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I’ve written a lot of posts (88 so far!) covering a variety of subjects involving paranormal subject matter and there’s some really good ones in among the mix that would help a lot of the people now writing in to me about their ghostly problems, concerns and fears. Although I worry that people will find my answers very repetitious, the answers to similar problems SHOULD be the same! Was I to answer similar questions with a different answer, then I would not be consistent with my beliefs or my advice!

I know it’s a lot of work to go prowling through older posts…time is precious and few of us have enough of it! So, I took the time to go through them for you, putting together a “one stop shop” on posts that might be of the most beneficial to the questions I keep receiving! And as to that…I LOVE hearing from you! I do. If I can help in any way…then I will do so. And if you can provide some insight, better yet!

When I answer the questions I receive on my blog, I don’t know what I’m going to say until I start typing it. I write what “spirit” moves me to write. This ensures the best possible answer I can give. After all, it’s coming from spirit so how can it be wrong? Now I’m not saying there are no other right answers, but I can only give the one that comes to me. Understand this: ANYTHING we are moved to create…be it a piece of art, a book, a poem, an answer to a question or whatever…ALL of it is inspiration from spirit!

In fact, now that I’ve mentioned it, let me take the time right now to thank the angels and spirits who help me out with that: THANK YOU, thank you!! I am honored and grateful for your help, love and support!”

Okay. Now back to YOU! The following is a roundup of posts you might find helpful!

Are you having ghostly problems and looking for ideas on vanquishing them? Here ya go:

“Encountering Ghosts and Vanquishing Them!”, “There’s a ghost in my house! Now what?”, and the following gives some tips on FINDING them too: “Ghost Hunting 101”

For those looking for an idea on how to communicate with spirits: “Now is the Time for Talking to Ghosts”“Eight Ways to Contact the Dead”, “Want to meet a ghost?”, “Inspirational Writing: How and Why”,(inspirational writing is also known as “automatic writing”), “5 Steps to Spirit Contact”, and “The Care and Handling of Spirit Contact”

How can you tell if a ghost is near? Well this post might help, it’s one of my most popular and has prompted a lot of comments: “12 Signs a Ghost is Near”

The above posts contain some of my best advice and most inspired writing!

And now I’d like to take some time to speak a word (or two!) about my books (for those who like to read!). My stories are fictional and have all been inspired in a “flash” of inspiration. The story ideas came to me quite suddenly and I went into a mad scramble to get them down in writing. I don’t plan them out (except Rosemary’s Ghosts. Although it came to me in a flash of sudden inspiration, the whole story came to me at once. So, I pretty much know the story before I even started writing it!). My Tess Schafer-Medium series (Be Still, My Love, Hidden Voices, Vanquishing Ghosts and the book I just mentioned, Rosemary’s Ghosts) is centered around…well, Tess Schafer, a 25-year-old medium. Her beliefs and the situations she encounters often reflect my own beliefs and my own encounters! Though works of fiction, they all contain information that involves the spirit world and how to interact/deal with them! My paranormal thriller, No Matter What is centered around reincarnation. It is a concept I believe in quite firmly. Especially after what I went through with my son. Here’s the link to a post in which I wrote about it “Reincarnation: Fact or Fiction”. I love all my stories and I thank spirit for the inspiration to write them but “No Matter What” is the one that is most special to me. It’s received some harsh reviews but it would…it’s quite controversial the ideas brought up in the story!

Speaking of reviews (left on Amazon), people have complained about my mention of God. How, I wonder, does one write about the paranormal and NOT bring up the subject of God? Pure horror books certainly. My stories are spooky and have scary elements to them but they are not HORRIFYING. Well, not for most of us. A few of the faint-at-heart have admitted to being scared while reading them!  So anyway, yes, my books mention God. Most of my characters (as well as me!) believes in God…a higher power, an infinite intelligence. Someone even suggested that I “leave God out of it” because he had no place in horror books!  Personally, I think that’s what going wrong in the world today…people are trying to “leave God out of it”!!!! Bad idea. Bad, bad idea!

I write the books that I write because there really isn’t any on the market like them. I’m proud to say that. I write the kinds of stories that someone like me would like to read. Because…well, I have to like what I’m writing or I’m not going to write it and it has to hold my interest or I’m not going to FINISH writing it! My interest is in the paranormal and so the stories I write are centered around that premise. Also, I’m not going to take God out of my books. So, if you don’t like the mention of beliefs about God, you might not want to read my stories! Or my blog for that matter!

If any of you have read any of my books…I ask you, “What did you think of them? Did I go overboard with the mention of God?”

Here’s the link to my author page on Amazon: Deborah J. Hughes Author Page. You can find a list of all my books there (or click on the book cover below!). I’d be happy and honored if you’d check them out! By the way, all but the cover for Be Still, My Love were created by the awesome Anya Kelley! I highly recommend her if you are an author looking for an affordable, talented cover artist! Be Still’s cover was created by the talented Jeff Bennington! He writes books in the paranormal genre too!! Click on his name and check him out!

Okay, that’s it for now! Sending blessings and positive vibrations out to all!!

64033_327215633993497_2023270865_n         Hidden Voices (1562x2500)Vanquishing Ghosts (Amazon)Rosemary's Ghosts (angel) 10-19-13No Matter What (9-17-12)      

I love the paranormal…it’s a fascinating part of our world and the life we live.  This strange love of mine leads me to the most engrossing books, the best movies, quite a few interesting experiences and some really great people!  One of those people is Beth Dolgner!  She not only writes paranormal fiction, she is also a paranormal investigator!  She goes on real ghost hunts and even conducts ghost tours!  I read Beth’s first book “Ghost of a Threat” and found her on Twitter (click here to follow!) to let her know how much I enjoyed it.  I also went looking for her on Facebook.  Yeah, I sort of stalk authors whose works I really like…but I do it with the best of intentions!  I love that the world of Social Media can connect me to the authors of all those wonderful books I do so enjoy reading!  Besides, they always have the option of not accepting my Facebook friend request if they feel so inclined or to not follow back on Twitter.  Most authors, however, LOVE connecting with their readers! (I totally enjoy the interaction).  Beth also has a great website where you can keep up with her and the services she offers!

So anyway!  I contacted Beth on Facebook and asked her if she’d be willing to guest on my blog.  She not only agreed, she offered to write a post!  So, without further ado…I present to you for your reading pleasure:

Truth is Stranger than Fiction, Paranormally Speaking

A few weeks ago, I made my debut as a guide with the Roswell Ghost Tour (that’s Roswell, Georgia, not UFO territory). When we got to one of the stops, I turned my back to the circa-1840s building I was talking about and addressed my group. As I spoke, I felt someone walk up behind me.

But there was no one there.

A friend of mine was on the tour, and she is a sensitive. As soon as we left for the next stop on the tour, I asked her who had been standing behind me. Without hesitation, my friend answered, “The little girl who haunts that building. She liked your energy, and she was curious about the two little boys on the tour.”

I’m a writer by trade, but I’m also a ghost tour guide, a paranormal investigator, and a volunteer at a historic cemetery. The experiences I’ve had add greatly to my Betty Boo, Ghost Hunter series: I can inject some realism into my heroine’s paranormal investigating.

The series, which began with Ghost of a Threat, follows Betty “Boo” Boorman, a ghost hunter in Savannah, Georgia. Even my choice of city was influenced by real life: my mom lives there, and I’ve heard plenty of first-hand experiences from people who live alongside Savannah’s spirits. Betty’s team, The Savannah Spirit Seekers, find themselves dealing with everything from the spirits of children to revenants, which bear a strong resemblance to zombies.

Along the way, Betty meets a handsome demon named Maxwell, and she falls hard for him. That, understandably, comes with a whole new set of adventures and challenges for Betty.

While I don’t have any experience dating a demon, I have been able to draw on firsthand experience when it comes to writing about paranormal investigations. I’ve even included some brief scenes where there is no evidence of paranormal activity. If you’ve ever been on an investigation, you know it can involve sitting around for hours, only to have nothing happen.

Thankfully, my very first investigation was far from boring. I was researching stories for my first book, a non-fiction collection of Georgia ghost stories called Georgia Spirits and Specters. Ghost Riders Investigation Team invited me to come on an investigation of an abandoned mill, and my night was full of experiences. I was touched on the arm, I saw bright lights in my peripheral vision, and we got knocking sounds in answer to our questions.

I’ve also drawn on some humorous moments for my writing. I admit to mistaking an inanimate object for something otherworldly, and I’ve certainly made myself jumpy on occasion. I could relate to Betty’s rival investigator Carter when he mistook a dog for some menacing specter in Ghost of a Threat.

Sometimes, even paranormal events can be funny. In 2011, I got to investigate the St. Augustine Lighthouse in Florida. We were in the basement of the light keeper’s house, and I was sitting on the floor while a few others led us in an EVP session. I leaned back and bumped up against my husband’s legs. When I glanced back, I realized that my husband was about six feet away! I did a double take, and everyone cracked up. I still have no idea who or what I leaned back against.

I am preparing for the July debut of Ghost of a Hope, the fourth and final book in the Betty Boo, Ghost Hunter series. In that book, I have a slightly different tie to real events: there is a heavy metal band involved in a haunting at a club. They’re a real band, and they gladly gave their permission to appear in my book…even though they wind up on the wrong side of an angry ghost.

Things are wrapping up for Betty, Maxwell, and The Seekers, but I’m sure some of my personal experiences will wind up in future stories. The next time something unseen brushes my hand, I’ll just smile and consider it “research.”

Beth Dolgner is the author of the Betty Boo, Ghost Hunter paranormal romance series. Ghost of a Threat is the first book in the series and is available in print and digital formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes. Beth is also the author of Manifest, a young adult steampunk novel. Keep up with Beth at http://www.BethDolgner.com.


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