

Once the physical loss isn’t so overwhelming, the shock of it no longer holding us frozen in disbelief, we’ll figure out a way to let go of what can no longer be. We’ll adjust. We’ll go on until we are reunited. Just remember, though, that when you reunite with loved ones “over there” you have grieving loved ones dealing with their loss of you “over here”. It’s a pretty sad cycle isn’t it? Or a joyous one…depending on how you look at it.

In the days since my nephew has passed, there have been signs that he’s still among us. His best friend went to the spot where they last fished together and it had been raining all morning. After having a “talk” with his departed friend, he said “If you can hear me, make it stop raining.” Yes indeed…that rain stopped long enough for it to matter. Long enough to help a grieving friend heal just a little bit. In another instance, a song came on suddenly that was one of his favorites. A song he sang along with the last time they listened to it. And one of my favorite signs was when he gave someone the urge to stop and buy flowers for his brokenhearted grandmother. The florist, it turned out, knew my nephew well and was sad to learn of his passing. She put together the same bouquet she always made when he stopped to buy his grandmother flowers.

One of the things those “over there” often express when in communication with someone “over here” is the frustration they feel on getting messages through to us. They give signs in all the ways they can think of and sometimes we notice, sometimes we don’t and often we explain it away. We label it a COINCIDENCE. Well let me tell you something about coincidences…they are SPIRIT IN ACTION. God’s doing, all.

When we cross into spirit…we BECOME spirit and since it is spirit (God) that makes all things…we become part of ALL that IS. To those of us “here” that means our transformed loved ones can use the sun, the wind, the water, the animals, the flowers…everything and anything to show us their love! They can stop the rain or play a song on the radio, they can urge you to buy flowers or make a heart out of clouds. They can dance around in butterfly wings or use a dog’s nose to nuzzle you. When something happens that makes you think of someone you love who is “over there”…that’s your SIGN they are with you HERE!

I have to share that my grandparents often use billboard signs and license plates to show me they are near. Whenever I am thinking of them quite strongly, I’ll suddenly see their names on license plates or other signage. It fills me with joy for I know it’s them letting me know they are with me still. I KNOW it and I feel loved, connected, when it happens.

I’m sad that my nephew thought his best move was to pass into spirit but now it’s done and we can’t change it. Much as we’d like to. Much as we beat ourselves up in all the ways we could have stopped him…if only we’d known. The thing is…if my nephew had wanted to be stopped from crossing over, then he would have been stopped. What happened, happened because he willed it. And it is that right there that’s troubling us so very much…our feelings of guilt that we weren’t enough reason to live, that we didn’t do enough to help him realize that. It makes no sense why we take the actions of others and make them our responsibility but we do it quite often. Why is that? Unless you murder someone with your own hands, you are NOT responsible for the death of another. No matter what their reasons are. Our actions, reactions and responses are our own. WE are the sole proprietor of our body, our emotions and our thoughts. My nephew was in charge of his life that night he decided to end it. I pray that this has shown all who have been touched by this event to seek help if depression and bad thoughts plague them. If they do not and take drastic measures, the mental and emotional pain will transfer to every single person they love. It is not, I am sure, what my nephew intended to have happen.

I pray that those who are finding it hardest to deal with this tragedy find peace soon. I pray we all move on with our lives and get our joy back. As for my nephew, well he’ll be with us from here on out, sharing our joy and comforting us in times of sorrow. It’s what we do with those we love…whether we reside in the physical world or the spiritual realm.

I pray that peace be with you. For all who are suffering grief in some way…I pray you find comfort in knowing that now they are in spirit, they are CLOSER than ever. Even so, you will miss them. That you must live with. And LIVE you must do because if you are still here, there’s a darn good reason for it! Say your goodbye, grieve, then move on. Focus on love. Peace will come and so will joy.











In my Tess Schafer-Medium series, the main character, Tess, is just what the series’ title claims…a medium, BUT she also has regular communications with her Spirit Guide Sheila. This aspect of Tess’s character is an integral part of who she is. Although speaking to “the dead” is her special ability, it’s her regular communications with Sheila that are more indicative as to her spiritual openness.

We all have Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels. Every single one of us. In fact, we have more than one. How many Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels are assigned to us, I can’t say and wouldn’t even try to guess. The number varies for each of us. Regardless of how many there are, only one is considered the “leader” of each team and that is the one you would interact with the most. If, that is, you choose to do that.

Guardian Angels do as their name implies…they watch over you and are there for you when you need them. They will also greet you when you “cross over” into spirit. Sometimes they might make contact with you but typically it is your Spirit Guide that is your main point of contact when communicating with spirit.

One point I want to make about Guardian Angels is that you MUST ASK for their help if you want it. This is important to know because they cannot intervene or assist you without your permission.

Spirit Guides are actually assigned to you before you are even born. In fact, you worked closely with your Spirit Guides before you entered into this life existence. You had goals and experiences you wanted to encounter here in the physical world and your Spirit Guides do their best to help keep you on track with those goals. Other things like Numerology, Palmistry, Astrology, Tarot cards and the like are tools given to us to help achieve those goals. Sadly, many of us ignore these tools. If we’d pay more attention to them, our life path would move along much more smoothly.

In my book series, whenever Tess wants to talk to Sheila, she just starts talking (usually she runs a dialogue in her head but as we are wont to do, sometimes she talks out loud). Whenever she is in communications with Sheila, she never has to wait for a reply. Now, it’s true that they aren’t usually the answers she WANTS but our Spirit Guides aren’t here to do all the work for us. How are we to learn anything if they just give us all the answers? What they are is our support team, our cheering section if you will. They also help us to see all sides of an issue so there is that!

I can tell you this…they do not and will not tell us what to do. We have FREE WILL for a reason. This is OUR life to live and we are master of our OWN destiny. However, since they know our soul’s aspirations, our purpose for living, they are great sounding boards and are asolutely the best ones to turn to when working through a problem or concern!

Although my book series is fiction, I wanted to show through story-telling what it is like to be a medium and I wanted to expose readers to other spiritual related things…like symbolism, spirit contact and the various divining tools we can all use to help us navigate through the mystery, the drama and the frustrations of life.

In this post, I wanted to give some pointers on how you can communicate with your Spirit Guide. Why? Because no one will be more helpful in getting you to your life goals or through a difficult situation. Another grand thing is your Spirit Guide will love you no matter what. Your Spirit Guide will not be disappointed with your decisions and choices and mistakes. Your Spirit Guide will ALWAYS be your personal, devoted champion.

So how do you communicate? It’s so darn easy it’s ridiculous. Practically unbelievable. But true.

  1. It must be clear in your mind that you are opening up communications between you and your guide. INTENT determines so many things for us!
  2. Start a conversation, directing the question or comment to your guide.
  3. The response will be so quick you’ll think it’s just you talking to yourself. Fine. So what? Go with it! Your Spirit Guide speaks to you through your own thought processes and that’s how it feels, like you are talking to yourself…only you’ll notice a subtle difference to your internal voice. Another thing you’ll notice is their responses are never critical, discouraging or disappointing. It’s ALWAYS a positive experience communicating with your guide. Always. No exceptions. If you are getting responses that make you feel bad or fearful or down then it isn’t your Spirit Guide talking to you, it’s your Ego. We all have an Ego, it’s an essential part of who we are as a human personality. The Ego’s job is to keep us grounded in the reality of this world! Honestly, without an Ego we’d all be wanting to go back to spirit and we’d have said goodbye to this hard life long ago!
  4. If your Ego intervenes, give it something to focus on…music, a candle’s flickering flame, an object, whatever you can find, then try again. Mostly you just have to trust that you’ll hear from your guide, and if you hear any criticism over it, ignore it and wait for the loving voice to start talking! Once you hear that, you’ll be so focused on it that your Ego will be silent.

Now, there are many others who go through rituals to do this. That’s fine for them. If you need a ritual to help prepare you and authenticate the experience then do a search on how others do it. This is how I do it. I’ve tried many other ways and finally figured out (with the help of my guide) that I didn’t need to complicate the process. Thank goodness because sometimes I don’t have a lot of time to go through rituals…I need to talk and talk NOW!

Spiritual interaction is seriously that easy. It’s so easy we find it hard to believe and accept. And that right there is why so many people miss out on developing a close, open relationship with their guides.

Tess shows the process quite well in her stories and I love writing those scenes. I even love that Tess rejected her Spirit Guide for a while when things in her life went horribly bad (in her first book Be Still, My Love). That’s what many of us “humans” do…we get discouraged and we reject the things we thought should have made it better. But the thing is…her Spirit Guide didn’t get upset with her over the rejection and years of silence…because they don’t feel negative emotions. WE do. They do not. The more I write the Tess Schafer-Medium books, the more I am learning about the spirit world and how it all works. This, I think, is spirit’s gift to me! (smile)

So that’s it! Hope it helps! Let me know if it worked for you or share what does work for you…maybe it will help another reader!! We should all be helping each other in some way or another, right?

Just so you know…I plan on writing more posts explaining different aspects of the spiritual processes brought up in my books, just as I did with this one! So if you are interested, be sure to follow my blog. Also, if you are interested in getting a newsletter from me once in a while, please mention it in the comments and I’ll be sure to let you know how to sign up for it when I get it ready!

Until next time…Onward and Upward! May many blessings be showered upon you.









Two New Books!

Tangled Up Hearts (eBook) 7-26-15Hello again! I promise to keep this post short and sweet!

As many of you know, I write books that involve the spirit world…cozy paranormal mysteries is what I like to call them! My Tess Schafer-Medium series (all found on my author page on Amazon) includes many of the things that I’ve learned and encountered over the years. They also include things that others have experienced and shared with me! Mostly, though, my imagination is let loose and they pretty much write themselves.  Honestly, it’s how I feel when I’m working on a book…I’m just the typist, taking dictation and wondering what is going to happen next! I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again because it’s worth repeating…our IMAGINATION is the way IN to the spirit world! It also opens the door to spirit coming IN to ours!

My recent book Tangled Up Hearts has nothing to do with the paranormal. It’s a straight up, contemporary romance … my first one to be published!

In this story I wanted to show how a lack of communication and bad assumptions can really mess up a relationship! AND, I wanted to show how those things can be overcome, cleared up and forgiven, bringing happily-ever-after (with continued hard work!) to the lucky couple!

I have to tell you…if I am reading a romance and it doesn’t have a Happily-Ever-After ending…I will NEVER read that author again and I will feel very cheated! (expectations can make or break us, they really can!)

Okay, back to my book. But first, how the story idea came to be. When I was in the military (I served in the Air Force for twenty years, five months and seventeen days) I worked in a career field that consisted of about 90 percent men! In some places (I moved around a LOT), I was the ONLY female on a particular crew! As I went up in rank, I started attending meetings and I can’t even tell you how many of them I went to where I was the only woman present. Talk about feeling invisible! (it often seemed to be the general feeling that I didn’t know anything because I was JUST a girl). Although many of the men in those meetings didn’t give a hoot what I had to say, I made a point of speaking up anyway. Not that it mattered much because I was a female and my opinion wasn’t worth their notice! I did, however, get a great deal of satisfaction out of saying “I told you so” when things went as I HAD EXPECTED and EXPRESSED!

Um, ya, I’m getting off point. That happens when I start talking about my military days. Old resentments and all that…let me shake them off!

Okay, I’m ready to move on!

Aside from fighting for a smidgen of equality, there were a few perks for my situation as well. Working with that many men gave me the opportunity to hear THEIR side of the relationship sob stories (whether I wanted to hear them or not!) Also, being the only female, they expected me to explain to them the mysteries of women! Why do women this and why do women that…why, why, why! They (the majority of the men I worked with) seriously didn’t have a clue most of the time! Honestly, ladies, you have to spell it out to them (if those guys I worked with are a good representation of the rest of the male population). Expecting them to just KNOW is asking for disappointment. The good news? They really do WANT to know! So tell them. Again and again and again if necessary (and yes, it will be necessary!)

Honestly, during those twenty years, five months and seventeen days, I felt like a walking advice column sometimes! Either that or I was fodder for the work-center tabloids! (sigh) Men, I’ll have you know, gossip just as bad if not worse than women! So anyway…I discovered that most of the time, the problem with relationships going sour was all the ASSUMING going on. All the EXPECTATIONS that can’t possibly be met (not ALL of them anyway!) and all the perceptions made that were WAY off point!

I wanted to write a story where all those things were involved. Of course there had to be physical attraction too! Next I had to give them (the feuding couple) HISTORY and a past that wasn’t all bad. We do like to cling to our memories don’t we?

So, once I got the basics out of the way, I allowed the story to commence. Holy cow did those two get on each others nerves! But where sparks fly there’s more than meets the eye (hey! A poet and didn’t know it!) (Smile)

I love books where the couples bicker and fight their attraction and yet, despite everything, they fall in love. So that’s how Tangled Up Hearts came to be!

Moments in the Moonlight - (eBook)Now, the story to follow MOMENTS IN THE MOONLIGHT…which will be released on New Year’s Day and is available for pre-order…does get back to my paranormal roots! That one was a lot of fun to write because it included romance and paranormal phenomena!

The girl lead in this book showed up briefly in Tangled Up Hearts but this is NOT a continuation of that story.

In Moments in the Moonlight, I wanted the focus of the story to be the romance but I couldn’t resist having the story take place in a haunted inn! I thought having a ghost involved would make it a little more interesting! Also, I let my characters from the Tess Schafer-Medium books put in an appearance! Tess, being a medium, was a perfect fit for the story and I totally enjoyed meeting her through a stranger’s eyes!

Okay, that’s it! I just wanted to get the word out about the two books. I’m so darned excited about them! I feel like blushing when I think about my mom and other family members reading them but I don’t care. I’ll just deal! (smile)

As for future posts to this blog, I’ve decided to cover each of the Tess Schafer-Medium books and the paranormal phenomena that pops up in each story. Where did I get the ideas? What DO I believe? Is any of that real? Does “the light” REALLY keep you safe? HOW do I know that what I’m saying is true? All those questions, I shall strive to answer. So if you are curious about it…spirit contact of various forms, hauntings, ghosts, the after-life, spiritual symbols and messages, well then you might want to visit back…or better yet, FOLLOW this blog!

Thank you for reading! I do pray for continued blessings to shower upon each and every one of you during the new year ahead!!


Spirit Blessings!

Hello dear friends! I hope the holidays were special for all of you! This is a time when you are either over-flowing with happiness or going through a rough time. It is especially hard to experience a holiday without ones we love! BUT…you must know what’s coming…they are NOT GONE! Spiritually they are more connected to you than ever. In fact, they are CLOSER to you than ever because they don’t have physical boundaries!

Thinking strongly of a loved one in spirit will immediately bring them near you! So, you see…they are not gone! I do understand, though, about wishing for their PHYSICAL presence. Sure I do! We are in a physical world and are physical beings. However, since it is what it is…then KNOW that your spiritual connection is just as important…MORE so in fact!

I get so many people writing in asking about their loved ones in spirit. Honestly, crossing over is a very peaceful experience…regardless how one’s body dies! Once the soul lets go of the body, the entire experience becomes spiritual and whatever horror the body might be going through…the soul is not experiencing it! So, be at peace on that issue! One of the things none of us want for those we love (or even don’t love) is for anyone to suffer. Our soul steps in once the decision is made to let go of the body and cross over and then wondrous things begin to happen!!

I see how sad people are for losing a loved one…and I’ve gone through it a few times this year myself!…and I have to remind myself that the one who has crossed over is HAPPY. We are supposed to find comfort in the words “They are in a better place” and maybe to some extent we do find some peace over that, BUT we still must go through the grieving process of letting go!

The two most traumatic losses for me was my grandparents. My Nana and Grampy. I was especially close to them and I loved them so much it was a physical pain, a real hurt in my heart to lose them! My grieving process took years. I still miss them and it’s been over 30 years since they passed! BUT, I am close once again with them. Now that my grieving pain is over, I allowed our spiritual connection to become known to me! They give me signs of their presence ALL THE TIME!

When we cross over, we truly do meet up with all those we loved and lost…to include our animals! I’m looking forward to it but I’m in no hurry. I’ve got a lot to love right here (in the physical world) as well!

So anyway, just wanted to pass on that quick message, especially since my own losses have been on my mind recently.

Wishing you all continued blessings throughout the new year ahead of us! Peace and Joy to all!

A Spooky Book Sale!

Be Still, My Love

Be Still, My Love

Hello everyone! I promise the next post will not be about my books but I wanted to send out a quick word that I’ve put two of my books Be Still, My Love and No Matter What up for FREE through Sunday, November 1st. The promotion will end at midnight so if you want to check out the first book in the Tess Schafer-Medium series “Be Still, My Love” now’s the chance to do it at ZERO cost to you! (sorry, kindle readers only). And if you don’t have a Kindle, the Kindle APP is FREE to download on ANY Devise!! I NEVER thought I’d be reading books on my phone and yet I do it all the time! Who would have guessed? Not me.

Be Still, My Love is about Tess Schafer, a very gifted medium who suffers a terrible tragedy and loses her special ability. As if that isn’t bad enough, her faith suffers too. BUT, a trip to the coast of Maine…and to a HAUNTED RESORT no less, helps to put her on the road to recovery. When one heals from hurt and moves on, amazing things happen! Not only does Tess help solve a haunting mystery but she finds her heart is not forever broken after all. Yay!

When I wrote Be Still, My Love, I wanted to explore our interaction with the spirit world. I also wanted to incorporate into the story the many things I’ve learned over the years about the paranormal. And though I’d like to take all the credit for it, I can’t really do that because I felt at times like I was nothing more than the person taking dictation! It’s not uncommon for writers to say as much. I hear it often that the CHARACTERS tell THEIR stories and the writer is just the means to get them told! It’s pretty much how it works for quite a few of us!

I never thought that book would turn into a series but Tess has so much to learn and share and experience and I thought…why not go on that ride with her! So, six books later…I’ve done that and plan to keep it going a little while longer. After all, we need to find out who the “Tomb Lady” is!

No Matter What (9-17-12)No Matter What is a story based on reincarnation. I wondered…what IF someone died, like a young girl, and her spirit got stuck in this world (meaning she is now a ghost!) and so she is REBORN in order to help herself get UNSTUCK from this world? Interesting concept. THEN I thought…what IF the people who took part in her death are reborn too? How would that affect everyone? And No Matter What
came into the world.

As I said earlier, BOTH of those books are FREE through November 1st. It’s not much time, I know, but hey…I worked hard on them and yes, as much as I want people to read them and enjoy them, I just can’t work for free for very long. Much as I WISH that I could!!

Hidden Voices (1562x2500)The other books in the Tess Schafer Medium Series HIDDEN VOICES, VANQUISHING GHOSTS, GHOST TROUBLE and HAUNTING GROUND will all be reduced to 99 cents on November 1st and they will gradually increase to their full list price of $2.99 on November 2nd. ROSEMARY’S GHOSTS had a little blip in the promotion and so it will be 99 cents on November 3rd, increasing gradually to full list price on November 4th.

Again I’d like to stress that I pull from personal experience and from the experiences of others when creating these stories. And again I must confess that they pretty much write themselves! It amazes me every single time when the stories come to an awesome end. Sometimes I don’t know how they are going to end until they end! Truly!

Vanquishing Ghosts (Amazon)People write to this blog asking me how to get rid of ghosts or they ask how to talk to them or how to protect themselves…well, all the answers to those questions are within the pages of my stories. The best way to teach and share knowledge is through story-telling and fortunately for me, I LOVE to tell stories! (smile)

So, if you like fiction and are interested in the paranormal, give them a try and PLEASE, if you feel inclined, let me know what you thought! AND if you feel even more inclined, I would absolutely LOVE a review on Amazon!! Reviews are very important to us writers and in order for me to keep going, I need reviews to get Amazon to help me with book promotion. If you aren’t comfortable with it, I totally understand. The NUMBER ONE thing I want for those who read my books is that they ENJOY them and maybe get something MEANINGFUL out of them as well!

Rosemary's Ghosts (angel) 10-19-13So that’s it for self-promotion! Hope you all had a GREAT HALLOWEEN!! Mine was pretty freaking awesome!

By the way, if you click on the book titles, they are linked to my Amazon book page!

Okay, ONE MORE thing. I have TWO more books coming out next month (November 2015)…Tangled Up Hearts and Moments in the Moonlight. They aren’t in the paranormal genre, they are romances, but those stories were rattling around in my head DEMANDING to be told and I confess, I had a LOT of fun writing them!! (smile) If those might interest you, then please subscribe to my blog because I’ll be sending out a future post to let everyone know when they are available. Or you can “Like” my Facebook page (which would be pretty awesome for us to connect!) and visit it once in a while to check for a post announcing their publication dates! As to my Facebook page, feel free to leave me questions or comments or observations or whatever! I LOVE talking about the paranormal, writing, OTHER books. Whatever you want to chat about.

Okay, now I’m done! Until next time…Blessings to all and Peace Out!

Ghost Trouble (ebook) 5-7-14Haunting Ground


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Exploring consciousness and spirituality through channelling, out of body experiences, dreams, and communication with those who have passed.

Consciousness Travels

Exploring inner and outer dimensions together

Emma's Ramblings on Supernatural Fiction

Book | Film | & TV Show Reviews

The Big Séance Podcast

My Paranormal World...

Theosophy Watch

"Ancient Thought in Modern Dress"

To Become A Writer

Blog home of master wordsmith Renée Pawlish, author of mystery novels, horror books, and the Writers Workshop.

Book Lovers Buffet

Load Up - You Won't Gain a Pound!

Bargain eBooks

eBooks under $5.00!

Jennifer Probst

a little bit naughty, a little bit nice

Bob Mayer

Write on the River

Creating Weirdness On A Daily Basis...

Nicola Kirk: Author and Collector of Paranormal Stories and Other Strange Encounters

C h a z z W r i t e s . c o m

Write and publish with love and fury.

The Reader's Guide to Epublishing

Your destination site for the Best in Ereading

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