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cover for my new book

Cover of my book "Be Still, My Love"

As I move closer to publishing my first book, which happens to be a ghost story, I am encountering some really odd happenings.  I can’t help but wonder if it’s the spirit world all in a dither for my pending publication?  More specifically, supportive family members, now presiding in spirit, letting me know that they are with me still and sharing in the excitement of this long-awaited dream!

A couple days ago, I was in the kitchen making myself a morning cup of coffee when one of the toy trains in the playroom suddenly came on.  In order for this train to activate, the smokestack must be pushed down.  Once this is done, it begins singing a silly “all aboard” song and starts chugalugging across the floor.  I walked over to the toy room doorway and looked in to see if maybe one of my cats had inadvertently activated it.  No cats.  The train finished its “track” and then went still.  I found it interesting but did nothing more than go take a sip of my coffee.  And then it came on again.  This time I went into the toy room, picked up the train and turned the switch to the “off” position.  This position allows the kids to play with it without the singing and they can push it around without it trying to move on its own.  I thought nothing more of the incident.  Then later in the day, I was standing in the kitchen talking to my son when all of a sudden the train came on again.  “No way!” I thought, “I KNOW I turned that thing off.”  So I go in the toy room, pick up the train and look at the switch.  It is in the “on” position.  How?  How was that possible when no one has been at the house all day except for me?

During that same day, while reading through my formatted manuscript to ensure all was done properly, the phone rang.  The caller ID said it was my husband.  I answered the phone and heard the car radio airing an advertisement.  Since my husband did not answer my repeated greetings,  I figured he’d dialed me by mistake.  Then my husband finally comes on the line.  “Hello?”  When I answer him, he says, “I didn’t hear you call me.”  I said, “You called me!”  And he wonders how he could have done that for he didn’t recall touching the phone.  So we laugh it off and hang up.  Not a minute later, the phone rings again.  I look at the caller ID.  It says that it is my husband’s sister.  Since I couldn’t even remember the last time she called us (and never on the house phone), I wondered if something were wrong and quickly answered the phone.  “Hello?”  All I get in response is what sounds like a television ad.  Looking back on it, I’m wishing I’d paid better attention to those ads!  But anyway, I stay on the phone until a voice comes on, “Hello?”  Once again I received a call from a caller that was not intentional.  What are the odds of that happening within the span of seconds and both calls having ads going on when I answer the phone?  To me, these odd occurrences, the things that make you go “hmmm”, are messages from spirit.  At the very least an attention getter, the equivalent to a spirit tap on the shoulder.  Not one to ignore these special messages, I’ve been pondering on them and the conclusion I’ve come to is that my family in spirit are as excited for me during this time as I am for me!!  Though they are not here in the physical world to share in my joy, they are still here with me and sharing my joy!  And I find that quite comforting.

Last week I attended church.  I don’t go often enough and I really should remedy that because I do so love the atmosphere there and the people.  It’s a Spiritualist church and it is where I feel the most comfortable of all the churches I’ve attended.  I’ve received some wonderful messages from loved ones during the part of the service where messages from “beyond” are passed on.  My message on this day (not everyone gets a message so it’s quite special when you do get one!) was from three of my uncles.  I knew right away who they must be.  My dear uncle Paul who always supported me in my writing, who encouraged me to keep on with my dream “no matter what”, my uncle Lafayette who contacted us soon after his passing to let us know he was well and happy and my great-uncle Norman who always loved my writing (knowing this, I wrote to him as often as I could manage).  They told me that a new phase of my life was about to begin (10-4 on that one!!) and they want me to make the best of it.  They also wanted to remind me to watch how I presented myself, that I needed to put myself out there and let everyone see me for who I am but to be at my best while doing it!

You see, I’ve written a book which centers around a haunted resort.  There’s a lot of stuff in that book about spirit contact and life after death.  Now that I’m about to share a story concerning such matters, I best conduct myself properly.  Who is going to take my writing seriously if I’m coming across as some weirdo freakazoid?  I am not out to make enemies but there are people who are not going to like a story like mine.  And really, that’s fine.  There are lots of stories out there that I don’t like either but I certainly don’t begrudge their existence.  We all must follow our life paths, after all.

Speaking of which, I have found that when we are indeed following our life path, we encounter more and more “hmmm” moments for they are a form of spirit messages telling us we are following the path we intended when entering into this particular life journey.  I’ve also found that the universe (God) helps us along in the realization of our dreams and hopes, especially when we are in harmony with our life purpose!

So I take these strange little happenings and the messages from spirit as encouragement.  I’m following the path in life I was meant to follow and the dream of being an author that came into being at the tender age of eight, is finally coming into fruition.  How exciting.  I can’t wait to see what happens next!  Are you following your dreams?  Do you get strange “hmmm” moments?  Truly, I wish you all the best as you travel down your own life path.

Blessings to all and peace out.

So, is there really life after physical death?  You betcha.  How do I know?  I just do.  Not a good enough answer?  Fine.  I’ll elaborate.

Aside from living in a haunted house full of “dead” people, I’ve made contact with people who have made the transition from physical life to the spiritual hereafter.   Now, those that believe this is possible will accept that I may actually have done this.  Those who do not believe, will not believe, and that’s fine.  We are all entitled to our beliefs.  At least here in America we are!!  That doesn’t mean we don’t get prosecuted for what we believe but that’s something I’m not going to get into here.  I get on that soapbox and I’ll rant for hours!

The unseen forces in that haunted old farmhouse were scary.  But I think it was more because we didn’t know what we were dealing with and also, my dog didn’t like them.  I figured if they were friendly, he wouldn’t react in the way dogs do when they don’t like someone or something.  My dog Tippy, however, often growled at them and that is a pretty good indication that they were not friendly.  We didn’t get hurt by them or anything but they sure did take a lot of things that were never to be found again.  Bummer that.

My contact with loved ones in spirit through Automatic Writing went a long way in cementing my beliefs in life after death.  No one is going to convince me that I wasn’t REALLY talking to my grandparents.  Some of the stuff they shared were things I didn’t know anything about (see previous blog posts about this!).

When I then tried my hand at channeling (direct communication with someone in the spiritual realm without the use of anything but my self), that went quite well also.  The information that came through had to come from somewhere as I sure as heck didn’t know that stuff!  When connecting with spiritual guides and loved ones who have passed on, the information coming through should be helpful.  If it’s scary or useless, then you are not connecting with a loved one or a spirit guide.  You are possibly connecting with a “dark” spirit.  An entity that operates as far from God’s influence as possible.  Something that’s in league with “the devil”.  My belief is that the devil isn’t a specific person or entity … it is a term that embodies all things evil (no love involved).

A few years ago I was introduced to “table tipping”.  Like the Ouija, table tipping has negative press associated with it.  Mostly from people who don’t understand any of this, don’t believe any of this and who pass negative judgement on anything to do with the supernatural.  Weird that, since God is a supernatural energy and the majority of the ones criticizing such practices believe in God!! But anyway…

The first time I was introduced to table tipping was at a “spiritual development class” I attended.  I had never seen this work before.  Indeed, I never even heard of it.  There were several small tables used and we put about four to five people per table.  The gist of it is that you lightly lay your hands flat on the table top and invite a spirit to communicate with you.  When one takes you up on the offer, the table begins to vibrate, shimmy, rattle back and forth and finally, it will tip up on one or two legs.  Yes, yes, people are going to say that the people operating the table are causing it to do those things.  Can’t do anything about the skeptics.  I was in one group where the table continuously tipped toward me and of course I was being accused of making that happen.  So I took my index finger and lightly placed the tip of it in the CENTER of the table (there were three others at the table).  We asked the spirit a question and the table easily, quickly tipped to me.  Now, how did I make that happen with the tip of one finger lightly resting on the center of the table?  If my mind made that table tip towards me, then wow, even that is amazing!!

For the most part, though, I considered table tipping just a fun sort of activity.  I didn’t take it too seriously.  Until one day we got a group of people together and got ourselves a serious message.  One of the woman who joined the group at the table I was operating (there were four of us all together) was a stranger to me.  I shall call her “Gladys” though that was not her name.  I did not know Gladys or anything about her.  She came with one of my aunts who was also operating the table with us.  The fourth person was yet another aunt who also did not know Gladys.  Once we got the table tipping and “talking” (it spells out messages through a series of tips … “a” is one tip, “b” is two tips, etc… yes, it’s time consuming), Gladys wanted to know if she could ask for someone.  We told her to go ahead and call him forth.  When the table tipped  to indicate he was with us, she started to cry.  At first I thought it was because she was moved to think someone she cared about was with her once again.  But that wasn’t it at all.  The man she asked for and who answered her call had been missing for two weeks.  Of course Gladys was hoping that he was still alive though it really wasn’t expected that he was.  He suffered from Alzheimer’s and had wandered from his home two weeks prior.  Gladys believed from the beginning of his disappearance that he had left his home with the intention of coming to visit her.  There was a path through the woods between their homes that he used to use.  She said that volunteers had searched the woods but did not find him.  The man whom I shall call “Walter” (not his real name) then told us that he was indeed in the woods.  He told us he got confused, wandered off the path and then fell over a fallen tree.  He told us where we could find his body.  The mood at the table was pretty somber.  This wasn’t just a fun game anymore.  None of us were sure how to handle the situation.  Part of us wanted to load into the car and go find Walter.  A bigger part of us did not.  The bigger part won out.

Gladys, however, decided a few days later to try and find Walter based on the information he had given us through the table.  But she became lost herself (Gladys is in the elderly stages of life, as was Walter). Thankfully, Gladys’s son found her and rescued her.  No other attempts were made to find Walter’s body (search parties had been called off by this time).  Then a year later, during hunting season, two unfortunate hunters found more than they bargained for.  They found Walter, right where he said he’d be!  This more than anything has convinced me that table tipping is a valid way to communicate with the spirit world.

Shortly after being introduced to table tipping (and before the Walter incident), I convinced a couple family members to sit down with me and give it a try.  We did a prayer for God’s protection and cast his protective light about us (our imagination is a key tool to all there is!  a strong, focused mental picture is as real as solidified matter!)  The dark forces that lurk in the netherworld cannot penetrate God’s light (all light is God!).  By envisioning ourselves surrounded with light, we are ensuring that only good, loving spirits get through to speak with us.  I always begin each session that involves spirit in any way with a prayer, and I always take the time to imagine myself surrounded in God’s protective light.  I believe this works, nay, I KNOW it does for I have not had any problems with negative energies.

So, there we are sitting quietly waiting for the table to move.  It shimmies ever so slightly.  Of course we each ask the other “Did you feel that?”  Then suddenly into the quiet was a series of knocks pounding loudly on our window in the living room (my home has an open floor plan and we were in the dining room portion of the house). Of course we jump up and check the window and look out on the porch to see if anyone is out there.  Our first thought was that someone saw what we were doing through the window and decided to have fun with us (an illogical thought as we have no close neighbors and live relatively secluded).  So of course there was no one about and no logical explanation for the knocking.  Such a thing did not happen again or since.  Not during table tipping activities anyway.

I have experienced several incidents in my life where I heard someone knock at my door and when I went to answer it, no one was there.  As my dogs also heard the knocks and responded with excited barking, I know I didn’t imagine it.  One time the knock was on the door right beside me.  I was doing dishes, lost in thought, when someone (or “something”) knocked on my door.  The dogs immediately started barking and I turned my head to see who it was (the door is all glass) and no one was there!  I’ve even heard my name called out several times.  Have even answered before I realized that I was alone!  My initial response to these moments is to question whether I really heard anything or not. But gosh, they sure sounded real enough.

A few years ago I decided to check out the Spiritualist Church.  Luckily for me, we had one nearby.  The first visit there, I had my grandmother come through the visiting medium (for those who are not familiar with the Spiritualist Church … services are conducted in three parts: healing/mediation, an inspirational talk and then finally, messages from spirit).  How do I know it was Nana who came through for SURE?  I’ll explain.  Since I fully understand that some mediums bring through vague references and information that is pretty universal…can be attributed to anyone…I want it clear that what came through for me on this day, my first visit to the church, was very specific to my grandmother.  My Nana was short…only 4’11” and she probably weighed all of 90 lbs.  Nana was a chain smoker (Pall Malls, unfiltered!) and she enjoyed beer (yeah, she was a character!!).  She used to pour herself about a half a cup of beer each day and took her time drinking it.  Nana’s day consisted of cooking for Grampy (he got two full meals a day) and sitting at the kitchen table next to the window.  She doodled constantly and kept watch for whatever interested her outside that window.  Driving up the driveway to her house, you could always count on seeing her there and it was always a welcome, comforting sight!  I spent many, many hours of my childhood in her front yard knowing she was watching my play with interest and amusement. Truly, I loved having an audience.  Especially an appreciative, nonjudgmental one!

That short background bio is important.  Here’s why.  The medium told me that I had a grandmother figure coming through to speak to me.  She was quite short and slight of stature.  He saw her sitting at a table next to a window! He said she was holding up a cup and saying “It’s tea” and winking (Nana used to joke with me that she was drinking her “tea”).  He said she passed over to the other side about 25 years ago or so (yes).  He said she liked to draw (hey, doodling is a form of drawing!).  He saw her smoking a cigarette and looking out the window!  Her message to me was to continue with my writing and not stop!! I was working on a novel at the time and wondering if I really should pursue my old dreams of being an author.  Nana had always been supportive of my writing ambitions (I’ve been writing stories since the age of eight and was determined all through high school that I was going to be a published author someday!).  It all just hit me in that moment that my grandmother was really there!  It’s quite an emotional thing to happen.  I had spoken to her over the years through channeling and automatic writing but to have her come through someone else was quite wonderful!!  More so perhaps because I knew it wasn’t me influencing anything in any way.

This experience convinced me that this was the church I needed to continue attending.  The people there were friendly, the atmosphere lovely and better yet, my Nana attended as well!!  So the following week I go again.  I was hoping that Grampy would come through this time.  He did not.  My uncle Paul did instead!!

My uncle Paul died at the young age of 29.  A brain aneurysm struck him down in the prime of life.  I was 14 at the time and his death was a stunning blow to me.  I loved him very much.  He was one of the nicest persons you could ever meet.  He was always jolly and very kind.  He treated everyone so very well.  What I loved most about him was how attentive he was and how considerate.  And what’s more, Paul believed in me.  I remember one day that I was upset because I gave one of my stories to my mother to read which she did … out loud to one of her friends.  The two of them chuckled over it and I took it that they were making fun of my writing! Now, looking back, I don’t believe they were being cruel or disrespectful.  I was thirteen years old, the writing had to have been pretty amusing to an adult and they truly did enjoy it.  They even told me I should write more.  But all I heard was their laughter.  Not long after that, my uncle stopped by for a visit.  He wanted to know why I had such a down face and I told him that I had just made the decision not to write anymore (at 13 it is easy to be discouraged and everything is always so dramatic!).  I had shared my secret dream of being a writer with my uncle Paul a long time before and he was very supportive of that dream.

My uncle’s easy smile disappeared and he got a very serious look on his face.  He leaned across the table toward me, looked me in the eyes and said, “Debbie, don’t let anyone discourage you from your dreams.  It doesn’t matter what anyone does or says.  You believe in yourself and go after whatever you want.  That’s all that really matters.”  He then squeezed my hand and said the all important words, “I believe in you.”  That was enough for me.  Thank you, Paul!!

So here I am at church for the second time and when we reach the part of the service where the medium starts sharing messages, I get excited and nervous.  Will Grampy come through or not?  I had sent a mental plea out to him, inviting him to do so.  The medium looked at me and said, paraphrased somewhat but close to what was said, “There’s a gentleman here.  He’s very jolly.  Strong personality, very friendly. (I adored my grandfather but I wouldn’t have described him as “jolly”).  He’s got a very uplifting spirit.  He wasn’t very old when he died, later twenties?”  The medium then touched his head.  “I’m getting that he died suddenly.  An aneurysm…in the brain?”  (It felt as if the blood drained from my face.  I knew instantly that it was Paul and I began to cry.  I was just so GLAD to have him back in my life!!).  “He’s quite tall, prominent nose.” (the medium is gesturing) “His hair is parted on the side.” (All apt descriptions) The medium rubs his face.  “Sometimes he has a beard but not all the time.” (Paul usually grew a beard in the winter time and shaved it off during the summer months!). The medium then held up his hand. “He’s showing me a pipe!  He’s holding it in his left hand.  His tobacco is pleasant.”  (My uncle Paul was left handed, he smoked a pipe that gave off the most pleasant smell of cherries!!)  Paul’s message?  He’s here, he’s happy and he’s still supportive of me continuing my dream! Oh. My. God.  That’s all I can say.  I was profoundly affected by the entire thing.  I KNOW my uncle Paul was in that room with me.  He was just as exuberant and full of life as always.  Just as supportive of me as he had always been!  I left church that day with a renewed sense of purpose. Yes, I was going to pursue my writing career and I was going to be serious about it.  Nana and Paul both came through to encourage that decision and I trusted them whole-heartedly.  Like the good granddaughter and niece that I am, I am taking them up on that advice!

Just this past weekend, I went to church after a rather long absence.  Just before heading out the door, I went to grab my glasses off the bathroom counter where I placed them while blow-drying my hair.  My glasses were gone.  Looked all over for them.  Nothing.  My son helped me with the search and guess where we found them?  Tucked up under the counter.  Baffled as to how they got there, I hurried off to church, worried that I’d be late.  When it came time for messages from spirit, guess who comes to greet me?  My grandparents.  The medium said, “There is a couple here.  One is quite tall (Grampy was over six feet) and the other one is quite short (Nana was 4’11”), he is holding glasses in his hand.  There is something significant about this.”  (aha! so my grandfather was the one who hid my glasses.  Just so he could help validate his presence in church later).  Clever man.  The medium told me that they wanted me to know they were a united front in spirit, their arms are entwined (a nice picture for my mind to enjoy).  They wanted me know know that they are here for me always.  It was nice getting that message as I’ve been wondering what they thought about what I’ve been up to lately, this blog for one as I’ve been talking about them quite a bit.  It’s a wonderful thing to stay in touch with them, though I do miss their physical presence.  Still, it’s comforting to know their spirits are close by and there support is as strong as ever.

So, yes.  There is life after physical death.  And we can thank God for that!  Hallelujah and Amen.

Thanks to living in a haunted house, I was introduced to aspects of our world which we categorize as the paranormal and the supernatural.  It is a vast world with countless mysteries waiting to be discovered.  I began exploring the “other side” through the Ouija board and this led to other avenues of spirit communication.  I’m no expert, but I am one of God’s own, born with all the capabilities needed to “seek the truth” and discover what our life is all about … really.  Although I don’t use the Ouija much, I have had quite a bit of success with it.  By that I mean that I’ve made contact with loved ones that gave information about things I had no way of knowing beforehand.  Another great test for the Ouija is when information comes through that involves someone NOT operating the board.  Otherwise, it is sometimes argued that the operators are unconsciously influencing the spelled messages.  This is an old argument and one that will continue until there are no doubters and disbelievers left.  And really, I don’t see that happening in the foreseeable future!  Despite my belief in the validity of the Ouija, there was just so much negativity attached to it that I decided to try other things.

I have to say, though, in defense of the Ouija, that all things are only as good or as bad as the operator.  Bad things can happen with the Ouija when people EXPECT bad things to happen.  When handled with fear and trepidation, those negative feelings act as a beacon to the darker forces.  For the most part, an item’s usefulness and/or danger level is equivalent to the care and handling of the operator.  After all, a gun is just a worthless, inanimate object until someone picks it up and decides what to do with it.  And just like with a gun, if the operator is ignorant of the dangers, then bad things are likely to happen.  In any case, I started learning about other forms of spirit contact and was quite eager to check them out.

It was a surprise to learn that the pendulum can be used in similar fashion to the Ouija.  My first exposure to pendulum use went as far back in my childhood as I can remember.  My family used this method to determine the sex of an unborn baby.  They used a sewing needle dangling from a short length of thread.  The needle was held over the palm of a pregnant lady (usually one of my many aunts!) where it would be still for only a few moments before it began to move.  If the needle swung back and forth, it was a boy.  If it swung in circles, it was a girl.  If I recall correctly, most of the time, the needle predicted right!  We didn’t realize it at the time, but we were using “pendulum power“. We had no idea we could connect with the spirit world using this method.  If my aunts had known that, they would have done so, it’s just the sort of family I come from!

When using a pendulum to speak with spirits, I take the back and forth motion for “no” responses and the circle motion for “yes” responses. Some will tell you that the pendulum will let you know what it will do for yes and no responses and that is fine too.  There are a lot of web sites in cyber land that will give you their take on the whole thing (I attached one link in the above paragraph but there are many sites to choose from if you are interested).  In any case, anyone can use a pendulum, no training required.  Just like the Ouija.  But again, it’s only as good as your intentions are when using it.

Divining rods can be used in a similar fashion as well.  My grandfather used them to find water and he was darned good at it, but the rods can also be used to detect spirit activity and location … the so called “hot spots” and “cold spots”.  You can communicate with the spirits through the rods as well.  When I used them, I took it as a “yes” answer when the rods swiveled in opposite directions and when they crossed each other, I took that as a no answer.  Again, you can experiment with them to see what they’ll do for “yes” and “no” responses for you.  There is a lot of information about divining rods on the internet if this subject interests you.  As for me, I’ve used them to find things and have played around with them in the same lighthearted attitude that one does with an “8 Ball”.  But there are many who take the business of pendulums quite seriously.  Even if you don’t use the rods to communicate with spirits or even your own “higher self“, they are a great tool for finding things and I don’t mean just water!!

I think spirit communication is possible and divination tools work because we are all operating within the same energy field or power grid or whatever you want to call it. Everything in existence is energy in motion (and I mean everything from the dirt you walk on to the sky above you!) and it is because of the energy field we share that we are all connected.  This is why one thing happening “here” will affect something happening thousands of miles away. Quantum Physics is teaching us this fascinating fact.  As for divination, I think this is possible because time (the past, present and future) all coexist at once.  When one is seeing a past event or a future one, they have somehow crossed into that particular plane of existence.  It is an interesting theory and perhaps one I’ll pursue in another blog post.

It seems that when we go through difficult times, we turn to God and/or our spiritual roots.  It was while going through a difficult divorce and dealing with the devastation of it that I turned to God for comfort.  Once again I was active in exploring my spiritual beliefs.  It was during this time that I learned about Automatic Writing (also called Inspirational Writing!).  With blank paper at the ready and holding a pencil poised above it, I waited for the urge to write.  Now, there’s more of a process to this: calming the mind, creating a quiet scene and allowing things to happen.  I lit candles and incense (to set the proper mood) and then focused on the candle’s flickering flame (our conscious minds must have something in which to occupy itself).  When the writing begins, I just go with it and try to keep from analyzing what I’m writing (hard to do!).  I always began with prayer and imagined that I was cocooned in a circle of bright white light so that whatever entity wanted to come through and speak to me would be a “light” entity … one filled with love and operating within the positive portion of the energy field.  I wasn’t sure what I would get the first time I tried this, but it sure was a welcome surprise to have my grandmother whom I called “Nana” come through.  I could feel her energy as surely as I can feel that of a solid, living breathing person standing beside me.

It was quite wonderful to be talking with my Nana again.  I asked a thousand questions and she answered most of them (in written form on paper) and then she’d ask questions and I would answer.  The only problem with this process is that my hand got tired after awhile from all the writing.  Luckily my questions to her were all done mentally.  She didn’t need the pen and paper.  I did.

I remember one night my Nana had a message for my mother.  She told me to let mom know that she was right to say what she did.  She said she was just so mad at the time and things were said that shouldn’t have been said.  She spoke a lot of private stuff I won’t reveal here.  I can tell you this, none of it made any sense to me at the time. I was really quite baffled by what she wanted me to tell my mom but she was so insistent that I do it, I couldn’t refuse.  When I read the messages to my mom, she explained that she and my Nana (which was my mom’s mother) had had a fight shortly before Nana died and she was apologizing for things that had been said.  I didn’t know about their disagreement so for me this sort of thing helped me to believe that I truly was communicating with my Nana.  It wasn’t all coming from my own active imagination.  What was so nice about it is that my mom got closure on that issue.  As much as I enjoyed talking with Nana, I did ask one night if anyone else wanted to come through and communicate with me, and that is when I connected with my spirit guide.

Although I enjoyed the communications with my spirit guide and the advice coming through was very useful and positive, I again began to question the validity of what was happening.  Really, how many times must it be proven?  Are we ever satisfied?  There was just so much information coming through and I couldn’t validate any of it.  So, here I was again, wondering if my own brain were making it all up.   Self-doubt is something most of us wrestle with, especially when it comes to stuff like this.  We want to be SURE. And eventually I was to get the validation that I needed.  Again.

My mother asked me if I had spoken with my grandfather (Grampy) and I told her that only Nana had come through up to this point.  She asked me to try to get hold of Grampy and see if he had anything to say.  I didn’t know at the time that my mom was looking for a message from him.  So, I sat down one night with the intention of contacting my grandfather (who was, by the way, one of my most favorite people in all the world.  He and Nana both).  Grampy came through and I scribbled away, hardly able to keep up with all he had to say. When I was finished and read it all over, none of it made any sense to me and I decided that I would not share it with my mother.  I thought it might upset her for Grampy talked about not being “ready to pass on” and he also wrote “tell your mother that she was right.  She did the right thing” (I couldn’t help but wonder…now what?  Another fight?”).  And then he went on to say she made the right decision and that he is happy. I didn’t want to give this message to my mother because I was afraid she would wonder what Grampy was talking about just like I did.  Although it all worked out quite fine with Nana’s puzzling message, I couldn’t imagine what could have possibly occurred before Grampy died that involved my mother because his death had been so sudden.

To add a little background, Grampy died after suffering a stroke.  He went into a coma and never woke up.  After several days of no brain activity, the decision was made to “pull the plug” on my grandfather’s life support.  I was in the Air Force at the time and although I had come home on emergency leave to see my grandfather in the hospital, I could only stay a few days and he never woke up during that time.  I did talk to him, though, and I truly believe he could hear me because sometimes his heart rate increased and his blood pressure shot up slightly.  Grampy slipped away from physical life a few days after I returned to my duty station.  My Nana died three months later in her sleep.  Their deaths were quite devastating to me as I was very close to them and the loss was great indeed.

After my puzzling contact with Grampy, I wondered if I should continue with the Automatic Writing for I wasn’t sure what to believe…was I really making contact with my grandparents or not?  When my mother asked me if I got hold of Grampy, I told her that I did but didn’t want to give her the message.  She insisted that I do so and after making it clear that it was probably just senseless ramblings from my brain, I read her the message.  Mom got very quiet and emotional during the reading of it, and I felt I’d made the wrong decision to read it to her.  Then my mom explained that she really needed to hear that message and that she felt so much better!!  Of course I needed her to explain the message and now it was her turn to hesitate.  It seems that my mom was the one who had to sign the order to remove Grampy from life support.  None of her siblings wanted to be the one to authorize it.  She felt guilty about it and always wondered if they had made the right choice.  I knew that the decision had been made to remove Grampy from life support and I was totally against it.  This is probably why my mother never told me that she was the one who gave written permission to do so.  Although I was in selfish mode back then and wanted him to live forever, I know that if Grampy could have appeared before them, he would have told them to do it as well.  He had always made it clear to us that he did not want to live to the point that he could not take care of himself or get around on his own.  So here we were, many years later and Grampy is finally able to tell his side of that difficult time.  He said he was scared at first and was resisting death (thus the coma … his body laying in wait for his decision).  Part of him didn’t want to leave us but another part of him was ready to move on.  He heard our pleas to  fight and live but he also heard the call of his soul.  If Grampy had truly wanted to live, he would have done so even after the life support machines were removed.  I truly believe this.  Removing those life lines gave him the courage to do what he wanted to do and that was to transition into spirit.  Grampy said that his transformation was quite joyous and he wondered what had taken him so long to go.  He assured us that it was a very peaceful transition and that he was greeted by many loved ones, all of which he was very glad to see again!  He told us that he still keeps tabs on us all, was aware of what was happening in our lives and that he never left us.  When we think about him or need him, he is here.

Speaking of that.  About a year ago on my birthday, I was thinking about my Nana and Grampy and missing them.  I knew that my thoughts could bring them to me so I sent out a mental note for them to give me a sign that they were near. Within SECONDS of asking for this, I got my sign.  I was in the drive-thru window at McDonald’s waiting for my ice coffee order when I sent out the mental plea for that sign.  Just as I began to pull away from the window another car came zipping around me.  At first I was annoyed that it had hurried to get around me only to stop quick and wait for traffic, but then I saw the license plate.  It was my grandfather’s name “Lafayette”.  Nothing else, no other numbers, just Lafayette.  Not a typical name and yet, there it was, right in front of me, seconds after asking my Grampy for a sign that he was near!!!  I couldn’t wait to see how Nana was going to give me her sign.

I drive down the road just a short ways and there in big letters all lit up on a restaurant sign are the words “AD A (blah, blah, blah … something to make my day but I forget the exact words)”.  My Nana’s name was Ada and for some reason, the sign’s first three letters were capitalized!!  I didn’t even read the rest of the sign because I was so focused on Nana’s name and I knew that she had found a way to let me know she was near!!  I truly think the first word on that sign was supposed to be “add” but they had dropped a “d” because of limited space.  That’s pretty cool, isn’t it?  I think so.  And I take great comfort in it because I miss them very much even though they’ve been gone for over thirty years!!  I do, however, dream about them on occasion.  They beckon me to come visit them and they are always in the home they were living in when they died (which is now gone).  I tell them, “But you know you are dead, right?”  And they tell me that it doesn’t matter.  I hate waking up from those dreams because I just love visiting them.  Even though it is happening in a dream, it feels quite real and I believe that’s because it is!!  I’ve also had a few dream visits with a friend of mine that died several years ago of breast cancer.  She always looks so happy and vibrant and she tells me that she’s not dead.  I tell you, I love those kinds of dreams.

Automatic writing was really a successful venture for me.  My spirit guide gave me a lot of wonderful advice.  The messages were positive and helpful, as messages from your spirit guides should be!

One night while “conversing” with my spirit guide, she told me to put the pencil down and talk to her.  I asked her how were we to communicate if I wasn’t writing it all down.  She said she would speak through me.  I was a little worried about that as I didn’t want to be “possessed” or anything like that.  Besides, I felt a little silly about it.  And then I felt bad about feeling silly about something so serious and wonderful!  It took awhile but eventually I got over my trepidation, made myself comfortable on the couch, closed my eyes, relaxed and let her come in.

The first thing I felt was a light tickling on my face … like cobwebs brushing over me.  The feeling moved down around my throat which got rather tight (but I think it’s because I was unconsciously fighting the whole thing).  Then I felt pressure on my chest.  Lots of it.  Like a huge weight slowly bearing down on me. At first I resisted the pressure and that made it worse, but when I told myself to trust in my guide and let it happen, the pressure let up and then I felt nothing but blessed weightlessness. It was as if I no longer existed as solid matter!  While marveling over this strange sensation, I felt the urge to speak although I had no idea what I was going to say.  And then she started talking.  Okay, I was talking but the words were hers.  It was like having two people in my head at the same time! While she was talking, I was thinking about what she was saying and making mental comments of my own like:  “really?”  “gosh, I hope that’s true!”  “oh, I don’t know if I believe that, I’ll have to think about that one”  and the like.  It’s an odd thing to happen, having two conversations go on in your brain at the same time!

The energy in the room was revved up during these communications.  Although I always did this at night with the lights off and a candle lit, the room felt as if it had a warm, humming (a silent hum but felt none the less) glow (unseen but also felt) about it.  It’s hard to describe it.  All I know is the energy level in the room was hyped up and it was very comfortable and peaceful.  When my guide ended our conversation, the energy drop was very noticeable and I became aware of how chilly the room actually was (I was living in Italy during this time and the homes I lived in were on the cool side.  The Italians, in my opinion, are great energy conservationists and don’t have honking heaters raising temperature levels into the sweltering stage!). I always had to have a blanket nearby for afterwards.

My communications stopped when my life started falling apart again (another marriage down the tubes) and I once again began to question everything.  It would be a few years before I continued with my spiritual explorations and spirit communications.  But I’ll leave all that for next time, this post is long enough.

Keeping with the subject matter of my last three blog posts, it was only a matter of time before I told my own “shaking bed” story.  It seems to be a common occurrence in haunted houses to have the beds shake at some point. I could go into a long winded explanation of how this might happen and why, but I’ll leave it for a future blog post.  My purpose right now is to relate what my family and I experienced in that haunted old house without trying to analyze it to death.  Before I get to the shaking bed story, though, I want to share a few other strange occurrences.

One of the most annoying things we put up with was the constant blowing of light bulbs (I can’t tell you how many we went through during the seven years we lived in that haunted old farmhouse but I do know this, we should have bought stock in that company!).  I tell you, there is nothing worse than a blown bulb in a dark room and the creepy feeling that something is hovering over you!  The fact is, when you are living in a haunted house, you just can’t depend on the electrical equipment because they will, at some point, go haywire.  Of course, this only occurs when spirit activity is strong.

Another interesting fact is that haunted houses have cold spots (concentrated pockets of air within a room that are colder than the surrounding area).  Our house didn’t just have cold spots though, sometimes the entire house was cold, even in hot weather or when the heat was going full blast!

The first few years we lived in our house, my parents tried to explain all the weird occurrences away.  For instance, they blamed all the blown light bulbs on bad wiring.  Is that so?  Then why did we experience stretches of time where we didn’t lose a single bulb?  Bad wiring is bad all the time, not just sometimes.  The fact is, we had periods of blessed peace when, for whatever reason, the spirits left us alone.  During these peaceful periods, we had no problems with the wiring.  Just to give you an idea of how messed up things can get with the electricity (besides blown light bulbs), I’ll relate a few other things we experienced.  Since what happened with my father’s clock radio finally led him to believe the place was haunted, I’ll start there.

My dad used a clock radio as his morning alarm.  His favorite radio station came on the air at the time he needed to get up so he enjoyed waking to the sound of country music (the only type of music he’ll listen to I might add).  Well, it happens that my dad’s clock radio was a favorite item for the spirits to mess with.  Maybe they were just pulling silly pranks but if so, they did not amuse my father!  One of the things they did often was change radio stations on him.  Instead of waking up to country, Dad would wake up to the sounds of rock music.  Puzzling as that was for him, it was nothing compared to what happened to him one night while he lay listening to his music station as he drifted off to sleep.  The radio suddenly began to switch stations, going from one to several others in succession.  Though it didn’t make sense for a radio that required manual manipulation to change stations, dad decided the thing was malfunctioning and had nothing to do with spirit activity (he most emphatically did not believe in ghosts).  My mom, however, had no qualms about blaming it on ghosts for she was just as convinced that they did exist and that we were sharing our home with them.  I have to add here that she was quite comfortable with that idea.

The thing that sparked Dad’s acceptance of ghosts was the night the radio came on blaring rock music in the very early hours of the morning.  Dad turned the radio back to his usual station and went back to sleep.  A little while later he was wakened again, only this time to loud pop music.  Annoyed (probably a mild descriptive for what he actually was feeling), Dad put it back to his station.  Moments later it’s blaring classical music.  Fed up at this point, my dad pulled the cord out of the outlet and tossed the radio across the room.  “There ,” he says (as related later when telling his story) now try and play.”  Laying there on the floor, its electric cord tangled beside it, the radio switched from one station to another as if in scanning mode (and no, there was no such mode on that radio).  Finally something was happening that actually freaked him out.  What’s more, it freaked out my mom too and she liked the idea of living with ghosts!  Dad ended up getting a wind up alarm clock and that worked out just fine.  Guess the spirits can’t manipulate wind up clocks!

Messing with the clock radio was bad enough but this next prank of theirs was going too far.  My parents went through a tropical fish craze and at one time we had three aquariums.  Since the house was always cold and the fish required a moderate temperature, we had to keep aquarium heaters in all the tanks.  They were set to the desired temperature and left alone.  One night my parents decided it was time to add to our fish population and we all crowded into the car and headed off to the pet store.  We were gone for a couple of hours or so and when we returned home, we found all our fish dead (well, we did have one lone survivor and I still wonder about that!).  The heaters were turned all the way up on all three tanks and those poor fish had been cooked to death!  Now, I don’t know if any of you know much about aquarium heaters but I can tell you that they don’t get so hot that a 25 and 40 gallon tank will heat to the point of cooking fish.  And even if the heaters were capable of that, surely they couldn’t do it in a couple hours?   No longer was the spirit activity harmless.  It wasn’t long after that when my parents finally decided it was time to move.

And now, finally, we get to the bed shaking story.  Well, it happened around the time we were beginning to talk about the house being haunted.  I didn’t like the idea of ghosts inhabiting our house but I wasn’t terrified of them at this point.  The incident with my dog that I spoke about in “Another Brush With the Supernatural” hadn’t yet occurred.  I was about twelve at the time. One evening my parents had several family members and friends over for a musical gathering (my parents liked to get together with friends and family to play guitars and sing).  The five of us kids were relegated to the upstair bedrooms. Since I wanted to read a book, the quietest place to do that was my parents’ room.  I made myself comfortable on their big wrought iron bed and was soon lost in my reading while my brothers and sister raised ruckus in the other two bedrooms.

I’m not sure how long I was on the bed, maybe a half hour or so, when it began to shake.  At first I thought it was just vibration from the kids running around in the next room so I didn’t pay any attention to it.  But then it began to shake harder, to the point that I could no longer read.  I looked up from my book and focused my attention on my surroundings.  The feeling that I was no longer alone was really strong and I thought maybe one of my brothers had sneaked into the room.  I put the book down and the shaking stopped.  I called out a warning that if it was one of my brothers, they had better come out now or else.  Nothing.  I sat quietly and waited.  It wasn’t long before the bed shook again, hard.  Sure that it was one of my brothers, I started to lean over the edge to look when a spool of green thread went zipping across the floor.  It smacked into the wall to the right of me, bounced off and then rolled at a slow steady pace towards the bed (I couldn’t figure how it lost its momentum so fast and that kept me rooted in place).  The spool eventually disappeared under the bed.  I heard it continue its slow roll across the floor until it suddenly came shooting out the other side.  It crashed into the wall to the left of me and bounced off but instead of rolling away, it stopped still where it landed and didn’t move.  Neither did I.  After a few moments, it began to roll back across the room, disappearing from my sight as it reached the open floor space at the foot of the bed.  Silence ensued.

I just had to know where the spool was so I crawled down to the end of the bed and peeked through the wrought iron scrolls on the footboard.  The spool had come to a rest about a foot away from the bed.  Relieved that it was no longer moving, I finally yelled for help.  I did contemplate making a jump for the door and running like hell but was having a time getting up the nerve to do so.  After all, I still wasn’t sure what might be under the bed!  All thoughts of escape were immediately abandoned when the bed began to shake again.

Heart pounding, I grabbed the footboard to keep my balance and came to the unsettling decision that I couldn’t just sit there without checking under the bed.  I had to know if something (hopefully my brother if anything) was there or not.  I waited until the shaking stopped and then crawled to the edge of the bed.  It was time to look.  I imagined all sorts of horrifying scenarios (like being grabbed and pulled under the bed) as I leaned over the edge and lifted the blankets out of the way.  Nothing was there.  I was both relieved and frightened by this fact.  What then, was shaking the bed and moving that spool around the room?  Since I didn’t have an explanation for that, I did not dare step down onto the floor.  Instead, I yelled for help again and at the same moment, the spool of thread took off across the floor.  It crashed into the wall to my right, bounced off and rolled slowly back towards me,  just as it did before.  Then the bed started to shake again. The spool went whizzing off toward the wall to my left as if someone had suddenly given it a swift kick but then it did the strangest thing (as if what was occurring already wasn’t strange), it came to an abrupt halt about an inch away from the wall.  Now I start to yell in earnest.

Finally one of my brothers came to the open doorway to see what I wanted.  I tried to get him to come into the room with me but for some odd reason (he didn’t know what was going on after all) he would not budge from the doorway.  The spool remained right where it had stopped.  I hoped it would move while my brother was there to witness it but it did not.  I asked him to go pick it up.  He wouldn’t do it.  Frustrated with him, I then asked if he would please go get mom.  I think he must have heard the panic in my voice because he didn’t argue with me but did as I requested.  As he went running down the stairs, the spool started rolling crazily around the room.  It would go fast and slow, stop and go.  The bed started shaking again too but it was a gentle shaking which wasn’t so frightening.  I didn’t think I was in danger but I wasn’t going to get off that bed.  No way.

It seemed to take my mother forever to answer my brother’s summons but finally I heard her coming up the stairs.  The spool of thread rolled towards the door and stopped near the threshold.  My parent’s room was at the top of the stairs and straight ahead just a few feet so I could see some of the stairwell.  It sure was a welcome sight when my mom came into view! She stops in the doorway and asks me what is wrong.  I tell her the bed is shaking (which, of course, it wasn’t at that moment). She gives me a “you got me up here for that?” look and tells me that it’s probably vibration from the music causing it.  Really?  Then why wasn’t it shaking now when I could clearly hear the music playing?  Then I point to the spool of thread.  “That spool is rolling all over the floor by itself.”  My mom steps forward and picks it up.  “Well, that’s from the vibration of the music too.”  Funny how that spool of thread didn’t respond to the music vibration the first hour they were playing their music!  In any case, I skedaddled off that bed as fast as I could and followed my mom down the stairs.

I would never go lay on my parents’ bed anymore after that, especially when they both began to complain about the bed shaking.  And no, there was no music playing in the house.  Not even from the crazy clock radio!

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